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I always enjoy reading your blogs and they keep me amped during the off-season! I was wondering if I could get your input on why CJ Spiller chose to attend Clemson when James Davis was so successful as a freshman? I am not complaining, but it just seems like a athlete of that caliber would go somewhere that he could be a 4 year starter. What are your thoughts on this?
Thanks Chris

Spiller’s finalists were Clemson, FSU, Florida, Miami and Southern Cal. Who is to say that those schools will not have anyone as good or better than James Davis over the next three years. Spiller did the right thing because he went where he felt the most comfortable without looking at depth chart.

Hi Mickey,
Enjoyed your talk on title IX. I am a former wrestler at Clemson and think many people don't realize that we no longer have a program mostly due to title IX. Our previous wrestling program was ranked as high as 5th in the nation the year prior to it's removal as a varsity sport at CU. When Title IX was implemented it put a huge strain on non money producing sports such as wrestling. Wrestling at Clemson had a large following but you go around Clemson and you would never even know we had the sport. In the last year of the program my coach was placed under severe limitations such as keeping the roster to, I believe, 20 people (there were 10 weight classes!). He also had, much like baseball, only 10 scholarships to divide among all recruits. The coach at that time (Sanchez) was fairly young. He was not the greatest or smartest coach and late in the year of that last season he let someone wrestle (a non-roster someone) under one of his injured wrestlers name. When caught the administration forced him to resign and got rid of the wrestling team, saying that since the program was on the bubble it would be to hard to find a new coach to come in (nice excuse). What happened to Sanchez was a two match suspension from coaching at his new job (Missouri, I think). What is most disappointing is the throwing away of all Clemson wrestling accomplished and no longer recognizing that. We had a two time NCAA champion, Sammy Henson, who went undefeated for two years and recently won the silver at the last Olympics and still competes today! This is the tragedy of title IX that most people don't know.
X - CU wrestler

I remember those days very well. I liked going to the meets. Thanks for your story.

Thank you for the information on NCAA scholarship limitations. I had no idea that these limits were in place.


It really is a shame that so many get so few opportunities because of an awful law.

Dear Mickey:

Good job on providing an interesting read. I love college football and basketball, especially when Clemson is involved. I live in the Nashville area and cannot get to Clemson as often as I would like to see them in person. I just like college sports. I'll watch lacrosse, softball, soccer, anything.

However, as much as I enjoy it, I believe colleges really should not offer scholarships for any sport. I would prefer that all colleges adopt the Division III philosophy of not offering any athletic scholarships. That would certainly end the Title IX controversy and may go a long way to ending corruption in college athletics overall. I often watch Division III games (Rhodes, Sewanee, Centre) and find them very entertaining. No matter where you sit at these games, you are very close to the field (or court) and the action.

I realize that there is too much money involved and this will never happen. However, that is my opinion. Maybe I am just getting old. Thirty years ago, I did not feel this way and wanted unlimited scholarships for football! I would have never considered going to a Division III game then.


Dave Class of 1971


I enjoy High School football but it is difficult for me to watch Division II. I also have no idea about lacrosse or soccer. I will take your word on that. My wide says I need to be more open-minded about more sports but I guess I am stubborn. Thanks for the kind words.


Was just reading the article re Coach Leggett's accomplishments and that of Coach Wilhelm and they both are pretty amazing. You know I have followed Clemson for some 36 years and we have all loved the football aspect of the program, but you know....I am proud of Clemson in that they have a great TOTAL SPORTS PROGRAM. It starts with football and we have had some very good women basketball players, great golf, Coach Kriese's tennis has been there for years and Coach Pollock and the track and field program have been unreal and the baseball speaks for itself. Even though basketball has been on the downside we have had some great teams and under Coach Purnell I feel that is going to get better and better.


I really enjoyed Scott Rhymer’s article as well. I think Scott is very talented and look forward to his wisdom.


I am frustrated by the lack of girls golf team at Clemson. I am the golf coach at North Gwinnett High School in Suwanee, GA and also a Clemson graduate. I have one of the top teams in AAAAA in Georgia (we finished 3rd at state this year, 2 strokes from being tied for the top spot). My top 2 players are both rising juniors. I would love to sell Clemson to them as their college destination - they are both great students - but the lack of a golf team eliminates Clemson from the equation. My top player (who tied for individual champion this year with an even par 72 on a 5,600 yard layout), has played a junior tournament at The Walker Course and said how much she enjoyed the course and thought the school was beautiful. She actually asked how good the golf team was at Clemson. She was shocked when I said that there wasn't a women's golf team.

I have emailed TDP on the issue but received no response. In your opionion, is there any chance Clemson would field a team in the near future? It is probably too late for my current golfers, but I would love to have one of my youngsters play golf at my alma mater. I see no reason why we could not have one of the elite women's golf programs in the nation.

