WATCH: What Clemson players said after 59-14 victory over Wofford

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Several Clemson players were available to the media following the team's impressive 59-14 rout of Wofford on Saturday.

On running the ball today:

“I thought it was great. Give the offensive line some credit for opening up some holes. There were a couple of plays at the beginning where I felt like I could have gotten a little bit more. I feel like I can definitely get better from today. Again, credit the offensive line and the receivers. They did a great job blocking down the field. Tee, Jones, and all the receivers were great blocking down the field.”

On setting records:

“It is really great, but it is not just because of me. It is because of the team, the guys I have around me, the receivers that I have. The great receivers are willing to do it all, and Trevor too. I am thankful for all those guys to be out there. I would not be in this position to have all these records and accomplishments. I would like to think that.”

On knowing about breaking records:

“I knew about the James Davis one, but about the other ones, no, not really. It is special to be amongst those guys. I would like to thank God first, and my teammates because if it was not for them, I would not be here.”

On taking his game to a new level

“Oh, most definitely. I feel like I can always improve and get better each and every game. Just working on the little details helps each and every week by watching film to see what I really messed up on.

On his completion percentage:

“It was just sticking to the plan. We had a good plan coming into the game and a great week of practice, so we came back from last week building off that momentum. We want to give our guys a chance. We know if we put the ball in the air, our guys will go get it and make plays after the catch.”

On the offense’s efficiency:

“It helps, obviously, our defense giving us that cushion. Every drive we are going in and trying to put points on the board. Giving them that comfort that if they do slip up or a big play does happen, they can rely on us to put up points. It’s just being efficient and I think we’re doing a great job.”

On next week's game:

“We’re just going to do what we’ve been doing the past three or four games and that’s just starting out fast. We’re going to try to get the ball into our playmakers hands and let them play. We are just going to do our job and be efficient.”

On his mentality:

“I’m going to be prepared no matter what, no matter how many snaps it is. When I go in I want to do well. I really want to be prepared well enough to look like I’m a starter. That’s how I’ve got to prepare and that’s how all of us prepare.”

On team’s defensive discipline:

“It was just a test of our discipline. That’s the biggest thing about it. We saw how disciplined we are as a team. If one person does something wrong then they could make a huge gain. That’s the biggest thing in facing a team like Wofford.”

On his interception:

“I was talking to my dad before the game and he told me to get an interception today. I told him that they don’t really throw the ball too much, so I don’t know if I can do that, but things happen. It was a gift from God. I don’t know how they didn’t see me, but I’m happy they didn’t. Everyone said that if I had run up the sideline I would have scored, but I didn’t see that.”

On knowing about getting snaps today:

“Just to have the opportunity to come out there, the chance to play and do your thing is a great opportunity. Everybody prepared the same. We prepare the same every week. It is a great opportunity to get better for everybody.”

On being counted as a starter:

“Prepare the same every week. Try to put in extra time, and watch film every week. I do whatever I can to become a better player and person all around the field and off the field.”

On knowing Wofford would run:

“It was fun. It was definitely all option all game.They did a lot of good things. We still need to get out there to prepare to play against that type of offense.”

On improving as a linebacker at Clemson:

“I would say the number one thing is knowledge. Learning to watch tape the correct way, and what is going on around you. Learning how to call the defense gets better and better over time. Preparing, reading your keys, and doing your job. We always talk about doing your 111 and play within the defense. Do your thing, read the right things, and be in the right spot. Be where you are supposed to be and things should work out.”

On today’s game:

“We came in with the same mindset for any other team. We come in and dominate, just like we did tonight.”

On “Championship Phase”:

“It’s ‘Championship Phase’ now. We always have the mindset that we have to play better at this phase in the season, so we just go out there and ball out... We just keep being Clemson, practicing well, and executing the plan.”

On his performance:

“My goal is to never drop a pass. If I do that’s my fault, not the quarterback’s fault. I just go in with the same mindset to catch every ball.”

On Travis Etienne:

“Freshman year I thought he was a walk on when he showed up smiling with his braces. After that our bond got closer and closer. He’s extremely humble. After the game he gave a speech saying how he would not be able to do it without his offensive linemen and receivers blocking out there for him. He’s just really humble.”

On today’s game:

“It’s exactly how we wanted to start the game. It was similar to last week, we just want to keep that momentum. Like Coach Swinney always says, our best defense is a good offense. We just want to help our defense out and we’ve played really well the past few weeks.”

On the offensive rhythm:

“Last year we finished really strong, so it’s similar to how we were playing last year at this time. That’s just our main goal all season, to be playing our best and hopefully getting better every week.”

On Travis Etienne:

“It’s awesome to see him be successful. He’s a great player and he puts in a lot of work, so to see that be shown is great. It’s great playing with him.”

On how you respond to criticism:

“We remember all the criticism like it was yesterday, but all of that stuff doesn’t really matter. It’s about getting better every week and then seeing where we are at the end of the season. It doesn’t really matter where we were five weeks ago, it’s about where we are at the end of the season and how well we’re playing then. We’re just going to keep getting better every week.”

On having fun and being comfortable on the field:

“It was a ton of fun. It is a lot slower out on the field than it is in practice, so that’s good.

On connection with Baylon (Spector) and being Clemson’s future:

“Baylon is like a brother to me. It is a lot of fun being out there at the same time. I could definitely see us playing in the future.”

On playing for his dad and spending time off the field:

“It has been fun, what I expected. He has been just as hard on me now as when I was growing up. I am getting used to it, and it is slowing down for me. He (Brent Venables) was telling us about my brother winning the regional championship last night. My brother was not very happy with himself about the way he played, so my dad was out there watching game film to calm him down a little bit.”

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