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I read your blog today on www.tigernet.com. How much of a done deal is Willy Korn's commitment to Clemson? Will he visit other schools? Will other schools still send him material? Thanks.


Kirk Class of 1980

Korn is a done deal. He is Clemson-bound. He will not visit any other schools. Others still recruit him but he is solid.

In my opinion Tommy Bowden's most glaring weakness is that he will not give a "back up" quarterback playing time. This is how it has been his entire tenure at Clemson. It was obvious in 2005 that Proctor would "inherit" the 2006 quarterback position, but he did not get playing time unless Charlie Whitehurst was injured. The entire season it was Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, etc. Bowden had numerous opportunities in 2005 put Proctor in the game and so he could get experience. Proctor has demonstrated that he is capable of running the team, but giving him some extra experience last year would make me feel a whole lot better about the upcoming season.

Dick Class of 71

Coaches always talk about playing the back up but seldom do. They have about 70 plays per game and seldom play the back up enough.

Love the show. I don’t agree with everything you say but respect your opinions. First question where is Fred Rouse now? Is Clemson recruiting another qb? What are Clemson chances with Greg Little? Thanks for any information.

A-Town Tiger

Rouse is transferring but has not decided where yet. Clemson will not take another quarterback. I think they will be in it with Little until the end but he has no leader yet. I think Clemson and UNC will be in it until signing day.

Thank you for the Blog...it is a real treat to get meaningful insight regarding the Tigers from an educated source. A couple of thoughts; first, what would you think about ranking Clemson's all-time greatest football players via either a simple ranking, or a 1st team, second team format. The university did that while I was in school, but that was a long time ago, and we have had so many good players since, most notably Charlie Whitehurst. Secondly, I am curious as to which of the true freshmen you think will play this season. Thanks for the insight!

Thanks. I may rank the all-timer greats before the season. I would have a tough job because of the pool to choose from. I think Richard Jackson, C.J. Spiller, Jacoby Ford, Ricky Sapp and Jamie Cumbie have the best shot to play.

Alas until the PC ACC,NCAA, and black coaches association take Greenville off the banned list you simply are not going to see an ACC baseball tourney in Greenville. With Greenville out of the picture I think the ACC to Fenway is a great idea especially for the players and ultimately at least some of sports should be about the players. I would advocate once every 4 years in Fenway so that each class of players has a shot to play there. As for fans the ACC proved they didn't care about that once Mike Martin whined them out of Greenville.

Good article.



You are right. The ACC could care less about baseball fans. Fenway is OK but people in Boston still don’t care about it. I still don’t understand the confederate flag deal.

Nice job with the blog. Put me down as Coach Howard #1 and Coach Ford #2. I have had both of their pictures in my den for years. I bet if you asked Danny he would have Frank #1. That being said, the best era of Clemson football to date was under Danny Ford, and it was the greatest football years of my life. You just can't overlook what Frank Howard has meant to Clemson through the years. Without Frank there might not have been a Danny at Clemson.
Keep up the good work!........

I still think Ford is number one. The national title put him over the top. Plus he changed the way high school coaches were treated in this state. Howard is solid at number two though.


Have you EVER heard a player say that the reason he did not go to Clemson was because of that darned parking lot next to the stadium? I don't think so. The fact is, that lot is used more than just a few times a year. It is used for Basketball and baseball parking as well. Besides, the practice fields are surrounded by a wetland. Would the EPA even let them university pave that area?

Tim Louisville, KY

The players are almost always a secondary thought. I am for making it more convenient for the players. Move the parking lot!

