Complete Spring Game Review

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<font size=1 face=arial><b>Bernard Rambert  was impressive with 10 carries for 67 yards.</b></font>
Bernard Rambert was impressive with 10 carries for 67 yards.

CLEMSON, SC -- It was an overcast day but a perfect day for a scrimmage. At first glance I notice the Jason Lemay is out with an injured right foot, Keith Adams and Robert Carswell are both out also. The Defense is clad in their dress whites and the Offense has the orange jerseys on. The field was clean green.

Three o'clock sharp the First string Offense with Woody Dantzler trots onto the field starting at their own 30 yard line- first and ten. Woody's in the shotgun with 4 wide receivers, Woody takes the snap and rolls to the right and finds Watts dragging all the way across for a 19 yard gain ( Carson with the tkl). First and ten at mid field and Kenzi Ross knocks the pass attempt down. Second and ten, and WD shuttles a pass to TZ for a gain of 6 yards. Now third and four WD passes to the TE #83 cutting out to the flats for a gain of 15 yards (tkl by Mance). Now first again and WD hands it off to TZ who slashes for 11 yards (tkl by Houskin). WD then throws a quick hitch to Reames for three yards. It's now second and seven. Bodrick rushes in and makes WD throw it away leaving the offense with third and seven. WD from the gun throws a rope to TZ in the flats a gain of eight yards as Carson drags him down. It's now first and goal at the six yard line. Pitch right to TZ for a short gain of two yards (tkl by Hafley). Second and goal Woody takes the snap and looks for a receiver and finds a green path to the endzone and runs in untouched from six yards out...TD! PAT by Lazarra good.... 7 to 0.

Now Willie Simmons (Ray) comes in with the second team. First and ten at the thirty. It is apparent that the ankle is still bothering Ray but his limp is not as pronounced. The first snap is fumbled by Ray and he falls on it for a loss of five yards. Second and fifteen Ray takes the snap an stumbles forward for a gain of one yard. Third and fourteen and Ray throws a good pass although a little behind Seth 81. It goes thru Seth's hands and negates a would be first down. Punting unit comes on with #38 Miller...ugly. A 25 yard end over end punch.

WD comes back onto the field with it first and ten at midfield. The first play WD hands off to Rambert20 for a strong run up the gut for sixteen yards (tkl by 40). Second down BR20 gets the ball again but for only two yards as Carson puts a quick stop progress. Second and eight and WD keeps the ball for Six yards. Third and eight and WD's pass is knocked down at the LOS by Altroy42. Fourth down and they're going for it. WD steps back in the gun looks right and finds a streaking JD Reames16 down the right hash for a 26yard TD! Pat is Good.............................14 to 0

A new series has Ray7 with the second string on the thirty first and ten. Ray shuttles to Chad Jasmin10 who is hit at the LOS and manages to shrug off several tackles bounce outside and gain five yards on an impressive run. The play is called back for holding however and its first and twenty. Ray7 throws to Youngblood17 a little long and its incomplete. Second and twenty and Ray7 throws a little too short to McKelvey32. Third and long and Ray7 throws it long and high between two wr's and it is easily picked off by number 33 (INT).

Another series starts at the thirty with the same unit and Ray7 at QB. Ray hands it to Jasmin10 for a short gain of three yards. Speck(31) on the stop. Second and seven and Ray7 throws a quick pass to #37 for two yards but it's offsides Defense and now second and two. Ray7 goes under center and there is a fumble exchange at the center and Feaster47 recovers for the defense.

Another series. They leave Ray7 on the field as if trying to force the bugs out. From the gun Ray hobbles rather quickly for an eleven yard gain. Next Ray7 throws a quick pass to the flat to McKelvy32 for a gain of eight yards. Second and two and ray7 hands off a counter to TSpoon26 for no gain as Braxton48 is there early. Third and three Ray7 throws YBlood17 but the pass is broken up by #33. Fourth down and #38 comes out to punt.... not so good...a weak floater for 32 yards.

WD1 comes in now at the 33 first and ten. WD1 hands off to TZ8 who his jolted after two yards by Eason98. Second and Eight WD1 hits Watts6 in the lane on a twelve yard pass. First down. The next play TZ8 runs hard for eight yards but there is holding on the offense. First and long now and WD tries a shuttle to JR82 but Holding again. First and VERY long now. WD1 keeps the snap and runs for twelve yards. Second and long and WD is under pressure and tackled by NE98 after one yard. Third and long and WD1 attempts to hit BR20 in the flats but NE98 yes Big Nick Eason keeping up with Rambert in the flats breaks up the pass! Fourth and long and a new punter #24 Somani punts an ugly BUT effective 45 yarder to the seven yard line.

Ray7 takes over at the seven an hits Yblood17 on a slant for nine yards and a good run by the wr. Second and one and Ray7 hands of to Jasmin10 but the hole fills quickly with Feaster47 and stuffs the rb at the line for no gain. Next there is a delay of game penalty and the offense now faces third and six instead of one. Ray7 passes to Seth81 for a four yard gain and its the end of the first quarter. The next snap Ray7 has to throw it away and its fourth down. #38 Miller comes out to punt a nice 45 yard spiral.

