Clemson offense preparing for huge FSU defensive front

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Clemson's offensive line faces a big FSU defensive front Saturday.
Clemson's offensive line faces a big FSU defensive front Saturday.

CLEMSON – Focus on the details and the fundamentals.

Clemson’s offense struggled to sustain drives and put points on the board its last time out, at UNC, and the team spent the open date working on the little things that lead to big things.

“I think it was a good time for an open week, co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott said. “Last week was really beneficial for us going back, not looking just at the North Carolina game, but really all five games and seeing where we can get better. It’s really focusing on the details of what we're doing and the fundamentals of how we do it.”

The coaches went back and looked at the game tape and spent time self-scouting as they prepare to take on an improved FSU team this weekend in Death Valley.

“We also looked at each position, just looking at all the details, making sure that we're countering any of the tendencies that we may have. But you know, I felt like our guys responded very well last week, had a really good week of practice,” Scott said. “I know it was good to kind of get a break this weekend for players and get geared up and ready for Florida State this week. You know, looking at Florida State on video, you kind of go through their season. There's no doubt that they've improved from where they were after the first two games defensively. They probably played their best game defensively in their last outing with NC State, holding them to maybe 370 (total yards) and 88 rushing. So you can see a lot of improvement. They're getting better game by game.”

Scott said the Seminoles’ defensive front has size and athleticism.

“They will probably be the biggest defensive front that will face all year. They primarily run an odd front and I think they’re 311 (pounds), 346, and 305 across the board,” Scott said. "Really big guys up front. They play a two-gap gap scheme and make it difficult to move those guys inside. They've done a good job getting some pressure on the quarterback. They’ve got 17 sacks on the year and as always are very athletic on the back end and a just look like they're a lot more comfortable here these last few weeks.

“For us, our next goal is to win the division. This is a big division game for us. Seems like every year Clemson and Florida state ended up having a lot to say for the division. So, I know our guys will be refocused and ready to go Saturday at 3:30.”

Scott said the Seminole defensive line doesn’t get pushed off the line of scrimmage.

“All three of those guys up front, just because of how big they are. They do a really good job of using their hands,” he said. “You don't see them getting knocked back very much. Coming off the edge, they've got some guys that have created some good one-on-one match-ups with the left tackle and right tackle and creating some pressure. And really what they're trying to do whenever they bring pressure from the edge is get the quarterback to really have to step up. And then they’re trying to move that offensive backward and take up space there for the quarterback.”

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