Chick-Fil-A Bowl Press Conference

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Quick Notes and Quotes from Thursday's Chick-Fil-A Bowl press conference:

- Gary Stokan, bowl president, opens with comments about why Clemson was invited (record, fans, etc). Total combined payout will be $5.83 million. Total sellout, 11th straight, trailing only Rose and Fiesta Bowls. Highest attended non-BCS bowl in the country. In 15 ACC-SEC matchups, ACC leads 8-7. Clemson's seventh appearance is most in bowl history.

- Steve Robinson of Chick-Fil-A: 11th year they've been involved with game. Got our Christmas wish this year. Thrilled with Clemson-Auburn matchup. Goal is to be the best non-BCS bowl in America. Been a few years since you've been there, and we hope that when you come you see that it's gotten better.

- Terry Don Phillips: We're grateful to have opportunity to return to the bowl. Thrilled to come. Want to congratulate coach Bowden and the team for what they did on the field to give us the opportunity to play in this game.

- Tommy Bowden: We are very excited about accepting the invitation. When you look at the city of Atlanta, not a better marriage than Atlanta and Chick-Fil-A. Clemson, our fan base, what you bring to the bowl game we can bring to the city of Atlanta.

- Bowden: You do get some extra practice, but you practice the guys who are going to play. The objective is to win. Used to have more time, but bowl stays are a little shorter now. Biggest thing is the television exposure and bowl ratings. It's about recruiting. We have about 15 days structured for practice.

- When I talked to the team after USC game, one of the things we brought up was a 10-win season with most of your team returning. If you want to maintain the standard, then exceed it, it's important to win this game. They are returning whether you win or lose, but it's always a boost heading into the winter if you win the game.

- I think the facilities we have now (vs. 2003) are a big thing. The talent level is better. The two are directly correlated.

- Playing in a really big-time bowl, but it happens to be right in the middle of our recruiting base. If you could pick a bowl to enhance our recruiting opportunities, it would be this bowl.

- Playing Auburn: There's going to be a tremendous passion by their fans, and ours. Tremendous matchup on the field and in the stands. Auburn is a school with history and tradition like Clemson. Quality of players he has recruited. Their facilities are good. If you can beat them it elevates the stature of your program just a little bit.

- They've got good players across the board. Defensively they're very good. Dependable guy at quarterback. Good skill players. Coach stability.

- Gary Stokan: BCS contracts run two more years. If there's a plus-one or an opportunity to get involved, we want to do that. We're also looking to get involved more in the neutral games at the beginning of the year.

- Bowden: Never coached with Tommy Tuberville, but been on trips with them before. When I was at Tulane he was at Ole Miss and we played each other. Haven't since. Have recruited against him.

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Chick-Fil-A Bowl Press Conference
I think this statement is very interesting....
You mean the ACC leads the mighty SEC 8-7 in wins????***
Yes, our #3 team has a .500 record against their #6 team***
The SEC did have a 12 to 9 team advantage until 2005***
Re: Yes, our #3 team has a .500 record against their #6 team***
True, but a little deceptive....
This year...the way it all is SEC#4 vs. ACC#4***
Not entirely accurate as evidenced by our game against
And this is actually an ACC #4 vs. SEC #4***
Clemson 5-3, Aub 5-3. Pretty even conf records there*****
Not so fast my friend. First of all, it use to the 3 vs 4,
civil engr
Actually we were not ranked until after the 2004 Peach Bowl***
Actually, we were not ranked until after the 2004 Peach Bowl***
Yeah...#6 UT was definately their #6 team in 2003...
Over last 10 yrs, ACC is 7-12 in bowls vs. SEC. More stats..
I just like the fact
I Believe in TB
PETA's pissed!***
People Eating Tasty Animals***
Unlike TB's quote, I think Coke and Atlanta are a better...
General, I always Sherman with Atlanta.***
No, Coke and SCar are a better fit. If the Coke is cooked,
Re: No, Coke and SCar are a better fit. If the Coke is cooked,

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