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Question: Please tell everyone to get off our baseball teams back. It is early and we are young! Thanks..

Answer: Good afternoon all. I hope everyone will well. For those not in the area, the weather is horrible in Clemson. It looks really dark outside. Anyway, this baseball team is young and the draft has hurt. But I do understand people's concerns. Ray Tanner has done a much better job in the state than Clemson and his guys are ranked and Clemson is struggling. It is early and USC's schedule is a joke but I do see both sides.

Question: Are you hearing any other position changes?

Answer: The Bobby Williamson thing is not finalized. It makes sense though in that if Spence wants to use the TE more and Coach K wants to run more 3-4 then it really makes sense. I was surprised Williamson played so well last season because I really thought he was a good tight end before. He will have a great year at TE if the move is final. With two WR leaving you could see one DB moving over. And I still think they want to look at Gaddis at CAT, FS or OLB if he does not start at CB. Maybe Nolan could be on the move. Roy Walker could move to CAT. It will be interesting to see where the hybrid safeties like Billie, Maurice Nelson, Kindred, etc where they end up

Question: who are candidates to play H back for us ?

Answer: Williamson makes sense. Both fullbacks (Jackson and Harrell) could see action there. Maybe Pearson?

Question: Mickey... with the recent loss of two WRs, not to mention Airese Currie to graduation, how do you see the WR corps looking in 2005? Any chance of a Sergio Gilliam moving to help out?

Answer: Yeah, they have tallked about it. He is tall, runs well and has very good ball skills. But he may be too valuable at corner. His name is talked about frequently in meetings because the offense wants him but the defense is not willing to give him up

Question: Mickey, I know its early but how hard are we pushing for the Cumbie kid and will he take an unofficial visit to Clemson this Spring? Also have you seen film on him yet?

Answer: I have not seen his film yet. I have talked to one of his high school coaches. They have had some turnover there. He is a kid that the staff has already offered and they would take his commitment but I am not sure of his timeframe. He is going to the Big 10 schools for junior days right now but Clemson will be right there in the thick of it

Question: mickey - does the move to Bobby Williamson back to TE signal that he didn't fit in in Vic's scheme.... or is it a current lack of talent at TE?

Answer: Both. Spence wants to use the TE and Williamson is a natural there. Plus Coach K's scheme will not utilize him as much

Question: Who among the recruits this year will actually wind up playing WR in the long run?

Answer: All four they signed could play there obviously. Demerick Chancellor is another one that could move to WR

Question: mickey.... what are the 3 biggest position battles this Spring in your estimation?

Answer: Free safety should be interesting. Monts is trying to get another year. Hamlin has been impressive, Walker was before the injury and you could see movement with Fudge or Maurice Nelson moving to there in the new scheme

Question: are we doomed!!

Answer: LOL. The democrats still have a chance. You always have Hillary

Question: Will Michael Collins still be on scholarship next season? If so, will it count against our 85??

Answer: Yes he will be on scholarship but it is a medical hardship so he does not count against football's 85

Question: Pick one each from offense and defense who you feel could you see really stepping out from the shadows in 2005 and making an impact?

Answer: Offense-The Tight ends, Duane Coleman, Aaron Kelly Defense-Hamlin

Question: Give us your opinion of last years redshirt WRs.

Answer: Kelly has a chance to be very good this season. Diamonde is still about a year away but has a chance to also be a good one. He is still very inexperienced

Question: Do you expect to see Kelvin Grant in a Clemson uniform this fall?

Answer: Yes

Question: Should Zach Green be nervous about his playing time?

Answer: No. Spence will play two TEs also. But Williamson moving over would hurt his time. Plus Barry and Muse will get a serious look

Question: Which defensive position is the LEAST important in Koenning's scheme?

Answer: There is no least important. It takes 11 to play run defense and 11 to play pass defense. This defense will utilize the LB and big safeties more but all 11 are very important

Question: Have you offered your services to OP for foul shot training seminars?

Answer: No but I would. It is simple. Players today do not concentrate on the front of the rim throughout the shot. Please watch their eyes. They follow the ball after the release instead of staying focused on the front of the rim. Even when they dribble or spin the ball before a free throw they need to be totally focused on the front of the rim. Laugh if you will but that is a lost fundamental.

Question: Do you see Terryl Smith as a WR or a DB?

Answer: WR but he can move to safety. I think WR right now though

Question: PLEASE don't refer to ANY Clemson coaches as 'Coach K', it makes us vomit ;-)

Answer: LOL. How about in the future Duke's Coach K is refered to as "Rat Man"

Question: So, is ACC officiating completely rigged, or is there simply extreme bias towards UNC and Duke??

