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CLEMSON, SC -- Recruiting analyst Mickey Plyler was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Tuesday. Plyler answered over 100 questions from Tiger fans in a chat session that lasted one hour.

Plyler is host of "Plyler On Sports" a sports information and talk show every weekday from 4-7PM throughout the upstate of South Carolina and is some areas of NC and GA on 1070 AM. "Plyler On Sports" covers the entire sports world with an emphasis on the most accurate and complete information available on recruiting.

Plyler's southeastern recruiting website can be found at

Chat Transcript

Question: Do you think we will land any big time Defensive Backs?

Answer: Yeah. McCloud is solid with his commitment. Bennett, Miller, Threat, Williams and Francouer will visit in January

Question: what should I get my girlfriend for Christmas?

Answer: A big diamond ring

Question: How exaggerated are 40 times in High School?

Answer: Every coach will exaggerate so take it for what it is worth. ON the whole about .10 over

Question: is Lou going to Notre Dame ?

Answer: I doubt he is going anywhere

Question: Do we have a good chance of landing any 5 star recruits this year?

Answer: I think they have a good class already and can be very good. Jamison, Morris, Jackson, Proctor, Zimmerman, etc. A good start.

Question: will we sign any qb's other than Proctor? If so who?

Answer: I think one more athletic QB. Stuckey and Dickey will visit

Question: Who are our best pure cover corner prospects?

Answer: Bennett, Miller, Threat, Williams, McCLoud

Question: Wali Lundy (RB 6-0, 195, 4.4) didn't make it on his visit?? We still in it with him???

Answer: He has been to GA and BC. He will visit CL and GT in January

Question: Are you hearing anything about any position coaching openings at Clemson this year?

Answer: Not at this time

Question: Do you think Randy Jackson will end up signing with the tigers?

Answer: If today was signing day. yes, SC will be a factor though

Question: Have you heard if PROCTOR is coming in Jan???

Answer: I haven't heard. I will try to check on him during our show today

Question: and comments on Ty Zimmerman? Do you think he is a solid commit? Any scoop as to whether he will be academically eligible?

Answer: Zimmerman will sign with Clemson. I think he is waitiing on his last SAT

Question: I've heard grades are going to be a problem for a lot of the top HS kids in SC this year. Have you heard the same? Not seeking names, just an overview.

Answer: The grades are about the same every year

Question: What JUCO prospects are possible signees for enrollment in January at Clemson

Answer: Jamison and M orris have a chance

Question: Do we have a good shot at either of Debeer's HS classmates?

Answer: No

Question: will this year's class rank in the top 10?

Answer: No

Question: Do you think Jamison is good enough to compete for a starting spot right away?

Answer: If he comes in in January, I think he will have a good shot to play early

Question: is your radio show accessible on the internet?

Answer: Not yet

Question: Does you ever get tired of Greenvegas?

Answer: Tired of taking his money on the golf course

Question: Why not move Browning to cb?

Answer: I don't think he is big enough to compete at corner

Question: will Clemson have any underclassmen transfer after this season?

Answer: I think a couple, but probably after the spring

Question: Is Terry Bowden going to GA Tech?

Answer: No. Robinson, Taffe or McWhorter

Question: MP, please have them put your show on the net, some of us are a long way from home!

Answer: If I were in control it would have been done a long time ago

Question: With what has gone on at GT and the RUMORS at USC, will Clemson benefit in anyway in recruiting?

Answer: You always benefit with rivals turnover. But only time will tell

Question: just curious as to how the UT's, FSU's, Penn State's are fairing in recruiting the state with both Cu and USC emerging as quality teams...are the borders getting locked up?

Answer: TN and FSU are spotting in SC but PSU is not a factor.

Question: How much $$$$$$$ is being spread on the recruiting trail? Isn't cheating a growing problem.

Answer: Not as bad as some would think. The boosters are the problem

Question: Where will Lil' Vick end up??

Answer: I thought Tennessee early but know I think Banks goes to TN

Question: How do you rate the qb that has verbally committed to Clemson?

Answer: He was one of the top two QBs at their camp. The other committed to Oklahoma. He is a good one

Question: How well are Younglood and Bodrick

Answer: Both are rehabing. I hear Brodrick might move to safety

Question: Is Clemson having a down year in recruitting

Answer: No, but 6-5 and a great recruiter off of the road and limited official visits. It should be a very good year but not like last year

Question: MP - just curious as to who you would rate as the top prospect in SC at this time, regardless of whether a senior or junior or soph...?

