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<font face=arial size=1><b>Brandon Streeter has been contacted by two Canadian Football League teams.</b></font>
Brandon Streeter has been contacted by two Canadian Football League teams.

CLEMSON, SC -- Former Clemson quarterback Brandon Streeter
was the chat guest in TigerActive Chat Thursday night. The turnout was
great and Brandon was able to answer over 50 questions before he
left. We appreciate Brandon's participation and hope for continued success
for him in the future. Stay tuned for future chat guests.


Question: What in your opinion, influences recruits to come to Clemson?

Answer: Tradition, coaching staff, facilities, and academics

Question: Brandon, What is your fondest memory of your time in Clemson?

Answer: Athletics was definitely a highlight but the people and fans made it that much better

Question: Smartest Tiger on the team?

Answer: Kyle Young, Chad Carson, Chad Speck

Question: Brandon, what in Bowden's system helped you the most to have such success last season?

Answer: the tempo and flow of our attacking offense.

Question: Brandon, what team did you most like to beat on Saturdays?

Answer: USC!!!!!

Question: Thanks for being a Tiger!! How did it feel the last time you ran down the hill verses the first time?

Answer: Everytime running down the hill was a great feeling, but the last time was more emotional than the rest.

Question: When you were healthy last season, did you have fun running the new no huddle offense??Is it difficult to learn?

Answer: yes it was fun but not too difficult to learn

Question: Mark McGuire or Sammy Sosa?

Answer: #50 Will Merritt

Question: Brandon, As a former player at Clemson I realize the hard work that football players put in, and also the work of student trainers and managers. In fact, some of my best friends were managers for the football team, and man, those guys took care of us. This question has been on my mind since I graduated. Does that still hold true today?

Answer: The managers and trainers worked hard everyday to keep practice and games running smoothly

Question: How did the tryout go Bran?

Answer: Went well Melissa. I'm coming home next week.

Question: When your playing days are over, what kind of career will you pursue?

Answer: currently i'm pursuing a future career in football and if that doesn't work out than i will be looking for jobs in the southeast.

Question: There seemed to be a bond between you and Woody last year. Are you guys close?

Answer: yeah, we get along great

Question: What young player{s} do you think will help this team this year?

Answer: Kevin Youngblood, Bernard Rambert, Willie Simmons

Question: What was your favorite place to play outside of Death Valley?

Answer: Williams Brice Stadium

Question: Even though most plays were signaled in from the sidelines . How much flexiibility was ther efor you to check off??

Answer: more and more as the season progressed

Question: Brandon any coaching in your future. I could really see you as a future head coach

Answer: I believe that I will be coaching sometime in the future but probably not any time soon.

Question: Brandon, has anything been mentioned about your becoming a grad assistant with the Tigers? If not, would you consider that position?

Answer: right now i'm persuing other opportunities but not ruling out coaching.

Question: OK Brandon Woody or Willie?

Answer: both will contribute

Question: How did you rate FSU among the other teams you played?

Answer: really, really good

Question: Brandon, I just want to thank you for the heart and real courage you displayed throughout last season. You're a real asset to my alma mater!

Answer: Thank you for your compliments

Question: Just a comment: You were by far the most deserving for the Piccolo Award this year!

Answer: Thanks

Question: What did you do to get up for games?

Answer: preparing throughout the week and being mentally sharp for saturday. Also the great fan support

Question: What team you played last season would you rate as the most prepared? Weakest?

Answer: Wake Forest was most prepared and probably Duke was the worst prepared

Question: Brandon, what do you think makes the offense so difficult to defend?

Answer: it being a wide open offense and the fast pace that we have

Question: What player at Clemson had the most impact on you and helped you the most

Answer: Jason Stockunas because he was such a hard worker

Question: How do you think this year's team will do?

Answer: very well

Question: Is smashmouth football outdated?

Answer: not if you have the right size lineman like nebraska

Question: How much influence did your Dad have on you overcoming your injuries, and did Mom think you were coming back too soon?

Answer: They both were very positive and helped me put things into perspective. and of course, mom was worried.

Question: Are you going to be involved in any way with Coach Bowden's staff in 2000?

Answer: Not this year but maybe in the future. Is this Mucho?

Question: Brandon, do you feel based on what you know about the 2000 Clemson Tigers that they can achieve at the level that most of the media is predicting?

