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Stats, Stats and More Stats

Last Thursday we looked at projections for offensive categories. Yesterday we took a stab at what the defensive numbers could look like. So the natural progression is to forecast individual numbers for the 2006 season.
The following numbers assume Clemson will play 13 games in 2006 (12 regular season and a bowl game) and assumes each player will be healthy. Here is a guess as to what 2006 holds for the following Tigers:

James Davis

In 2005 Davis had 164 carries for 879 yards,nine touchdowns rushing, and
19 receptions for 152 yards. The true freshman enjoyed a tremendous season despite missing two and a half games with a wrist injury. We think Davis can average 20 carries a game and 125 yards per contest in 2006. Assuming he stays healthy and the Tigers go to a bowl, Davis could see 250 carries. We think 1,200 yards is a very reasonable goal for Davis. We also think 12-15 touchdowns are obtainable. Because of the emergence of C.J. Spiller, we do not think Davis will exceed 25 catches or 250 yards receiving next year. Davis was the freshman of the year in the ACC last year and we think his best is still ahead of him.

Reggie Merriweather

In 2005 Merriweather carried the ball 149 for 715 yards and seven touchdowns. He also caught eight passes for 49 yards. Two words best describe why those totals would be outstanding for Merriweather in his senior season: Davis and Spiller. When Davis came back, Merriweather rushed for only 56 yards in his last three games. We do think Merriweather is a major part of this offense and we think he will have a good senior campaign. However, there are not enough footballs to go around and Merriweather may see his totals slip.

C.J. Spiller

The nation's top all-purpose back comes to Tigertown in 2006. We think he will get a long look and could be a significant part of this offense and special teams. We think reasonable goals for Spiller in 2006 should be 10 carries for 50 yards rushing and three catches per game for 25 yards per game. Those numbers would give Spiller 130 carries for 650 yards rushing and 39 catches for over 325 yards. His contributions should also be a major part of the special teams effort.

Demmerick Chancellor

A lot of Chancellor's numbers will depend on the health and development of the other Tigers. It is very difficult to even attempt to project Chancellor's production for 2006.

Will Proctor

In 2005 Proctor completed 18 of 31 passes for 281 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. He also rushed 14 times for 49 yards. This offense suits Proctor's skills, and he could be very productive under center in 2006. We think he could average 17 completions out of 25 passes, and 225 yards per contest is a very obtainable goal. Through 13 games, Proctor could see season numbers of 200 to 325 for 2600 yards and 20 touchdowns. Last year he rushed 14 times for 49 yards and one touchdown.
We would think a good goal for his rushing numbers would be 350 yards rushing for the season. Proctor's number may not be this impressive, but his overall production in running this offense could be very impressive.

Chansi Stuckey

Last season Stuckey caught 64 balls for 770 yards and four touchdowns. We think these would be good goals for Stuckey in 2006 also. There will be more emphasis on the running game, and more weapons in the passing game. As Rendrick Taylor's and Tyler Grisham's number go up, then Stuckey would do well to match his totals from last season.

Aaron Kelly

Last year Kelly caught 47 passes for 575 yards and two touchdowns. Like Stuckey, we think Kelly could stay close to that kind of production for 2006. One could assume a natural progression for more productivity after a successful freshman campaign, but Taylor and Grisham will get more time and Jacoby Ford could be a bigger part of the offense.

Rendrick Taylor

As a freshman, Taylor caught nine passes for 69 yards. I could envision a scenario where he could do that in one game this coming season. Taylor will be a focal point for Spence's offense in 2006. I think Taylor could catch from 35 to 50 balls this season for over 500 yards. He can be the third down receiver to take over where Curtis Baham left off. Taylor can also be the receiver that can turn short gains into longer plays by breaking tackles. Look for a huge sophomore year from Taylor.

Tyler Grisham

Last season Grisham caught 10 passes for 101 yards. Obviously these numbers will go up. Grisham showcased very good hands as a freshman. He proved to be very dependable this past spring. He runs better than some think, and we think it means much bigger numbers for Grisham in 2006. We could see 35 balls for 400 yards in 2006.

Thomas Hunter

In 2006 Hunter caught 13 passes for 120 yards. We think these numbers will go up, but we are not sure how much. A lot of Hunter's production will depend on the rest of the offense. In other words, if Rendrick Taylor can be a third-down receiver, then the numbers will not increase that much. Also if Akeem Robinson and Durrell Barry continue to improve, then they will not increase that much. However, we do think Hunter's numbers will drastically increase.

Jacoby Ford

Ford will be a true freshman in 2006, and if this past spring is any indication, then look out. We think he will be a major part of the offense and special team. Ford is the fastest player in years to don the orange and purple. Spence will use Ford on slip screens, quick hitches and reverses. He will touch the ball early and often. Because of his big play capability; I have no idea how to forecast his numbers for 2006. Hopefully, Ford's production will be close to what I think it can be.

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