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Name: William G.  Jenkins Jr.     
City, State: Hilton Head Island" , SC"
Occupation: Attorney
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Hobbies: Astronomy     
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One of Tigernet's most controversial members. First drew fire for promoting Tommy Bowden over Danny Ford in the days after Tommy West's firing. Also active in Democratic Politics where advocate a liberal social agenda coupled with fiscal conservatism. Frequent critic of religion and religious institutions. Separation of church and state proponent although not an atheist. Hates are NASCAR and Pro Wrestling. Grew up on a farm in Barnwell County and educated in the public schools there. Attorney since 1981 in Hilton Head. Severe critic of the confederate flag and Southern nationalism. Avid supporter of NAACP boycott of South Carolina. Plan to one day fund scholarships for minority students at Clemson. Love Clemson and go to all home games. Full Scholarship donor to IPTAY and Tiger Pride Donor. Plan to use all my power and resources to make Clemson a World-Class university. Hobbies are running and astronomy. Also enjoy classical music and fishing.

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