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Username: 74leroy  tmail Member Since: 2006-03-06
Email: capnstv@yahoo.com
Phone: 5026484673
Date Posted:10-15-2018 8:39 AM
Location:US [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : I am looking for four (4) tickets together for my family. I would also be interested in a relatively inexpensive parking pass. I don't expect anything to close. Thanks. Class of 1998. I can pay via Paypal or other.
Username: Chcook  tmail Member Since: 2018-09-09
Email: caracook83@yahoo.com
Date Posted:10-12-2018 1:33 PM
Location:TDO [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : need 4 tickets in Section TDO Row M if possible for my family
Username: benmiskelly  tmail Member Since: 2007-10-07
Email: Benmiskelly@gmail.com
Phone: 8032302657
Date Posted:10-09-2018 7:52 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : I need 4 lower bowl tickets for the Duke game- we are bringing a veteran and with us who received a purple heart in Afghanistan to his first Clemson game. Trying not to pay an arm and a leg for tickets but would like to have a good view of the field for halftime/pregame. I'm a class of '11 alum and you can look me up by my user name on Facebook! Go Tigers!
Username: solidorange86  tmail Member Since: 2008-02-06
Email: solidorange86@aol.com
Phone: 8436800160
Date Posted:10-09-2018 5:48 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : ISO 6 lowers together for the Duke game... please email or text if you have any available.
Username: bradsound  tmail Member Since: 2008-08-21
Email: cdberry1973@yahoo.com
Phone: 864 933 4946
Date Posted:10-03-2018 11:53 AM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Want 2 tickets for Duke game. Need for pre teen grand-kids prefer lower deck or first few row in Upper Deck. Reasonable price.
Username: jsngclogan  tmail Member Since: 2018-10-01
Email: jsngclogan@yahoo.com
Date Posted:10-01-2018 10:29 AM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for 4 NC State 10/20, Louisville 11/3, Duke 11/17 Tickets preferable lower section, looking for ticket price around $100-$120
Username: armytiger66  tmail Member Since: 2015-09-06
Email: rb@sc.rr.com
Date Posted:09-24-2018 12:17 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for six seats together for Duke game. South stands preferred, but open to either sideline.
Username: mpoole16  tmail Member Since: 2016-08-30
Email: mpayne@G.clemson.edu
Date Posted:09-24-2018 11:54 AM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : ISO 4 lower deck tickets to Duke game.

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