Class of 2021; Venables and Elliott

Class of 2021; Venables and Elliott

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Two commits this weekend. Love recruiting but haven’t gotten into the 21 class yet. How good are Collins and Trotter? How many players do we take at each position in 21? Any updates on how the 2020 class finishes? Thanks! Enjoy the show and email blog!



What a great weekend for recruiting. The staff entertained a bunch of 2021 prospects for unofficial visits. The Collins commitment was expected, but Trotter was a big surprise.

Most had Collins as a Clemson vs SEC battle. Alabama and Georgia were the main competition. I would say the biggest compliment you can give Collins is the fact that Clemson can afford to be very selective at WR, yet they took him at this stage. Trotter came to camp this summer and Venables loved him. I knew Clemson was in it, but didn’t know he was ready to pull the trigger.

It’s early to guess on overall numbers and there will be attrition before February of 2021. At this point I would guess 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1-2 TE, 4-5 OL, 2-3 DE, 2-3 DT, 2-3 LB, 3-4 DB.

If the staff could draw up a perfect end to the 2020 class it would be Henderson, Flowe and Burch. I think Clemson is in good shape with all three, but there is still work to be done. I don’t see any of the three ready to end it. Gilbert would be a bonus.


Saturday was a coaching clinic. I love Venables, Elliott and Scott! These guys are the best in the long as they are around, we ain’t losing! Go Tigers!



I agree about Saturday. How about Venables running that three high look with Simmons paying centerfield and Wallace playing at the second level and attacking the line of scrimmage? That is a new look that we haven’t seen before.

Also the Aggies tried to shorten the game and run the play clock down every play. One thing I saw was the center would look back right before the snap and this allowed the Tigers to wait and move the defenders later to not give away a pre-snap read. The late movement was another Venables masterpiece. Venables show you so many looks and that is difficult to prepare.

n offense, Elliott and Scott are so good at adjustments. They show you personnel groups and formations and see how you intend on playing them. After you show your hands, they dissect and adjust. It seems to take a few drives, but once they figure your coverages out then the opponent is doomed. The best example of this was the way they got the running backs involved in the passing game Saturday.

I think this is the best staff in the country and Saturday was another great example of that.

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