Answer: It is not completely rigged. But there is a built in bias. Duke should not get away with what they do. Plus the officials are aware of the teams on the bubble

Question: what is the situation with monts. how would he get another year.

Answer: He played only a few plays one year and could petition the NCAA for that to be his redshirt season. Long shot but it could work

Question: Will we win a basketball game in Chapel Hill in my lifetime?

Answer: How old are you?

Question: Which quarterback not named Whitehurst, will ge the most snaps this fall??

Answer: Now I would say Proctor but ask me after the spring

Question: I know this has been asked ad nauseum, but what is really going on with Kelvin Grant that is preventing him from performing on the field?

Answer: Now it is a confidence thing. Before it was explained to me as a form of ADD

Question: What the heck happened to our baseball team?

Answer: The draft has hurt and they are extremely young all over the place but the main thing is the staff has not recruited as well as USC in the state and the staff has not recruited as well as Corbin or Littlefield did

Question: Going out on a limb early, who will be next year's leading rusher and leading receiver in total yardage?

Answer: Rusher-Merriweather will have a great season. Receiver-Stuckey in yardage

Question: Will we ever beat UNC at UNC in basketball?

Answer: Yes. But when is the question

Question: Do you think we will win a game in ACC tournament?

Answer: It depedns on the draw. I have not seen the brackets but this team can beat anyone if it can play a complete game. As often seen with young teams they have a hard time playing 40 minutes

Question: Please Mickey, tell these worriers that our men's hoops team will get better with experience...

Answer: The men's basketball program is in great shape. I can't remember the future being any better. Purnell is building and if you can't see that then you have no clue about the game or the past in this program.

Question: When does spring practice begin? Any surprises?

Answer: It begins March 6th I believe. I know you guys get tired of me saying it but Courtney Vincet and Michael Hamlin will be very good next season

Question: Rat Man is accecptable. He' the biggest thug POS in sports

Answer: I can't stand the guy and think he is a farce. His language should be an embarrasment to Duke University

Question: How about doing a remote from the new Wild Wings in Spartanburg? And is the rumor true about WCCP's soon to be increased broadcasting range?

Answer: I would love to. Yes. WCCP has been given permission by the FCC to increase its tower heigth. This will take place this summer. You should see results in Spartanburg

Question: Exactly Mickey....there is a pecking order...1. UNC 1a. Duke 2. Whoever needs help for the tourney....see the ending of GT-FSU yesterday as a prime example.....

Answer: Amen. Preach it brother

Question: Do you see any qb getting any action in a game besides Charlie? What if Charlie is having a bad game? How do we get a qb ready for the following year?

Answer: Yeah but I think Spence will have a great impact on Charlie. I still think you will see more than one play though

Question: doesnt the refs knowing who is on the bubble and calling the game accordingly mean the game is rigged?

Answer: Not really rigged but if they are needed then they help

Question: mickey - are you a "small ball" guy or a "big inning guy" from a collegiate baseball philosophy standpoint?

Answer: Small ball. Pitching and defense plus fundamentals of moving guys over. Unless you play in a park like Sarge Frye. Earl Weaver had this great stat about 3-run HRs. But the bats in college baseball have been reduced in initial ball speed and the ball doesn't jump as much. Clemson dosn't have the Johnson and Bakers now so this is a small ball team

Question: we all love jim davis but has his time run out?

Answer: No. He is plaing four or five freshmen and a bunch of transfers. He is also recruiting well this year. He has a tough job but this team will get better as they get experience. Look no one wnats to hear it but men's and womens' basketball and baseball are playing a ton of true freshmen

Question: Aside from Monts, any other possibilities for attrition in 2005?

Answer: I still think one or two more may look for more playing time elsewhere

Question: Have we been the victim of poor officiating more in football or basketball?

Answer: Hard to say. probably basketball because of reputation

Question: Mickey I appreciate your honesty. You care very much for the Tigers, but your assessments are not through orange tinted glasses. That is the reason I am concerned about baseball based on your statements of last week. Do you think we can contend in state and in ACC this year?

Answer: No. USC is better than Clemson this year and so is Miami, GT, NC, FSU and maybe Virginia. This should be a rebuilding year. However, Clemson baseball should expect to be better. There is nothing wrong with that. Just understand why it is this way now and tryto fix it. One thing Clemson needs to do in MHO is do a better job in-state with recruting in baseball

Question: In your opinion, has Clemson ever benefitted from ACC basketball officiating. We've been a bubble-team a few times in the past.

