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Question: What are the most common negatives rival coaches use when recruiting against Clemson?

Answer: Sorry, I am 13 minutes late. I was on the phone trying to confrim some recruiting inforamtion. Hope everyone is well. Can onyone in this chat room shoot free throws? Rivals coaches have less ammunition now than before because of facilities. Some will use rural setting, some will use lack of African-American population base, etc. But much less now than before.

Question: As for Whitehead, is Dabo still pushing for him at all?

Answer: No. He is bought and paid for.

Question: I've heard that CJ Spiller has been talking alot with Ricky Sapp. Any chance CJ could be the suprise of the class and join the Tigers?

Answer: I doubt it I have always thought it is FSU

Question: You've got to think Dabo is working hard to convince CJ to look at the difference in depth charts at FSU and Clemson. Behind FSU, are we his #2 in your opinion?

Answer: Yes and yes.

Question: Mickey or Trey?

Answer: Mickey

Question: Will we ultimately get Godfrey? I just don't see him going to Wake when he's got an offer from Clemson.

Answer: He is a great kid and terrific player but Wake has done a great job on him. However, he liked his visit and his mom loved it. Clemson has a chance.

Question: Are Sims and Jenije a package deal wherever they go? Chances they end up here?

Answer: Not really but I think they end up at FSU

Question: % chance of landing Grant?

Answer: 50

Question: West End Zone--will there be an additional 1K seats in phase 2?

Answer: I am not sure. I asked Billy D to be on the show in the next few weeks and he said anytime. We will have him on after signing day

Question: How can FSU continue to sign numerous HS AA tailbacks? Do the recruits not comprehend the depth chart?

Answer: FSU plays true freshmen as much as anyone in the last ten years. They have been such a great program for so long it is all these kids know anymore.

Question: with 18 scholarships available (right now) it seems that we are almost done....who remains on the board we want most? any commits wavering?

Answer: Every commitment from here on out is an over sign. Clemson is waiting on one RB, Godfrey, Prince, Alexander, Stevens and Jenije

Question: who are our prospects at de if we miss out on prince?

Answer: I am not sure they will sign one.

Question: Do think Alexander will commit to us?..How about Rodney Prince?

Answer: I think Alexander is a slight Clemson lean. Prince is such a great kid, I am not sure he can go back on his word and back out on MSU

Question: Littleberry?

Answer: No decision yet. He is on the thinnest of ice sheets right now. I think he may be done.

Question: how many of sc commitments would clemson offer?

Answer: Clemson offered Anderson, Prochak.

Question: bought and paid for? explain

Answer: How do you get a player of that caliber out of Alabama?

Question: What's Geathers's story?

Answer: He still has not released his transcripts. He will not sign on signing day. But his father did call Clemson the other day to gauge their interest.

Question: Do you think Alexander commits tonight?

Answer: Maybe. Not sure if it happens tonight or not but could.

Question: what happened woth peanut to make him feel "uncomofortable" with Clemson?

Answer: Auburn and Alabama

Question: based on the possible losses at bandit, who are we looking at now to back up Gaines? who plays the other end position?

Answer: Vincent is the back up with Sapp comming. Merling starts at the other end with Cannon backing up

Question: Your prediction for starters at CB next year by the fifth game?

Answer: I can see a scenario with any of the guys including Coleman, Lewis, Gilliam, Chancellor, Ray Ray, Butler or Maxwell. These guys are very talented but inexperienced. It depends on their off-season and their development.

Question: dekoda watson - why no interest from clemson?

Answer: They thought he was a 'tweener.

Question: Is he bought yet or are still in the bidding process?

Answer: LOL. I think its Auburn

Question: What is the situation with Wilkerson? I thought he was in good shape academically.

Answer: He has not come up on his test. He needs to improve his test score and it has been raised

Question: does wilkerson make it in? if not do we push for both alexander and stevens?

Answer: Not sure of how this scenario will play out

Question: I think most kids like a little nightlife...other than visiting current players at their apartments/homes, do these kids attend parties? go out to any clubs? .If this is too touchy a subject don't answer.

Answer: Yeah they have a few parties I am sure.

Question: Your thoughts on Caleb King in 2007? Chances on Clemson getting him?

Answer: He is suppossed to be one of the top running backs in the country next season. I would expect Clemson, Auburn and Georgia to be in the mix

Question: Any chance Vincent moves back to LB? Doesn't seem to be a natural DE to me.

