Mail Call July 5

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Mail Call July 5 We will answer your e-mailed questions every week day here on the site. If you have a question there is a link on the front page to send your question. Question-Mick, Who will be Clemson's next commitment and when will we get it? Mike from Chapin, SC Answer-The first part is easier to answer. I have never really understood how to predict when a prospect will commit or try to predict the timing of it. Certain players give you a timetable but also remember they are non-binding commitments and often it leads to kids committing too soon and missing the attention of the process. As far as who the next commitments may be, I think Thomas Austin will commit before September and Clemson is in good shape. The Tigers lead Auburn and Vanderbilt for Austin. Josh Miller says he may do something before the season. Clemson leads FSU for Miller. Jamarcus Grant may do something before October. He says he may want to watch the Tigers and Gamecocks for a few weeks to start the season. Clemson is his leader. Those would be the three that may do something in the next few weeks. Question-I saw your Yankees got swept by my Mets this weekend. Scared of the Subway series? Tony from Greenville Answer-Please. The difference in the Mets and Yankees beside the obvious history lesson that you don't want to hear is that the Yankees spend their money wisely. I would love to see a subway series. The Mets are white meat. Question-Great site. Will Clemson sign a quarterback this year and if so who? Answer-We just put up our quarterback evaluation and looked at the position for the future, To recap the article, I think they will sign one only under two scenarios. First, Tribble Reese and Cullen Harper are not what the staff expected after watching them this fall in practice. Second, they can ink a great one. You can never turn down a great player because of numbers. Thanks for the kind words about the site. Mail Call July 2 Question-What positions will the Clemson staff concentrate on with the upcoming class? Thanks, John from Simpsonville Thanks for the e-mail. This program has gotten to the point where they do not have to over sign at any position. Also, the staff will not know the exact needs of the next class until they get a first hand look at how the Class of 2004 shapes up athletically. For example, if Tribble Reese and Cullen Harper are as good as the staff thinks then they would only sign an quarterback if they can get a great one. If only one turns out to be what they think then the staff may sign a quarterback in the next class. And if both are disappointments then I think they would sign a quarterback for sure. The same can be said for others positions also. That being said, here is the range I would expect at each position: QB 0-1, RB 2-4, WR 3-4, TE 1-2, OL 3-5, DE 1-3, DT 1-3, LB 3-4, S 2-3, CB 2-3. Hope this helps. Question-How difficult is the Tigers schedule? Have you seen tougher? Harold Thanks for the interest. I don't know how old you are but I have been following the Tigers since 1974 and this is by far the most difficult schedule I have seen them play. In 1979, FSU went on the road to places like Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan State and LSU. They called it "The Bataan Death March." This schedule rivals it. A&M is still a little down but it may be the toughest place in the country to play. FSU, Miami and Virginia on a Thursday night equals the most difficult road schedule in America. Question-Who are the sleepers in the state? Keep up the good work! Bryant Thanks Bryant. People are starting to notice Schofield now so he is not a sleeper anymore. With all of the coverage of recruiting I am not sure there are sleepers anymore but I will give a name that no one ever asks me about. At Clemson's summer camp, Will Ford at Traveler's Rest had incredible 40 times and the staff took notice. He was not an option early but now the staff will give a good long look.

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