Commentary: Time To Clean Out The Notebook

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Cleaning out Ye Olde Notebook:

Another Clemson website is reporting today that Courtney Vincent's DUI arrest early Sunday morning won't keep him out of the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

If the report is accurate, Vincent's arrest was automatic because he refused to take a breathalyzer. The justification for playing him, apparently, will be that there is little to no other evidence that he was drunk. Reportedly he even passed a field sobriety test.

If all this is true, then you can understand Tommy Bowden perhaps deciding to let Vincent play vs. Auburn on Dec. 31. If we know anything about Bowden and disciplinary measures, it's that he collects all the facts and then makes what he believes to be the best decision for the program.

You recall, of course, last year's "we done smoked it" episode with Duane Coleman, and his ultimate suspension from the Music City Bowl.

So if Bowden deems Vincent fit to play, it's hard to question him.

Still, and this is just my opinion and not a criticism of the coach, if it were me I might sit him anyway. Regardless of whether he was drunk or not, if he had any alcohol in his system and was driving after 2 a.m., it's not a smart move.

And coming just days after the alcohol-related death of Clemson freshman Ben Sprague, allowing Vincent to play with a DUI charge hanging over his head could be a PR nightmare for the school.

Yes, there's the whole innocent until proven guilty argument, and it is a good one. But Bowden doesn't have time to wait and see the results of Vincent's case (unless the charges are dropped or the case is sent to court in rapid fashion). He must make a decision based on the circumstances and evidence at hand.

So if he decides Vincent can play, you have to give the coach the benefit of the doubt because he's been very good at these matters in the past.

But if he does, the PR backlash could get ugly.


Heard through a mutual friend that former Clemson defensive coordinator Reggie Herring was on his was to the office of Arkansas AD Jeff Long to discuss becoming the Razorbacks' head coach when Long called and cut short the drive.

Bobby Petrino was hired instead.

As ol' Reg would say, if you're a Razorback ,"we got who we've got."

I always did like Herring.


James Davis wants the ball more? This is a newsflash?


Finally, a rare personal note.

I want to clear up some confusion about something I said on my radio show today. I want it in writing so everyone knows what I said.

I'm not dying. I'm not sick. I've got nothing terminal. Yet.

What I did get was a warning shot fired in my direction after a visit to the doctor Wednesday.

Blood work has revealed that I'm in a pre-diabetic stage, and that my good cholesterol number is about 12 points too low. Not surprising for a guy roughly the size of a Volkswagon Beetle, eh?

I always kid about my weight. I'm not sensitive about it, and nobody makes more jokes about it than I do. People who otherwise can't win an argument and fire away at my weight when they criticize something I write or say think they are bothering me. They aren't.

I'm fat. We've documented that point. I did it to myself. I'm not suing McDonald's or anyone else for making me this way.

What I am doing, though, is finally saying enough is enough. Those warning signs came from tests I took after finding out my dad is having much more serious issues that are also weight related. It was a wakeup call for me, because I want to be around long enough to become a burden on my children (thanks Jeff Foxworthy).

In seven years of hosting my own daily show on WCCP and even a time or two in other on-air capacities before that, I tried weight-loss tactics that were nothing more than publicity stunts. Well, I can promise you this is no stunt.

I now know that if I don't do something, and quick, not only won't I be around to bug my children in my old age, I may not be around another 7-10 years to heckle all of you. And goodness knows how much I love doing that.

Anyway, Friday I go for a stress test. If all checks out well, I begin work with both a physical trainer and a nutritionist inside the next couple of weeks. Serious work. No publicity stunts.

It's the drive to stay alive.

Why am I saying this publicly?

Two reasons. One, perhaps there are others in a similar circumstance. If talking about my problems inspires someone else to take the same steps I'm taking, then I've accomplished something.

But I'm also asking for your help, asking you to become something of an extended support group. As much as I'm on the road and out in public, visible to many of you, I want you to help be my conscience until I get this thing rolling strong in the right direction.

If you see me eating or drinking something I shouldn't be, call me out on it. Smack me. Put me in a headlock. Do something.

Temptation is around every corner, and as you can see I've turned more than a few corners in my life.

I have a great wife and two beautiful daughters. I have a job I love, a number of wonderful friends, and a readership/listenership that keeps me on the straight and narrow.

It's all worth living for, and it's time I make sure I'm living for them for a long, long time.

I appreciate your support.

Keep me, and my dad, in your prayers.

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spacer Motor City Bowl?***
spacer Whoops. Music City. Fixed.***
spacer I knew I had blacked out huge chunks of that bowl from my
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spacer You got my support and prayers, Dan. You can do it.****
spacer Ditto!***
spacer Good Luck Dan! Being away from Clemson right now
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spacer Dan, go on Biggest'd win it all!!!!***
spacer Best of Luck Dan, we're pulling for you.***
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spacer Re: Commentary: Time To Clean Out The Notebook
spacer I thought it was Dan that was going on the Diet?***
spacer Mickey's gonna love that***
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spacer I look forward to the opportunity of smacking you
spacer especially in public. Behind closed doors is no fun anymore.
spacer All the best Dan - Stay away from "Diet" sodas...and...
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spacer Mac says hes pulling for you too.***
spacer Now that's hilarious.
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spacer Good stuff, Dan. You CAN do this ! Lots of prayers for you
spacer Typo in the Herring article.***
spacer Good luck with your plan Dan!
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spacer No more wings at Wingin It before basketball games, Dan!***
spacer Good Luck Dan!!***
spacer Dan, I made a commitment today to lose at least 27 pounds...
spacer Dan - You are the man! Good luck - and get the pounds off!!***
spacer At least Tommy's players aren't on the front page. Oops!***
spacer It always helps to share your goals. Good luck Dan***
spacer good luck Dan! You can do it!***
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spacer Best of luck Dan. After you get started
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