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Before Clemson: Smart attended Montverde Academy, where he played alongside Tigers Hamady Diop and Ousmane Sylla. He was the right back and captain of the squad. He has been on trial with several MLS teams and is a member of the U-17 National Team pool. Smart is looking forward to playing at Clemson, and believes that, “the atmosphere at Clemson really fits me and the way I like to play.” Noonan on Smart… “I am extremely excited about Shawn’s prospects in Tigertown. We have tracked him for quite some time, and we know that he can make an immediate contribution to our team. Our philosophy is to create width in attacking half with our fullbacks and Shawn is ideally suited for this.”

*Courtesy Clemson Media Guide


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Shawn Smart FAQ

What position does Shawn Smart play for the Clemson Tigers? Shawn Smart is a Defender for the Clemson Tigers
When did Shawn Smart join the Clemson Tigers? 2022
What years did Shawn Smart play for the Clemson Tigers? 2022
What is Shawn Smart's number at Clemson? 20
Did Shawn Smart play for the Clemson Tigers? Yes
Did Shawn Smart go to Clemson? Yes
What college did Shawn Smart go to? Shawn Smart attended Clemson
What is Shawn Smart's hometown? Apoka, FL
What city is Shawn Smart from? Apoka
Where is Shawn Smart from? Shawn Smart is from Apoka, FL
How tall is Shawn Smart? Shawn Smart currently stands at 5-8
How much does Shawn Smart weigh? Shawn Smart currently weighs in at 145 pounds
What state is Shawn Smart from? FL