E-Mail Bag: 8/26

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Is this team ready to play Texas A&M?

Offensively, I think they are. The defense needs every second they can get on the practice field. The first team defense has closed strong, but the offense won the better part of the battles. Cory Groover appears to be finding his sense of urgency, which is important. Defensive tackle is the biggest question mark on the team. They are not without talent just size. It will be something worth watching to see how Clemson combats TAMU's offensive front.

What type of previews will you run for the games?

We will begin our coverage of the Texas A&M game Sunday night. Our game week coverage will be top notch, and I really think our readers will enjoy it. We want the readers to feel they now just as much about the opponent as Clemson. We are very excited and look forward to kicking things off Sunday night.

Will any freshmen start this season?

There are three I believe stand a chance to start a few games. James Davis, Rendrick Taylor, and Cory Lambert all have a shot to crack the starting lineup by the end of the year. It is doubtful they will, but those are the three I think have a shot.

Is Dorrel Scott gonna be alright?

It is a very touchy situation. He was back today, but there are still some issues he has to sort out. I really wish Dorrel the best, and hope he gets things taken care of. It is sad, because he was having a really good camp. It is a situation that is difficult for him to handle, but he has the full support of the Clemson family.

Will Oliver Purnell look at the Cincinatti job?

I talked with a source close to Purnell on Thursday. Purnell indicated he had no interest in Cincinatti, and he was very happy at Clemson. Dr. Phillips has no intentions of letting Purnell go anywhere. Purnell was a TDP hire, and the way things are going TDP is not letting him go anywhere.

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