John "Suwanee Tiger"

We all know that rowing is so much better than golf. I can’t believe you don’t coaching rowing. Everyone wants to sit on his or her butt and go backwards. It is a shame that we don’t have a women’s golf team. Just a shame.

Listen 2 ya show every evening........
Little recruiting question 4 ya since you're the king of recruiting.
Does Clemson have any Shot at Mark Barnes from Cola SC......
Anyway, who’s their number #1 prospect at wide out?(not including X Dye).
Keep up the good job buddy.



Barnes is going to South Carolina. Barnes is a wide out and safety. He is listed as an athlete. JR Hemmingway from Conway is number one and Xavier Dye is two. Markish Jones at Broome is another good wide out/DB.

Absolutely ludicrous. Couldn’t agree more. Give NCAA baseball 8-9 more scholarships and you will have an even greater game; probably piss off the major leagues a little; I could live with that. Good article, Mick!
GO Tigers!
Best of luck in Omaha.

Eight more scholarships would fix a lot of problems. The baseball coaches need to stand up for themselves and fight the NCAA.

Terrific weekend for Clemson baseball! It was great to be able to catch the action on the tube for those of us who live outside SC. I want to ask about the incoming recruiting class. Has everyone qualified academically? I recall a comment made, I think, by a SC high school coach, that Julius Wilkerson was "no worse off" than many of Clemson's signees. Have there been academic casualties? Maybe there has been press on it elsewhere but I don't think the AJC has realized or is willing to admit that there are schools with major sports programs in SC.

They are waiting on one or two guys but right now everyone still has a chance to make it. We should know more in July.

Has there been another CWS where half of the field was from the same conference?

The SEC has had four teams twice.

Did you know that Georgia won 6 out of 7 games against the gamecocks in baseball this year? After the homerun fest in 96 degree heat Saturday I thought they were going to surely win the series.
Why did Tanner leave Pelzer in for that long?
I hope to see you guys (Clemson) in the championship game. Beat Georgia Tech.
By the way Chan’s biggest concern this summer is will Aqua man be a hit for the boys on Entourage.
Peace out Mickey,

I think Tanner knew he had bullpen problems. I would love to see a Clemson-UGA final.

The movement to provide women "equal" or representative participation in
collegiate athletics that resulted in the implementation of Title IX was
hijacked by radical feminist as a means to attack and eliminate men's
athletics. These women have no real genuine interest in providing females
with opportunities to participate in collegiate athletics but rather are
intent on eliminating the opportunity for all men to participate in

During the Clinton administration, the interpretation of one important
clause of Title IX was changed that resulted in a seismic change in the
distribution of scholarships between men and women. Early in the current
Bush administration a committee was established to review the interpretation
of this particular clause. The committee was composed of mostly the same
organizations whose intent is to destroy or eliminate men's collegiate
athletic teams. Unfortunately, the Bush administration did not have the
political will to disregard the committee's recommendation to maintain the
current interpretation of this particular clause of Title IX.
What I am interested in observing is when collegiate baseball garners
sufficient public observation/scrutiny to elicit questions regarding the
racial composition of the teams. That is , what's going to happen when the
"right" people start asking why there are not more black players on
collegiate baseball teams.

I would suggest that you attempt to have a representative of these feminist
groups using the Title IX provisions to attack men on your show to explain
their actions. If I were in your position, I would immediately start to
inquire as to why they are a racist organizations supporting the
discrimination of young black men.
Good luck,


Thanks for your e-mail. I enjoyed your response.


I love reading your blog everyday but was surprised that you didn't have
Ted Ginn Jr. on your list at all for the ten best wide outs. I don't
know if there is a more explosive wide out in the land then Ted Ginn Jr.
I'm curious as to why you would have left him off your list? I hope
this time next week we are talking about the Tigers in Omaha!!!!!!!




Because Ginn has played some corner and returns kicks, I have him listed as an athlete.

How do you feel about the chances of our going far in the CWS? I read a good article from ESPN about " why not reseed once you get to Omaha ". Their point, and a good one, 2 unseeded teams are opening up against each other.Plus, look at the bracket with CU, Tech, UNC & Fullerton. Not much of a reward for being # 1. Hopefully we hit and find a way. Enjoy your articles; wish you were on the radio in the late afternoon instead of the idiots from Charlotte.Bill

Bill, Thanks. I think Clemson has as good of a chance any one there. There bracket is harder but I would not re-seed. They don’t re-seed any other tournaments like March Madness. It is the luck of the draw. I think Rice is favored in the other bracket. I could make a legit argument for any in Clemson’s bracket.

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