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Name: John Lippard 
City, State: (Cootlumbia,SC) MILFORD , CT
Occupation: SALES (Connecticut Distributors,Sunbelt/Charmer)
Affiliation: Alumnus/Alumna
School: Clemson
Major: Psychology BA (1991)
Fav Links: Pink Floyd fan site , Cleveland Browns' fan site , E&J Gallo Winery
Hobbies:  weight lifting, Clemson football + other sports, Cleveland Browns    
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I wanted to go to Clemson from a very young age, 8. My blood runneth orange. My older brother, George went to Clemson and it was at that point that I caught tiger fever.
When I applied to colleges, I only applied to Clemson. I lived for Clemson football. I saw every home game in 1981, the year we won the national championship, except for the Maryland game.
The highlight of my Clemson experience was in 1989. Not only did I go see Clemson destroy Fla. State in Tallahassee, but I also sneeked on to the sidelines to watch the Tigers maul the Gamecocks 45 to zip.
I met my wife, Marianne at Clemson in 1989. My wife, a Connecticut native brought me here over 15 years ago. We have 2 children, Haley 10,and Jack 7. I miss going to all the Clemson home games. This year we will only be able to make it to Boston College, a 3 hour drive.

-Kai.- Lip.(Beta, Delta Nu #378)

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