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Born in Atlanta Ga, and spent first 12 years in Irmo SC (yuck). Moved to Dallas TX in 2001 (less yuck than coot town). Then ended up in Jacksonville Fl in 04. My dad started Clemson in 1980, and have been a fan since birth. I graduated High School in 09 and immediately screwed my grades up in College, so I went to EMT school and have been working on an ambulance since. I met my Fiancee last year on an ambulance, and we're to be married early in 2018. I recently re enrolled in school and my grades are rising out of the pit I put them into. I have family ties to Clemson University through my dad who started in !980, and my younger brother who is currently a Sophomore at Clemson. My immediate goal is to get my grades up enough to transfer into Clemson next fall. My Soon to be wife is actually thinking about applying for the nursing program at Clemson (she's currently in Paramedic school in Jax and a working EMT), which is a huge step for her considering she grew up a FSU fan. She says she won't convert, but she already wears plenty of orange around town. I've followed Tigernet for a very long time, but have'nt posted much feeling like I didn't have much to say. I cant wait to really get to talk to y'all and hope to see some of you during tale gates soon! Go Tigers!