Answer: He is not a Bandit by nature. If they really liked Sapp enough he could eventually move back to LB

Question: Akeem Robinson to DE in the Spring?

Answer: Not sure. I think he will be a good TE. I am not sure he has the instincts to play defense

Question: How many Clemson commits did usc offer?

Answer: 2

Question: Did Will Korn's presence help much this weekend?

Answer: It did not hurt. I think things went well with him but I have not talked to him since last Sunday

Question: I know we only have 3 slots left. But, which guys would we oversign? Jenije, etc.?

Answer: They are already over. They would take one RB, Godfrey, Prince, Alexander, Stevens and Jenije

Question: % chance that we get ONE of the Spiller, Sims, Grant trio? In other words, what's the chance we'll get a second RB in this class? Thanks for the work you do.

Answer: 66

Question: Does Sims really think he can play RB at FSU?

Answer: Yeah

Question: Any "potential" surprise out there beyond projecting these last three (Alexander, Godfrey, Grant)?

Answer: No

Question: Which Clemson commits did usc offer?

Answer: Jo Jo Cox, Medlin, Sapp, Butler, Maxwell, Gaither. Not sure on Ogren, Johnson.

Question: ANy more info of Hines's Job change and possible replacements?

Answer: Things are very quiet. The staff does not talk about among each other. I think there is a better chance than not that he is gone. replacements depends on if Bowden or Spence makes the hire

Question: Why would any questioner think a kid could play rb for us but not FSU?

Answer: Not sure but they are deeper there with Booker, Edwards, Ball, Smith, etc

Question: Hines to???????????????????

Answer: or !!!!!!!!!!!! or @@@@@@@@@@@ or ###########. Just kidding. I am not sure.

Question: Your thoughts regarding the Dook game?

Answer: Thought the kids played great. Free throws and turnovers but the kids played really hard.

Question: DO you think Brandon Cannon continues to pick it up and help out a great deal?

Answer: I hope so. He played well late.

Question: Is OP addressing the horrible foul shot shooting?

Answer: I think he already has but it does not get better

Question: So percentage odds on getting Spiller, even with him actually visiting campus are what?

Answer: Man these percentage questions are hard. How do you really know. I would guess 10

Question: DO you think Kornblut fabricates offers that USC commits passed on?

Answer: I am not sure. Like who?

Question: If you and C. Ard were in a no-holds-barred wrestling match, each wearing only a Speedo, who would win?

Answer: There is not enough money in the world to get me in the ring with another man and I know I am not putting Speedos on.

Question: What happened regarding wr recruit who changed his mind and is going to Michigan State?

Answer: TJ Williams got in a little trouble at prep school. Nothing major.

Question: Why would a rb want to run behind FSU's poor OL rather than our very good and very deep OL?

Answer: Great question

Question: Who do you think would be favored as a Hines replacement by Bowden and/or Spence?

Answer: I would hope Pearman or Bentley

Question: can you clear up the kendrick johson question, is he enrolling nowor July?

Answer: As of this mornig I thought now. I will check

Question: Can we count any of the Jan admits back to last year or are we full even then

Answer: Clemson's big numbers problem is not the 25 number but the 85 number.

Question: How did Walt do on the NFL picks over the weekend?

Answer: I will have to go back and look. He went 4-0 last weekend

Question: Should CJ Gaddis move back to CB?

Answer: There is some talk there but no decision yet

Question: I'm not necessarily asking your personal opinion about Phil Kornblut, but what do you think Clemson's Coaches opinion is of him?

Answer: I think is pretty obvious

Question: Can Matt Morris shoot free throws?

Answer: I am not sure I have ever seen him shoot one.

Question: FGF and Kornbloot claim that LSU offered Pierre Andrews- that is the one I was questioning

Answer: I am not sure on that one

Question: IMO our biggest concerns going into next season are TE, DE, and punter/punt protection...your thoughts? Oh, and praying Proctor doesn't get hurt.

Answer: TE will be fine. Depth at DE and punting are a concen. BTW-I just made a quick phone call and Johnson is not coming until the summer. Transcripts could not go through until too late to enroll.

Question: Sapp qualify?? others in academic difficulty??who we "place"??

Answer: Sapp is in great shape. Only two or three are close to not making it.

Question: How are the other teams in our division doing with recruiting

Answer: FSU OK, MD OK, NCSU down, WF OK, BC OK

Question: How good were Hammnds and Hamilton as football players and any chance they'll ever play?

