WATCH: What Clemson coaches said after 59-14 rout of Wofford

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Clemson coordinators Brent Venables, Jeff Scott, and Tony Elliott discussed the 59-14 win over Wofford during post-game interviews on Saturday.

Opening statement:

“First half I thought our guys came ready to play. We were totally dominant and squeezed the life out of them. That’s as good of a performance as we’ve had in the first half. I'm really proud of our guys. They displayed the right mindset, the preparation, the discipline and the fundamentals for the most part of four quarters tonight. All of our guys did a great job. The discipline is really going to pay off for us moving forward as teams continue to challenge us in different ways. It’s really great for us to continue to grow.”

On Xavier Thomas:

“We got other good players and we’ve played really well in our three games without him. Hopefully he’s healthy and can get back into the rotation, but those guys have really answered the bell and continued to improve and make plays.”

On Logan Rudolph’s improvement:

“He’s been good all year. Sometimes the plays are there and sometimes they aren’t, so he does a lot of the dirty work. He’s exactly who we thought he was going into the year. He’s one of our most consistent guys at that position. He plays with incredible effort and toughness within the framework of our defense. Tonight he had a lot of opportunities...He’s a great example of what hard work looks like and realizing the fruits of your labor.”

Opening statement:

“Obviously very proud of our guys. Over the last four weeks we have played very well. Like Coach Swinney talks about all the time, we are entering our championship phase during November. It’s all about improving and getting better, and I feel like our guys did that.

On turnovers and the offensive line:

“A really proud two games back-to-back with no turnovers. Last week was the first game all year where we did not have any turnovers, so to do that back-to-back was big. No sacks, 419 yards rushing, our offensive line is playing some really good ball. Our offensive guys in general are not worried about anything.”

On facing Wofford:

“These are the kind of games where physically, you have a big advantage versus your opponent. These are the types of games where you can tell a lot about the mentality of your team. I’ve been here long enough. I can remember playing this group in 2011 where we went in there at halftime close to a tie game. That was a very talented offense as well. It did not matter who we were playing today. Our guys were ready to go.”

On Travis Etienne breaking Clemson records:

“I am very happy for Travis breaking the Clemson rushing record for touchdowns. He has been outstanding, and he has the most 200-yard games at Clemson. Hopefully he tied the overall touchdown record.”

On Trevor Lawrence and the receivers

“Trevor has four games in a row with three touchdown passes, which has not been done since 2012. To have a few poor throws in the beginning of the year with all the talk out there nationally, it is not surprising he had four games in a row with four touchdown passes. He played very well today. I am really proud of where we are there. I thought it was big for all three wide receivers getting in the endzone.”

Opening statement:

On Travis Etienne’s record-breaking performance:

“I’m just really proud of him. He’s such a humble guy. I’m not a big fan of people deserving things, but if there’s anyone who deserves this, it’s Travis. He always deflects the attention, making it about his offensive line and his teammates. He’s got the ability to do it and it’s refreshing to see a young man who puts the work in and is able to achieve what he can.”

On deserving versus earning:

“Often we feel like we deserve more than we really work to earn, so my word is earn. Go out and earn it, because life isn’t fair and you’re not always going to get what you feel like you deserve. At the end of the day you will get what you earn, whatever work you put in, you will get the appropriate reward. It may not be what you want, but at the end of the day you can feel good about it.”

On playing starters:

“Wofford is not an easy team to prepare for. They’re one of the best teams in the FCS and they pose some challenges with their structure. The biggest thing for us is coming out and playing clean, no matter who that’s against. I thought the first halves of these past two games have been about as clean as we could be. The big challenge was coming out in the second half and challenging these guys to respond better than we did in the previous week. The biggest thing for us is being in ‘Championship Phase.’ It doesn’t matter who we’re playing, it’s about how we play. When guys take care of business then we have the flexibility to play some other guys.”

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