WD1 enters the field first and ten at the twenty two. WD1 throws an pass out to RG23 for nine yards. Second down and amazingly the offense huddles quickly and then sets up in the i. WD1 under center hands off to BR20 for a gain of 1.5 yards. First down. WD1 then finds his TE#83 again for a ten yard pass completion (tkl Houskin). Then WD tries to hit RG23 on a slant but throws too long. On second and ten the offense has 5 wr's but WD1 again throws too long to JR82. On third and ten the ball is knocked down at the LOS by NE98 on an attempt at a wr screen. Fourth down and Somani24 comes out to punt an ugly 35 yard knuckle ball.

Matt Schell 15 enters the next series first and ten at the twenty. Schell's first pass is a too low as he tries to hit JJM32 in the wide side flats. Second and ten and Schell hands of to CJ10 for a five yard loss. The OL collapsed. Third and fifteen and Schell airs it out to Yblood17 on a beautiful arcing pass and catch for a gain of forty nine yards! Schell then throws another perfectly placed pass this time on a rope to Seth81 for twenty six more yards. First and Goal at the four. Schell rolls right and could have ran it in but threw it to #37 for a TD! Pat #44 ......Good!..........................................21 to 0.

Ray7 starts the next series with the first string. Ray7 is under pressure on first down and throws it away. The refs call intentional grounding. It's now second and 19. Ray7 throws deep down the sideline for RG23. It was a pretty good pass but it would have been a tough catch as Mance is credited with the pbu. Third and nineteen and Ray7 throws too long for JR82 and it is nearly intercepted by Mance. #24 Somani comes out to punt a solid 50 yard punt on fourth down.

Schell reenters first and ten from the thirty. Schell hands off to BR20 for a hard run of seventeen yards. Schell then keeps the ball and rushes for nine more yards. ON second and one Schell hands off to BR20 who gets the first by fumbling and recovering his own fumble for a 4 yard gain. First down and there is a false start on the offense. First and fifteen and Schell throws a quick pass to #37 and it goes through his hands. Second down and JJM32 breaks through the secondary in the flats. Schell is looking and rolling left and spots JJM32 breaking free and hits him in stride for a 43 yard TD!!!! Pat Good!...28 to 0.

WD1 enters the next series under center. He hands it off to Tspoon26 on a FB dive for no gain. Second down and WD1 has to scramble under pressure. Four yard loss. Third and thirteen and WD1 passes to the up man Bailey80 for a six yard gain but not enough for the first. #24 Somani trots on and punts an ugly but decent 40 yard punt.

Ray7 takes over at the thirty and hits JJM32 in the flats for 1.5 yards. Ray7 then connects with Seth81 in the flats who proceeds to make a couple miss with an awesome spin move and manages twelve yards. The next pass #37 drops and the next play Ray7 is sacked by Braxton48 for a seven yard loss. On third and long Ray7 throws it away. #38 comes on to punt a 35 yard brick.

WD1 comes back on and hits MB80 for fifteen yards on a good pass and catch. Woody then hits JR82 for six yards on a nice read off the blitz. The next play, a shuttle pass, is foiled by NE98 and tackled for loss. On third the Def tackles a wr and it first down. WD1 goes under center as the offense is in the i. WD1 hands off to Jasmin who is tackled for a three yard loss by TJolly92. WD1 then hits RG23 on a pass that Rod works out seventeen yards on hard running after the catch. Then another quick pass to RG23 in the flats only gains three yards.On second and nine Kenzi49 knocks the ball down at the LOS and nearly intercepts it. Third and nine and WD1 throws a wr screen to RG23 who cuts across field and is finally stopped after twenty eight yards at the one yard line. >From the i WD1 hands it off to BR20 and the rb is stuffed for no gain. Second and goal from the one. Same play and again stuffed now at the half yard line. Third and from the i WD1 fakes the hand off and hits Tspoon in the flats but Kenzi49 is already driving Tspoon away from the goalline on a massive play from the LB. The Offense is denied on a goal line stance. #39 comes on for a Field Goal and the chip shot is good! FG......... 31 to 0.

Ray1 comes on first and ten from the thirty and the OL collapses. Ray7 manages one yard. Second and nine and Ray7 receives a high floating snap and he is sacked for a four yard loss. Third and twelve and there are five wr's. Ray7 throws a nice pass to #37 and a good run nets thirty six yards, first down. Ray7 hands off to CJ10 who gets three yards before Thomas41 stops him. Second and seven and yet another shuttle pass is foiled by NE98. Third and seven and Ray7 throws it away again. Miller#38 comes on to punt a decent 38 yard punt to the ten yard line.

WD1 returns to start at the ten. He hands off to TZ8 for no gain and there is holding on the Offense (declined) Second and ten WD1 hits MB80 for twenty one yards. It was a good throw and a good catch and run by Bailey. The next play WD's pass is once again knocked down at the LOS and nearly intercepted by NE98. On second and ten WD1 throws a good ball to RG23 but it bounces off Rod's hands and into Mances. There is no return and its WD's first INT.