Answer: That would be fun to watch. Hamilton would make a great DB

Question: Can CJ Gaddis shoot free throws?

Answer: Not sure

Question: Can OP shoot FT's?

Answer: Not sure

Question: Will Muse or Barry pass the returners at TE?

Answer: Hunter is ahead. Barry is a real talent though

Question: then we have about 28 or so coming in?? whar we do with all of them??

Answer: 28?

Question: who else besides wilkerson? has mcdaniel qualified yet?

Answer: McDaniel should be fine

Question: Is Alexander ours

Answer: We will know more tonight

Question: what recruiting info were you trying to confirm before you came on here?

Answer: Johnson's deal. He is coming in the summer.

Question: Do you think Kevin Alexander commits to us tonight?

Answer: Maybe but I cannot say yes for sure

Question: Mickey, isn't the crucial palming call Saturday further proof how refs are biased and make timely calls to help certain teams?

Answer: I thought they di OK Saturday but the Wake game was a joke.

Question: OK we have over signed!!!how do we handle that??

Answer: There will be attrition

Question: What do big recruits like Spiller and Sims do while at Clemson for a visit?

Answer: A ton of things like acadmics, facilities, meet with coaches, players, eat, etc

Question: Any word on the Gary Williams coverup of the Garrison situation?

Answer: I have no idea

Question: What happened regarding Ben Alexander and his going to TX?

Answer: He is going there. Clemson did not like him

Question: who leaves?? Littleberry gone? K.Williams??

Answer: Nothing is final yet

Question: As for RBs on the board, what will we do if Sims/Grant/Spiller ALL go elsewhere? Is there a fallback at RB? Or, do we just not sign a RB this year?

Answer: No fallbacks in this class

Question: is russell a lb or safety? do you think he contributes next year?

Answer: Safety. Yes

Question: Cecil ain't gonna be happy about this oversigning....

Answer: LOL. He won't be happy until Clemson wins the Ivy League

Question: Re: Whitehead? Bought and paid for? Who gets him in the end?

Answer: Auburn

Question: who DO U Think leaves?? opinion only

Answer: That is not fair to the kids

Question: Is Kendrick Johnson in school?

Answer: No. He is coming in the summer

Question: If no one leaves for grades, playing time, kicked off - How many can we bring in next year(2007)

Answer: 17

Question: How much longer will Spiller be on campus? Percentage chance we turn him and get him?

Answer: He leaves in the morning. He is going to FSU

Question: Does Pearson see the field in the fall?

Answer: Some

Question: How are the Chancellor brothers doing?

Answer: Chris is doing great. Demerick has moved back and forth on the scout team

Question: How much percent do these percentage questions get on your nerves?

Answer: 0

Question: Will JD and Reggie be the only non true Fresman RB's next year?

Answer: Yes

Question: what's up with zach green?

Answer: They think he is coming back

Question: Pearson @ F/B??

Answer: Yes

Question: Coleman staying?

Answer: He has to graduate in order to be able to get his last year

Question: who besides Pearson @ F/B??

Answer: No one

Question: How effective do you think Michael Wade will be as a QB....does he stay there?

Answer: He has a chance to be a good one

Question: RS Freshman the coaches are highest on?

Answer: Murchison, Lambert, Austin, Humphries, Conner, CHancellor, Ray Ray, Chambers

Question: What position will Zack play? OT? TE?

Answer: It depends on his weight after the illness

Question: How did you like that orange shirt Charles Warren wore yesterday?

Answer: I did not see it

Question: How come CU can't find a donor who gives $165M to the athletic dept?

Answer: Good questions

Question: How bad of shape will we be in if Will Proctor goes down?

Answer: Harper should OK

Question: Has there been any effect with the early committment from Willy Korn? Has it helped?

Answer: It will in the future

Question: Lambert, Austin & Humphries make 2-deep??

Answer: Yes to all three

Question: Will you have a show this Sundat night and a chat next week?

Answer: Yeah, we may move the show to 4:30 because of the Panthers

Question: So where does Jock McKissic need to make his biggest improvement in the off season to be a dominant DT next year????

Answer: Strength

Question: I would like to hear your predictions about remaining recruits before you go. Please?

Answer: I think they get one RB, Alexander and mayb one more. Thanks for the interest. Tune into the show today at www.wccpfm.com. Thanks again.

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