Answer: Hurley, Levey, Groover, Williamson, Thompson, Grant, White, Bennett, Sene, Fry, Waters, Merriweather. Top juniors include Summer and Newton

Question: Who is leading on Troy Williamson? Are we still in good shape with him?

Answer: He told us he is wide open between SC,CL,GA,GT,TN. I think he stays instate

Question: Where should the class finish in the national rankings/ACC rankings? Top 25/35? Top 2/3 in the conference?

Answer: Too early to tell

Question: how does this year's class of Grant, Williamson, and Ben stack up to last year's class of Currie, Crosby, and Zimmerman?

Answer: Last year's class was better.

Question: Mickey, what do you think of the lineman from Ohio that verballed to CU

Answer: He is a good athelete that plays very hard. He is a workaholic

Question: who do you think may pull a signing day shocker and come the TIGERs way?

Answer: There are few shockers anymore. With all of the sources covering it, surprises are hard to come by

Question: will we finish ahead of USC recruiting this year (in your opinion of course)

Answer: Too early to tell

Question: Is Becky Bowman hurting recruitting or helping it? Are we on a level playing field with other schools?

Answer: I can't see how she would help it. No.

Question: How come you do not put up information about whether or not the recruit has received a favorable score on the ACT or SAT

Answer: We do if it is outstanding. But why embarrass a kid if he hasn't made it

Question: How many OL do you think we land this year?

Answer: 5

Question: How much has going to a bowl this year helped Clemson in recruiting?

Answer: It always helps recruiting but the extent is yet to be determined

Question: Does CuTiger© worry too much???

Answer: According to Luke, Christ said worry not. But I know you will

Question: Do you think Ronnie Thomas will stay at CU?

Answer: As far as I know

Question: Do you see Tommy B and Becky staying at the same school?

Answer: I did not know they were married

Question: MIcky , what sells kids on a school days facilities, tradition, academics

Answer: Winning, playing time, facilities

Question: What are the top JUCOs we are after

Answer: Jamison, Morris, Jackson and Davis. I think Davis goes to Memphis. He has a girlfriend close

Question: which CU recruiter is off the road this year?

Answer: Your second best one

Question: Who leads for the Leake kid out of Charlotte? (CJ's younger brother)

Answer: Too early but TN will be a factor

Question: MP - have you heard any scoop regarding C.Whitehurst? I've read that there may be a qb controversy next year in tiger town? Any scoop?

Answer: The staff is very impressed with Whitehurst. He wil challenge but Simmons leads going into the Spring

Question: what are our chances with the CB from O-W that has such a good shrine bowl?

Answer: He looked great all week but your DB coach will not offer

Question: How has Mike Ocain helped Clemson in recruiting?

Answer: I think so but hindsight is the only answer

Question: DO you visit TAC often?

Answer: No. I read the board a couple of times a week

Question: Does LaTech have better facilities than us?

Answer: I have never been there, but would doubt it

Question: Do you think Roscoe Crosby will be back next year???????

Answer: Yes

Question: Facilities? You sound like Tommy Bowden.

Answer: Go to FL,GA,NC,TN and see just how good they are

Question: Mickey Thanks for taking time to come and talk with us. Will next year be a better year for players in the state?

Answer: Yes the junior class is much better

Question: Who is the favorite for Zimmerman's services?

Answer: Clemson

Question: Do You think Bobby Robinson rank is a good AD?

Answer: Yes, but his hands are tied

Question: What is the latest on Booker? Is he still interested in CU?

Answer: FSU and UCLA lead

Question: Is we get Jamison and Morris and get Brodrick back, who are our likely starting LB

Answer: Thomas and Hill at MLB, Leake and Sampson at OLB, Feaster, Jamison, Morris at OLB. Dunham and Nelson are factors and I think Bodrick may move to safety

Question: Who would you consider Clemson's top 4 recruiters? In order?

Answer: Stockstill, Burns, Scott, Allison

Question: How many more years does Lou coach at USC? Also, who do you think replaces him, Skip or Strong?

Answer: I would think 2 or 3. The timing will be important but think Skip or Strong would make very good replacements

Question: How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

Answer: She sells seashells...