I am confused about the commitment of Willy Korn. I was under the same impression as you that Clemson would not offer another quarterback in Korn's graduating class in order to get an early commitment from him. I sit with one of the coaches from Byrnes and he told me the same thing. However, The State.com reported on Monday May, 22, 2006 the following; LOGAN GRAY (6-foot-2, 180 pounds) of Columbia, Mo., is one of the nation's hot quarterback prospects, and he recently landed an offer from Clemson. Also, in the same article, Clemson is showing interest in quarterback KODI BURNS (6-2, 200) of Fort Smith, Ark. He said he recently sent a tape to Tigers coach Tommy Bowden. Burns has offers from Mississippi, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Arkansas State, Kansas State, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt.
Are both of these kids only juniors, did Clemson not make the promise to Korn, or does The State not know what it is talking about?
If you could clear this up for me I would appreciate it.
Thanks, Jake.

Consider the source. Clemson is not going to sign any other quarterback. Korn is the only one they will sign.


Great blogs, all of them, really enjoyed the ones on Will Korn...you shed some light the Brent Schaffer situation that I did not know about....we are spoiled by these great blogs, please do not stop.



Thanks. I am just getting started. I think this blog thing is so much fun. As far as Schaffer, it was a tough decision but was made easier by his academics and Korn’s decision to commit early.


Wanted to relate something to you....someone at Clemson who goes unrecognized is Joey Batson.

I was at the Spring Game year before last and the team walked by me and I was amazed at the size of the players and the condition they appeared to be in. The likes of McKissic, R. Jackson, Charles Bennett, Gaines Adams and more.....I know when the summer comes, the players main contact is Batson and his staff and I think they do a terrific job preparing them for the Fall.

One more thing. several years ago here at UNC when Willie Simmons entered the game and brought the Tigers back was terrific. But the main point is I wish the players would interact
with the fans a little more. Explaining that day here at UNC...Keith Adams comes out to warmup and also Robert Carswell, they comes by the fans and wave and slap hands and I thought that was so neat. I realize maybe the entire team cannot go to this extent...but if they could wave their appreciation to the fans it would be pretty awesome.

One great moment this past year after they beat NC State up here...the entire Tiger team comes over into the area of the Tiger band and they wave and acknowledge the fans, it was so fun and exciting, the Tiger rag blasting and the players waving and slapping hands with fans. Also in closing as I was walking down for the celebration I see Michael Dean Perry...I yelled at him and shook hands...he was the same nice young man that he was in his playing days at Clemson.

Can't tell you how much I am enjoying the blogs.

Tiger fan in Chapel Hill

I told Joey Batson after the A&M game and the FSU game that I thought those games were won in June and July. He and his staff are among the best in the country. The players also deserve the credit for working as hard as they do. I think the average fan would be amazed by their dedication.

Thanks for all you do for Clemson Sports and the Clemson Family. I know we all really appreciate everything. I wanted to get your thoughts on the BCS expansion. Do you think this is beneficial to Clemson, The ACC, and SEC. Or did the BCS do this for the money, i.e. sponsors, tickets, tv. Thanks in advance.

Jon in Taylors, SC

The BCS is about money. It is only about money. Clemson, the ACC and SEC could benefit though. The extra games mean two more spots for deserving teams. Now it is time for the Tigers to get the ball rolling and make themselves BCS bound.

Yes, I am from the great state of Massachusetts and a Boston College baseball supporter and a football season ticket holder. Boston College last night against UNC drew 255 people (not a misprint) in Chapel Hill. Boston College outdrew that at all the ACC games they hosted this season. Just telling you the stats.

Boston College is building a new baseball stadium and should be ready for the 2008 season. The place they play in now is one of the most uncomfortable and least fan friendly ballparks, that I have ever taken a step on.

Lets say BC gets 40,000 for the tournament which Jacksonville got roughly. That is for 16 games which comes out to 2,500 a game. I bet BC can outdraw that number. Most ACC fans (excluding BC) have never been to Fenway park so this is a good opportunity to see it.

Plus, You have to remember the great group called Fenway Sports Group is the one that pushed for this so hard. They find a way to make money on anything. They are looking into scheduling a hockey game at Fenway Park in December.

Just some points

Brian Uxbridge MA


Thanks for your e-mail. I enjoyed reading a perspective from a BC fan. You made some good points and we are interested in seeing the results. I hope the fans there will enjoy a great tournament.

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