Answer: Probably a few times but I can't recall any

Question: Wouldn't Jim Davis make a great replacement for Timmy Match when HE decides to retire from coaching?

Answer: Jim Davis could replace a lot of people on campus and do a much better job than is currently being done but I think his heart is still in the game

Question: How many radio hosts eat fruitcup with their hamburger?

Answer: More need to. We are fat people. BTW I had a chicken wrap from Chick-fil-a not a burger

Question: Do you think we'll see the return of Charlie Whitehurst, and in return I mean to his 2003 performance

Answer: Yes. I would be surprised if Spence did not give him a chance to be more successful

Question: I can't see why everyone's gettin' so upset, this slow start happened last year, don't you think we'll be able to overcome it and be successful?

Answer: I don't think last year was a very good team either were they. I don't think Clemson fans want to settle for not hosting regionals and losing to UGA doesn't sit well. What was Clemson's record overall and in the ACC year?

Question: Do you think Hamlin will be better than Pugh?

Answer: Yes. Maybe not right away but certainly in the future

Question: Do you think Koenning will stay longer in Clemson than Lovett, is he more personable than Lovett?

Answer: He is more personable. Lovett stayed three years that is a long time for DC

Question: will it be possible to pick up wccp in asheville? we get other upstate fms up here

Answer: I am not sure. You can call 864-654-4004 to ask. I think it will get better and increase in every direction. I know it costs about $250k so it should be better in a lot of areas

Question: Do you think TDP will consider give multi-year contracts to asst, coaches in b-ball in order to get them to stay, like Coach Nickleberry?

Answer: I am not sure what the norm in the industry is. If that is the industry standard thenI think TDP will look at it

Question: So, Bobby Williamson, TE, DE, or both?

Answer: He will get a look at TE in the spring. I thinkthat is where he will end up

Question: We did pretty good in-state this year, can we do the same with the 2006 class?

Answer: Yes. It will be tougher with Spurrier at USC. Holtz was not much of a factor the last few years. USC signed Raysor, Thompson, Davis, Wright were the only four Clemson offered that went to USC. That will change a little

Question: Huey Sucks. Thanks for the chats Mickey. You're the best

Answer: You are a genius.

Question: So what position is in the future for Akeem Robinson?

Answer: I think he stays at OT but could move

Question: Raises for Blackwell & Dabo yet?

Answer: Not yet. I think it may be tough until after the season because of the budget

Question: Mickey . . . any in state juniors who are already a "lock " for the Tigers. You willing to go out on any limbs this early?

Answer: Nah. It is too early. They are in good shape with several but there are no locks yet

Question: Not sure how to put this in the right context, but how much does attention does TDP put on our success in a sport, like baseball. Does he consider making changes, is he looking at baseball closer?

Answer: He wants a complete atheltic program and winning is important. TDP wants to win as much or more than you.

Question: I know OP will turn this program around, but just how good do you think he'll get us?

Answer: I think Clemson can be a top 25-type teams. That is OK to expect in the future. The key is recruiting and making Clemson the kind of program kids want to be involved with. It wasn't that long ago that UCONN was not a power. The ACC has an appeal. Clemson is a very difficult job but not impossible and OP is the right guy

Question: Waiting on the brawl story.....

Answer: Me too. Trying to get someone to talk

Question: What do you think about the cutbacks on the WEZ, primarily the omission of the recruit viewing room? Was there no way to fund that extra difference? Are the cutbacks going to reduce it's effectiveness and appeal?

Answer: I don't thinkit will be quite as good but still very effective

Question: Mickey, ever considered making your show longer, I don't like listening to PacMan all that much

Answer: Call 864-654-4004 and ask for our programming director, Aly Haley

Question: Could we consider TDP to be the best AD, other than Coach Howard, that we've ever had?

Answer: He is a great AD. He came in at a difficult time but has made the right moves so far. He is one of Clemson's best attricbutes now

Question: i reaally think chason has a shot to be all-acc this year do you?

Answer: Yeah. He had a very good year. I am not sure who comes back in the ACC next year at punter

Question: With the WEZ, and Coach Bowden's drive to make this program elite again, how soon do you think we can become a powerhouse in football like we were in the '80s?

Answer: The program is building. They have had marquee wins. Now they need consistancy. I think they can get there soon but the environment is different now. The ACC is totally different

Question: Random question, but is there anything about Clemson that Tim Bourret doesn't know?

Answer: No. He is a walking encyclopedia. Gotta run to the day job. Thanks for coming by. Have a great week

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