Question: we need guys like Jennings. What does Jack have against him?

Answer: I am not sure but some schools are worried about his size

Question: WIll Leo Reed and Wendell Singletary make it to Clemson? IF so when?

Answer: As of today I think so. 2003

Question: Would you say our Board of trustees is the main problem holding Clemson back?

Answer: I think some are part of the problem

Question: Is Strong going to Vandy?

Answer: I think Bobb Johnson is headed to VY

Question: What are the advantages/disadvantages of JUCO recruiting

Answer: You only get them for two years in most cases. Sometimes they have bad habits

Question: Do you see our Defence getting better with no coaching changes

Answer: Yes. Your front seven should be good in 02

Question: Do you think you can ever reach the level of Beano Cook, a legendary football analyst?

Answer: I have a second chin but am working on his massive huge third one

Question: Are Coleman and Washington married to the weight room?

Answer: I would not know

Question: Do you see a coaching change in your magic 8ball??

Answer: The 8 Ball says "Not sure at this time"

Question: who is the best qb recruit in the state this year?

Answer: Probably Anthony Johnson

Question: Do you know anything about the new coach at GaSouthern, Sewak(?) Think he'll do a good job?

Answer: I have heard he will do OK there but I think there may be a drop off

Question: Are we in the running with any top notch DBs, if so, who are they?

Answer: January visits with Bennett, McCloud, Miller, Threat, Williams, Francouer

Question: Who do you think is the weakest position coach on the Clemson staff? The strongest? Please name names.

Answer: I think that is fairly obvious

Question: Platt out of Florida...We have a chance?

Answer: FSU

Question: Mickey, do you believe there are more arrests and legal problems looming for athletes at CU now?

Answer: Not that I know of

Question: Mickey- How do we look with the kid out of Parkview in ATL? Francouer?

Answer: I think you are in good shape. We talked with his mother Monday and Clemson is one of the top two

Question: MP you need to work out something so we can get your show in Lancaster

Answer: I wish I could. I am coming to Lancaster Monday and Tuesday for Christmas

Question: Do you see our secondary getting any better? Whats the problem?

Answer: I think so. But someone must rebuild there confidence

Question: Will Groover play LB or DE ? I was glad to see him win Shrine Bowl D-MVP over Hurley.

Answer: DE and maybe eventually DT

Question: How about Merriweather from N. Augusta? Who leads?

Answer: Clemson and Florida

Question: Is Mark Richt and UGA impacting recruiting within the state of South Carolina?

Answer: They will get visits from Hurley, Williamson, Grant

Question: I need a cold one, where do you grab one when in Clemson??

Answer: I think there is a place there called the ESSO. But that might be a rumor

Question: What are our chances with Dustin Fry?

Answer: He has been to NC. WIll visit MD,CL,SC in January. He says he is wide open

Question: What's up with the signal on 1070? Any plans for a strong fm station dedicated to all sports in the upstate?

Answer: I wish there was something I could do about it. But promise I am working on a couple of things hopefully to be in place by next fall

Question: Aren't we going after a big DT from Norcross, GA? Jackson maybe? How do we stand?

Answer: Marcus Jackson will visit in January

Question: What about WR Ryan Moore out of FL?

Answer: MIA, FL,TN,SC

Question: How do we look with Williamson?

Answer: I think he is a slight lean to SC over CL and GA

Question: How many of our early commits are possible borderline qualifiers?

Answer: 2 maybe

Question: If you were TB and needed a DC LOL, who would your top candidate be? From Vandy maybe??

Answer: I think John THompson at Arkansas does a great job

Question: What about Mario Raley out of NC? Who leads?

Answer: Schools are taking a wait and see with him. Some have backed off

Question: Did CU make right decision in going bowling in Boise

Answer: Without question

Question: Which weekends are the big weekends for both Clemson and USC?

Answer: Clemson January 11 and SC January 18

Question: who is better? Grant or Williamson.. I say Grant

Answer: Grant is better right now but Williamson has a better upside

Question: On a scale of 1-10 where do you see this years class finishing?

Answer: Depends on Stuckey, Dickey, Merriweather, Lundy, Grant, Williamson, Fry, Johnson, Reddick, White, Adams, Cannon, Thompson, Francouer, Bennett, Miller, Threat, Williams

Question: Know anything about the punter/kicker that committed to Clemson

Answer: We had him on the show yesterday. He is a punter and placekicker. Michigan and Virginia were involved

Question: Any truth to rumors Hines will be moved to an administrative spot??