Schell enters at midfield and throws a slightly weak pass to JJM32 who has a great catch and pushes up field for a twenty five yard gain. Schell then throws incomplete into the flats. Schell then hits YB17 on a quick slant for three yards. Schell then throws a bullet to the front corner of the endzone to JJM32 but the wr can't hang on as it goes through his hands. #44 comes on to try the FG and it's Good! ...........34 to 0. Halftime.

At the beginning of the second half Joe Beavers and the third stringers ( sounds like a band doesn't it) come in. It's basically the JJ Howard show however as the LB scoops up a fumble and runs twenty five yards for a TD! We'll give the D the PAT.... 34 to 7.

WD1 reenters with the first string and on a pitch right to TZ8 there is holding offense. First and twenty and WD hands off to TZ8 this time who runs hard shifting for eleven yards. Second and nine and WD flicks the ball through the line to TZ8 who is quickly tackled after a four yard gain. Third and five and WD passes to YB17 for only four yards. #38 comes out to punt or shank rather for maybe 30 yards.

Ray7 comes in and starts at the 21. He hands off to CJ10 who gets back to the LOS as Thomas41 stops all progress. Ray7 then hits #37 in the flats which may have been a loss on the play. Third and ten and Ray7 leads #85 too long and the series quickly ends as #24 punts a decent 45 yarder.

WD1 returns first and ten at the 35 yard line. He is under pressure and cuts back magically on what would have been a long run but the refs call it dead as a DL managed to "touch" the shifty QB. Now second and twelve WD1 keeps again darting up the middle for the twelve yards needed for the first. He then hands off to BR20 who runs aggressively for nine yards. Now under center WD sneaks for the first. BR20 gets the tater again on a counter play and nets nine more yards. From the i Tspoon gets the hand off and bulls for three yards, a cloud of dust, and a first. WD1 then throws too long down the hash for Bailey. WD1 then throws a quick hitch to Seth81 for six yards who is nailed by Ardley and up ended. Next WD1 lofts a nice touch pass to YB17 for fourteen more yards. A hand off to BR20 onlynets two as Houskin is there for the stop. It's now second and eight from the ten yard line and WD1 runs right for 4 yards before TJ92 snaps him back by the jersey. On third and four the pass is too long for YB17 who was rushing to the corner flat. #44 comes in for the fifteen yard FG and its Good! 37 to 7.

Ray7 comes in first and ten from the thirty and it's a failed shuttle pass attempt. Ray7 then hits #24 on a tight pass who darts for twenty yards. It's the end of the third quarter and a first down as Ray7 hands off to Tspoon26 for a one yard gain. Second and nine Ray7 throws a little low to #88 and the pass is incomplete. Third and nine and Ray7 tries to hit Tspoon down the middle but he doesn't see it coming and the ball bounces off Tspoon's back incomplete.

Ray7 gets another series and hands off to CJ10 for a yard lost thanks to Thomas41. The next play Feaster47 breaks up a pass attempt at the LOS. Third and eleven and Ray7 throws two yards to #33 who is quickly dropped.

Schell returns and starts at the thirty with a fresh set of downs. A quick throw to the flats gets #37 eight yards. Second and two and Schell throws a tight pass to #39 along the hash. It is a good catch and turn as #39 gets nine yards. Schell then throws incomplete in the flats. Second and ten, Schell throws to #36 who runs hard to get twelve yards and a first. Schell keeps the ball for three yards and then there is a false start. After a pass to #85 for no gain Schell hits #38 on a nice throw, catch and run that nets ten yards. The next pass by Schell is thrown to short as it is intercepted by #27 deep down the sideline..

Ray7 now comes out with the first string at the thirty. CJ10 is stuffed for no gain at the LOS by Jolly92. The next pass is too high for Bailey about fifteen yards out. On third and ten Ray7 throws deep and the ball is tipped down field when Ardley manages to come away with the INT . Ardley28 the cuts and weaves 40 yards for the TD Defense! ..... 34 to 14.

Ray7 comes back out and hands off to CJ10 who breaks tackles and punches out fourteen yards. Next a pass to Seth81 loses a yard. Ray7 then hits YB17 who makes a nice grab for nine yards. Ray7 then scrambles left and reads #37 breaking free deep on a would be TD but Ray7 overthrows the wr by a couple a yards. It is now fourth and two and they're going for it. Ray7 throws it away under pressure.

Schell comes out for a couple more snaps as the clock winds down and so ends Orange and White Game for the year 2000.

Although the punting was horrible the FG's were vastly improved. No blocks and no misses! Schell like a gamer really came on strong. Other than one ill advised pass he had a golden day. Woody was Woody of course, solid. The only concern is there were and inordinate amount of balls being knocked down at the LOS. That concerns me. Willie seemed to be somewhere else, never finding a rhythm, and detached. Maybe the ankle is taking its toll on the psyche and he has resolved to take this competition on to the Fall. The defense did fairly well without Adams and Carswell. They did well against the run and really shut things down in as the scrimmage progressed. I hope I have supplied enough information for everyone and decided not to do the stats since they are already available. I have enjoyed serving. Go Tigers!!

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