Clemson vs Georgia Tech Post-Game Press Conference

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Tommy Bowden congratulations Charlie Whitehurst on the touchdown.
Tommy Bowden congratulations Charlie Whitehurst on the touchdown.

Tommy Bowden Press Conference

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(Most complete game?)I believe so. Offense got some points on the board and
defense played well. Special teams played well. Forced
a turnover. Coverage was good. Cole Chason punted good
and protection was good. Across the board, it was our
best game.

(On Whitehurst being in the zone)He’s getting pretty close. If you can protect him and
hold themo ff he’s got a good bit of composure. I
talked to him between series and he’s coachable. His
dad’s done a pretty good job with him.

(On the score of the game) Nowadays but you look on a week to week basis I’m not surprised. I think they had a physical game against Auburn and FSU. I’m sure their coaching staff tired to tell them it’s a long conference schedule. You know, it’s getting pretty competitive across the country. You look and Ohio State. Marshall going out and beating Kansas state. Nothing really surprises me anymore.

You like to come out like this every week but you look
and Ohio State didn’t come out like this. Kansas state
didn’t come out like this. It’s about realility in
college football. Oklahoma maintains it and Florida
State has done a good job of maintaining it, but we
have a long ways to go.

(On agressive throwing)
We told the team that was going to be the plan that we would come out throwing
it a little bit. We tried to keep them on the field and
fatigue them a little bit. We told them the plan was
to be aggressive. We told them Thursday and Friday
and Saturday as far as the plan of attack.

(On series before halftime) One timeout and I want to say 30 some seconds. It
depended on the return. If we had retuned it to the 20
we would have taken a knee. But Derrick brought that
thing out. We had a nice lead and we didn’t want to do
anything stupid. One timeout and 30 seconds and I
thought we had time to go down for a fieldgoal or a

I thought one that the players did a good job of
getting a hat on a hat from a technique standpoint.
Did a good job between series. I thought Brad Scott
and Mike O'Cain did a good job between series matching coverages.

I’ll probably have a better idea when we play
Maryland. I don’t think there’s any doubt when you go
into an open date after being solid on all three
phases it has a positive effect. The important thing
is that we don’t dthingk we arrived or that we’re a
complete team.

Defensive Coord. John Lovett

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Boys just made up their mind to take over and they
played very hard. When they play well we’re going to
play well.

(On LB play) I can’t comment on them
other than I have to watch the film. I’m sure they
played well. They had 45 yards rushing.

I’m really
excited for the kids. They have an idea that they
have a chance to play at another lievel.. hopefully
with the off week they can take it to another level.

Our punter did a great job and gave us good field
position all night.

LB John Leake

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I’m not looking in the past I’m looking forward. If
we can get better every game we can be pretty
incredible. We just need to keep getting better. We
had a great week of practice and it shows when you
have a great week of practice.

You just go out and
play to the best of your capability every game you
heard a lot of talk about this and this. You just want
to go out and make plays. I’m just trying to do that.
I’m just trying to go out and make plays. We’re
getting better each week. If we keep clicking like this
we can be a pretty good linebacking corps.

is going to talk. But if you don’t go out there and
produce it doesn’t matter. All the credit to coach

WR Kevin Youngblood

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Coach says we only got one ball to go around. You
know what I’m saying? When you get the ball. Do
whatever you can with it. Charlie is a player.

That’s been our problem this year. We let up in the second
half. That’s what we said with this one. Let’s keep
going. We want to come out and keep this thing going.

QB Charlie Whitehurst

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I thought I led the team well got in the right play
and stuff like that. Five or six throws were bad.
If they had been just average throws they would have
been completions. I’m happy with the win, but I think
I have agood ways to go.

It was chaotic at halftime.
Coach Batson the strength coach was going crazy. It
was a huge momentum builder for us. Points wise and
just momentum. It was just wild in the lockeroom. I
swear I’ve never been in a situation like that in a
lockeroom at halftime. Guys were just just
invincible. Just riled up and ready to do it in the
second half.

Saw a couple of people at the end. Nice
to come in and perform in front of a home crowd.. we
couldn’t be in a better position going into this
conference schedule. We scored 39 points but I think
this defense is pretty good. It got fun before the
end. I’m not a nervous reck out there but I don’t
relax until were up by 30 with 3 minutes left. That
was fun.

We were willing to challenge their corners
and def backs. They committed to stopping the run.
They were no. 1 in the conference coming in in
stopping the run. That puts a lot of pressure in
their defensive backs. So we just went after them and
tried to expoit that.

DL J.J. Howard

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(On Ball's comments) We were the next opponent. That was such a big
statement coming from such a small man. We didn’t
appreciate that at all. We had some extra incentives
at all. In the Atlanta newspaper this morning they
called us soft. It was just so disrespectful. They
played FSU close and they were living off of that
game. You have to take each game seriously and they
didn’t take us seriously.

It’s a big step. Every week
we’ve shown improvement. Every game we remember that
first game and we don’t want it feel like that

We watched the game and how they payed FSU individually. We don’t feel like they played any harder than us indivuually.

We’ve always had a swager. Tonight we showed it. This game is a major confidence boost.

DL Mo Fountain

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(On Ball's comments)Just motivated us to go out and play ball. We feel like
we’re a better defense than people give us credit for.
He’s a true freshman. We ain’t taking nothing away
from him but we just felt like it was kinda a slap in
the face to say that they weren’t going to lose
another conference game. With us next on the schedule
we felt like they just looked right over us. It
motivated us.

We had to keep him on the run all night.
His throws weren’t going to be accurate if we kept him
on the run. That’s what we concentrated on.

We’re not
going to be complacent. Now we know what we’re
capapble of. We just have to concentrate on doing it
every week.

WR Tony Elliot

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Thank the Lord for this win. Without him we can’t
accomplish it. Every since I’ve been here we’ve always
been a good team and people didn’t give us enough
credit and the only thing we were missing was the know
how to finish games and a belief in ourselves. And
this game right here shows that if we do believe in
ourselves we can accomplish anything. Tech last week
played fsu down to the wire.

This was real big for
us. Against georga we thought we played pretty good
but the score didn’t show it as well as we played. So
we really needed to come in here and get this win. The
acc is a good conference in football. A win anyway you
can get it is good.

It wasn’t easy. No victory is
easy. Tech fought hard and didn’t give up.

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