Friday Practice Report with Updated Depth Chart

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Clemson had its first weather delay of the fall practice on Friday. The Tigers were delayed about 30 minutes, due to a thunder and hail storm in the Clemson area that hit about 4:00 PM. But, Clemson made up the time by going about 30 minutes longer than anticipated.

"I didn't even want to come back out here after the rain, it was so cool," said Bowden, who has welcomed the hot weather conditions for his team during the fall. "

Bowden released a depth chart on Friday. He has four running backs listed with Javis Austin the starter and three rookies serving as tied for second team. "I really am not comfortable at this time at running back. Javis is the leader, but the other three are inexperienced."

Brandon Streeter and Woodrow Dantzler continue to be listed as co-starters at quarterback. Bowden lists co-starters at the two wide receiver position. Many times the Tigers could start four wide receivers, so all four are listed. The top wide receivers are returning starters Brian Wofford and Mal Lawyer, plus Rod Gardner and Jackie Robinson. Robinson is the only one who has not played in a game.

On defense, Clemson does not list an upperclassman among the top seven linebackers. All players listed are freshmen and sophomores. Chard Carson, Braxton K. Williams and Keith Adams are the starters at the three linebacker positions and all three are sophomores. The first-year freshmen on the depth chart are Brian Mance at second-team cornerback, Nick Black at second-team right tackle, and Rodney Thomas at second team middle linebacker. Bernard Rambert and Chad Jasmin are considered tied for second team at tailback.

All will get further evaluation after Saturday's scrimmage. "Tomorrow we will look to see quarterbacks who can lead a team to touchdowns. We want to see what offensive linemen can keep the defense out of the backfield. We want to see what defensive players are going to be aggressive and sack the quarterback and cause turnovers."

Bowden said many of the injured players returned in a limited capacity and should see even more action on Saturday. Brady Washburn, out with pneumonia since Monday of this week, could see some action on Saturday. Gary Byrd, who had missed most of the week with a foot injury, was back at practice. Starting defensive tackle Damonte McKenzie returned in a limited capacity, as did Will Merritt.


Pos.  # Player            Hgt. Wgt. Cl. Exp.
LT   73 T.J. WATKINS      6-3  260 *So. 1VL
     77 Brady Washburn    6-6  265 *Fr.  RS
LG   61 AKIL SMITH        6-4  270  So. 1VL
     79 Gary Byrd         6-4  300 *Fr.  RS
C    59 KYLE YOUNG        6-3  265 *So. 1VL
     51 Brian Outlaw      6-2  245  Jr.  SQ
RG   50 WILL MERRITT      6-3  255 *So.  SQ
     60 Theo Mougros      6-2  265 *Jr. 2VL
RT   67 JOHN MCDERMOTT    6-6  280 *Jr. 1VL
     74 Nick Black        6-5  260  Fr.  HS
TE   89 JASON LEMAY       6-4  240 *Fr.  RS
     13 Pat Cyrgalis      6-1  240 *Fr.  RS
WR   84 MAL LAWYER        5-11 185  Sr. 3VL
  or 23 ROD GARDNER       6-3  220 *Jr. 2VL
QB   14 BRANDON STREETER  6-3  195 *Gr. 2VL
  or  1 WOODROW DANTZLER  5-11 200 *So. 1VL
TB    5 JAVIS AUSTIN      5-11 210  Jr. 2VL
     10 Chad Jasmin       5-10 215  Fr.  HS
  or 24 Shawn Crawford    5-10 180 *Jr.  HS
  or 20 Bernard Rambert   6-0  190  Fr.  HS
FB   26 TERRY WITHERSPOON 5-11 255  Sr. 2VL
     36 Vince Ciurciu     6-0  225  So. 1VL
WR   25 BRIAN WOFFORD     6-0  170  Sr. 3VL
  or 82 JACKIE ROBINSON   6-1  190 *Fr.  RS

Pos.  # Player              Hgt. Wgt. Cl. Exp.
DE   99 GARY CHILDRESS      6-3  265 *Jr. 2VL
     98 Nick Eason          6-4  250 *Fr.  RS
DT   92 TERRY JOLLY         6-2  285  Jr. 2VL
     76 Jason Holloman      6-3  280 *Jr. 2VL
DT   35 DAMONTE MCKENZIE    6-2  275 *Sr. 3VL
     95 Jovon Bush          6-4  290 *So. 1VL
DE   93 TERRY BRYANT        6-4  270 *Jr. 2VL
     91 Bryant McNeal       6-4  235 *Fr.  RS
SLB  48 BRAXTON K. WILLIAMS 6-2  205  So. 1VL
     49 Kenzi Ross          6-2  215  Jr. 2VL
  or 42 Altroy Bodrick      6-0  210  So. 1VL
MLB  46 CHAD CARSON         6-3  230  So. 1VL
     41 Rodney Thomas       6-0  215  Fr.  HS
WLB  43 KEITH ADAMS         5-11 215  So. 1VL
     32 J.J. McKelvey       6-3  205  Fr.  HS
CB   28 ALEX ARDLEY         5-10 170 *So. 1VL
     30 Darrel Crutchfield  6-0  180  Jr. 2VL
SS   12 DOMARCO FOX         6-1  185  Sr. 3VL
     40 Charles Hafley      6-1  195 *So. 1VL
FS    9 ROBERT CARSWELL     6-0  220  Jr. 2VL
     31 Chad Speck          6-0  210  Jr. 2VL
CB   34 DEXTRA POLITE       5-11 185 *Sr. 2VL
      3 Brian Mance         5-11 180  Fr.  HS

Pos.  # Player              Hgt. Wgt. Cl. Exp.
PK   38 CHRIS CAMPBELL      6-0  205 *Jr.  SQ
     39 Tony Lazzara        5-9  185 *Fr.  RS
P    38 RYAN ROMANO         5-10 175 *Jr.  SQ
     24 Jamie Somaini       6-1  230 *Jr.  SQ

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