Answer: Not that I know of

Question: If Johnson goes to VY will Furman look at Strong?

Answer: I would think Lamb, Sorrells, DeBusk would have the best shot

Question: Mickey--Having seen most of the ACC basketball teams, where do you give Clemson a realisitic chance of finishing in the conference??

Answer: 7 or 8th

Question: You should do this once a week!

Answer: I think we may in January

Question: Who are our most likely OL signees come February?

Answer: Fry, DeBeer, Fry, White, Johnson, Reddick, White, Sene, Lee, Hinjes, Martin

Question: Is your computer site updated?

Answer: We are starting to add updates

Question: Mickey Rice and Antonio Shippy of Union High school are 2 very good d-linemen. Is there a chance Clemson would look at either one as a possible recruit?

Answer: No

Question: Which CU seniors do you see playing on sundays?

Answer: Dantzler at another postion and maybe Hafley

Question: who is your favorite CU coach? Stock?

Answer: I think Stockstill works very hard. He is a terrific recruiter. Burns also does a great job recruiting

Question: Do you think we will recruit more in Virginia and NC?

Answer: NC

Question: Mickey, what are Clemson's chances with Sene of Dutch Fork?

Answer: He has never been to Clemson but will visit in January. Virginia leads

Question: Where do you see Clemson's program in 4 years?

Answer: I think they are in good shape

Question: do you think Kornblut is biased?

Answer: No

Question: MIckey---any comments on this years baseball recruits and the upcoming season???

Answer: I read in Baseball America that things loked good, but you have to worry about the draft

Question: Who is our best DL. Does he have the potential to be dominant?

Answer: Washington and Coleman have a chance if they continue to develop

Question: How many will both USC and Clemson be able to sign/enroll this year?

Answer: SC around 25 or perhaps a little more. Clemson 20-23

Question: Do we really have a shot at Sene??

Answer: He will visit on 1/11

Question: do you think Clemson under or over achieved this year?

Answer: Under

Question: Todd McClinton, where will he play next year. OL?

Answer: I think TE still

Question: Mickey, who will be our coach in 2008? Bowden? :)

Answer: If he wins enough games

Question: Clemson needs a speed back are any on their board?

Answer: I think you will like Tye Hill

Question: What is the hardest state for us to recruit from outside of sc? Florida?

Answer: In your area Georgia

Question: Do you know where Bin Laden is?

Answer: South Bend?

Question: Is Tommy Bowden a long-term fit for Clemson?

Answer: Yes

Question: Are the planned facilities gonna put Clemson on the same page with Ga,,UT, Fla NC

Answer: I still have not seen what they have finalized

Question: Mickey, where do you think Grant will end up?

Answer: He changes everyday. Clemson led early, SC led for a few weeks, now GA has made a big push. Stay tuned

Question: Who were some of the better red shirt players that Clemson held back this year?

Answer: Bennett, Whipple, Fudge, Whitehurst, Hill

Question: Who do you like Cu and USC's chances in bowl games? Your picks for a W?

Answer: I think both will be very close

Question: Does Bever ever have a chance to crack the top 3 at QB?

Answer: No

Question: Who wins the National Championship?

Answer: Miami

Question: Any word when next years ACC sch will be finalized??

Answer: Usually in DEC but I haven't heard

Question: Who is this years Batman Carroll? ex. fun kid to talk too?

Answer: I love talking to Richard Washington

Question: Why you like Flordia so Much?

Answer: Have you ever been there?

Question: How lasts longer Groh or Bunting?

Answer: Bunting

Question: mickey, how is the chest at nc state doing in recruiting? is he pushing us in state?

Answer: He is doing well in Florida

Question: do parents or prospects ever get mad when you call?

Answer: Not really

Question: Think Maryland will beat Fla? Go Red Sox!!!!!!!

Answer: Florida rolls Maryland like the Yankees roll the Red Sox

Question: Do you think Spurrier needs to be "spanked and put to bed"

Answer: Only if Jill Arrington is doing the spanking

Question: What program is crooked?

Answer: I think the NCAA got one big one this past year. I don;t know of any other majors

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