Tommy Bowden Press Conference Quotes

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Playing after the South Carolina game

I've only been here two years so its not something that's been
ingrained. It's a little unusual because now you can recruit. We've
got official visits coming in this weekend, I've got a dinner at my
home Saturday night. So you've got to combine the two, which is a
little unusual.

Meeting expectations

You always go into the season with high expectations. Rarely in life
do you achieve all your expectations so you try to adjust to what
happens to you and, whatever you're dealt, do the best you can with
it. It's disappointing, but I imagine this won't be the first time in
my career or my players' lives that something's going to happen
unexpectedly. But there are lessons to be learned about going on and
trying to be the best that you can to achieve the highest of what's
out there.

Playing an underdog

You have to be creative on how you motivate your team, which is the
most difficult part. You look at Oklahoma, playing in Norman on
Senior Day, and all of a sudden here comes a team [Oklahoma State]
with only three wins and hasn't looked very impressive. I think it
helps sometimes when you don't play so you can see things happen in
the world of college football. Nebraska lost by the most in their
history. You have to really tell your team that you're going to win
that game Monday through Thursday. In the cases I mentioned their may
have been some thinking about a championship game as opposed to who
they were playing last Saturday.

Dantzler's 1,000 yards rushing

We have not put in any special plays to create a way for him to get
the necessary yardage. We've got a plan that we think is best for us
to be productive against Duke's defense and he'll have to get it. I
don't even know if the team has talked about it. I know I haven't
talked about it with them because it's not the most important thing,
although you'd like to see him accomplish it. You'd like to see him
accomplish it with what within the concept of what we've got drawn up
in the plan.

Going to a bowl game

Sometimes you hear negative commentary towards what some people
perceive to be minor bowls. I've always been of the belief that the
bowls are a reward for the players. That's what the original intent
was, to reward the team for hard work and some level of success. In
that regard, any bowl is good for your team. That would be my major
concern, that they could go to one and experience one.

Kevin Youngblood's rehabilitation

Originally he was making really good progress, then he leveled off. I
know he's not going backwards because he comes out there every day,
but I know it's not going to be good enough to play this week and I
doubt he'll be ready for a bowl game.

Coaching at Duke

The entrance requirements are really difficult. They don't bend. At
some places, they give you an exception or two and try to migrate
them into the population and they do really well. Tulane was similar
to that. It was a private school, pretty expensive, entrance
requirements were really high. They give you some exceptions, which
are above NCAA standards, and they were all very successful. After
coaching there four years, I know Carl has a difficult job.

Game Notes: There will be a $6 high school ticket available for the
Clemson vs. Duke game on Saturday. Students high school age and
under will be admitted for the $6 ticket. They will be available at
the stadium the morning of the game. There will be no live television.

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