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Name: Joshua Bridges 
City, State: Spartanburg , SC
Occupation: Inside Sales
Affiliation: Fan
School: USC-Aiken
Major: Exercise Science (1999)
Fav Links: Clemson Sports , College Sports , High School Recruiting
Hobbies: Playing baseball, basketball, and have a great time all the time
Where I sit/park:


I have been the biggest Clemson fan from day one wanted to play baseball there but ended up getting a scholorship at USC-Aiken and played there instead. My baseball career did not turn out the way I wanted to, moved to Greenville were I work a GE Power Systems and have always enloyed having fun with my friends and even people I don't even know. Just love to have a good time and Clemson is the third love in my life behind my wife and love ones.


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