Answer: yes, they have a lot of potential and a lighter schedule

Question: Can you discuss the differences between the different coaching staff and offensive coordinators you've worked with at Clemson?

Answer: I believe coach West's offensive system was oriented around the run while Bowden's is very much pass oriented. This current offense is definitely the most fun for a quarterback.

Question: Brandon--What surprised you most about Clemson football after you saw game day and played?

Answer: The fan support and love for the game here in Clemson.

Question: Thank you for having the heart that you did, and the love for Clemson football. You are truly a Tiger like I have never seen before!!

Answer: Thank you!!

Question: This is a comment: Having watched Clemson football for 40 years, I've never seen a QB have a better game than your performance against Duke...close to perfection...

Answer: Thank you! I enjoyed that game thoroughly.

Question: Brandon--What is the one area that you believe Clemson (as a school and athletic department) needs to focus on and improve to help the football team attract the best players and win?

Answer: i believe that we have everything needed to be national champions especially after the new renovations

Question: Brandon, did you and/or any other players read the Tiger board on a regular basis? If so, what is the teams opinion of the fans that post here. lol

Answer: I have not read the Tiger board lately but enjoy some of the comments.

Question: Brandon i just wanted to tell you i enjoyed watching you play! good luck in the future!

Answer: Thank you

Question: Who was the best quarterback on the other sideline?

Answer: Chad Pennington

Question: What's the most appealing aspect of possibly playing in the CFL?

Answer: passing offenses and a possibility of extending my career

Question: What kind of work do you want to go into if the CFL doesn't work out?

Answer: something in athletics

Question: was your faith in god what helped you persevere through all of the injuries and tough times?

Answer: Prayer and faith in God is a main reason for a quick recovery

Question: During your career here at Clemson, what single game stands out the most and who was your favorite receiver to throw to? Also what do you think about this current Clemson team and our coaching staff?

Answer: Virginia game. Justin Watts for his sure hands. Also Brian Wofford and Mal Lawyer were the big play receivers

Question: What will you miss most about Clemson?

Answer: the fans, and the great tradition

Question: Who recruited you to come to Clemson? What other schols were involved and what made you decide to come to CLemson.

Answer: Clyde Christensen. Miami, Rutgers, Va.Tech

Question: What was your favorite hangout while not practicing?

Answer: D.S. #16

Question: What is your best memory and worst memory of playing football for Clemson?

Answer: Running down the hill, Florida St. touchdown run (Throwing a touchdown pass to my roommate James Chappell in the 97 spring game) Worst memories are my injuries and tough bowl losses.

Question: What was the quickest defense we ever played in your tenure?

Answer: Virginia Tech this past season----Corey Moore

Question: Do you lurk Tigernet often?

Answer: No

Question: Brandon - Could Woody play another position(WR-TB) in your opinion? Thanks.

Answer: he is a great athlete and could play a variety of positions

Question: Do you think Tommy Bowden and Rich Rodriguez's offense is the wave of the future for many teams or is it just a stopgap offense that can be shut down?

Answer: I believe that it is a new offense that can be very explosive and keep defenses on their heels. There always seemed to be a play that could work against any defense because of our audible system.

Question: Brandon,first of all I would like to Thank You for 4 very memorable years as the QB of the Clemson Tigers and wish you all the best in the coming years and the rest of your life endeavors.My question is you have been apart of coach Bowdens first year at Clemson and you have seen first hand what he and the assistants coaches can do with the team both Defencively and Offencively,how do you personally see the Clemson Football program doing in the years to come and how long would you guess that coach Bowden will have this program back in the Top 10 and even the Top 5 on a annual basis.Do you see this program contending for and winning an ACC Championship very soon.Again Brandon Thanks for all you have done,you have meant and most of all Thanks for being the kind of person you really are,an outstanding individual and a great person who is a great representitive of himself and Clemson University,THANK YOU.

Answer: I definitely believe that this program is on the rise and will very soon be consistantly in the top 10. This year should be a great opportunity for us to contend for the ACC Championship. Thanks for the compliments and support.

Question: Brandon, what is the biggest game that you played for Clemson and we won? Coots?

Answer: Probably the Virginia game this past season and the Carolina game in 98 because it locked up a bowl bid

Question: Do you have an opinion on Coach Bowden's decision to change to the White Jerseys for home play?

Answer: I think that the color of our jerseys should not be more important than our performance on the field. I do like the white uniforms the best but you can't beat the orange pants and orange jerseys.

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