Swinney Reaches Out to Danny Ford

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Danny Ford was just 30 years old when he took over the Clemson program.

CLEMSON -- The similarities between Clemson interim head coach Dabo Swinney and former head coach Danny Ford are numerous, so it’s no surprise that Swinney recently reached out to Ford in an attempt to better understand the situation he finds himself in.

Ford has not coached a football game at Clemson since 1989, but many Clemson fans hold the former head coach in such high esteem that every coaching vacancy, real or wished-for, includes the mention of Ford’s name as the replacement, and Swinney’s speaking with Ford shows he understands the relationship Ford still has with the university.

“I have spoken with coach Ford, and that’s (what they spoke about) something that I would definitely keep between me and coach Ford,” Swinney said on Wednesday. “I have a lot of respect for him, and we come from the same background, know a lot of the same people.

“If you’ve got a guy like that, that has been in the same situation I am, you use him. He understands Clemson and the people and the dynamic, and he lives right down the road, so it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to speak with him.”

Ford took over for Charley Pell, who left Clemson to become the head coach at Florida, with one game left in the 1978 season, coaching the Tigers to a 17-15 Gator Bowl win over Ohio State, while Swinney has been given the remaining games of the 2008 season to audition for the role as head coach beyond this year.

Ford was just 30 years old when he took over at while Swinney is just 38 years old, and both were born in Alabama, attended the University of Alabama, and played varsity football there (all three things also happen to be held in common with legendary Clemson coach Frank Howard).

“I just wanted to get his input and kick things around a little bit,” Swinney said. “We talked about different things, and it was a good meeting for me. I got a lot out of it. I know I feel comfortable speaking with him. He is an insightful, colorful man, and I enjoyed my visit with coach Ford.”

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Swinney Reaches Out to Danny Ford
danny ford is A MAN!!!!***
signed Woody Hayes***
HE IS 40 YEARS OLD ! ! ! !***
you got that right! DF is the man!!
That shows me right there......
TB would have pissed himself if Danny looked at him***
that is funny as hail!***
Little do you know. Danny has been to practice a number of
to spit backer at him.***
Re: Little do you know. Danny has been to practice a number of
You sir, are a moran!***
Re: You sir, are a moran!***
moran????? is that similiar to a moron?????***
that does not show me he's ready for a big job
Yah he shoulda went to see Saban.***
It doesn't show that he is NOT ready either
How the #### can you say that? TB not only talked to the man
Dabo is doing what Dabo does. He's pushing all the...
Man.......wouldn't be a poetic ending for Dabo to succeed!!!
TB reached out toe Saban***
man. i hope dabo turns out to be the next Danny
Re: Swinney Reaches Out to Danny Ford
Billy Mays. Bwahahaha.
Billy Mays...Isn't he the infomercial guy? Oxyclean?***
enough with the freakin billy mays. its stupid***
Re: Swinney Reaches Out to Danny Ford
Re: Swinney Reaches Out to Danny Ford
Dabo came back with silver hair and two stone tablets.***
That's a gas! Point for the Moses referance!***
Re: Dabo came back with silver hair and two stone tablets.***
Calhoun St
I'm not sure Dannt Ford would have taken a call from Tommy B

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