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The debacle that was last weekend is finally headed towards my rear-view mirror. I know there are a lot of people who won’t get over it for much longer and I can’t fault them. The Boston College game is the worst loss in Dabo Swinney’s short coaching career. It will be tough to top that one considering how much Clemson lost and how little momentum the Eagles brought into the game.

With the ACC Championship game no longer in the picture, just making a bowl appearance would take an epic turn around. Say what you want about the next four games, but Clemson will most likely go 1-3 if they continue to play with the intensity took to Chestnut Hill. If you think the message boards are bad now, just wait.

Yep, from the ACC title game last year to possibly our first season not qualifying for a bowl since 1998. Not exactly how many of us had this season playing out considering the level of competition in the Atlantic Division coming into the year.

Add to that the promise that this season showed following the Auburn game and many fans are at a loss for words. The team that played in Auburn would probably be 7-1, 6-2 at the worst. The problem is that we haven’t seen that team since losing in overtime on The Plains. Clemson was dominating in the first half versus Auburn, but I haven’t seen our team play that hard since then. There have been flashes, but we’ve yet to show a sustained effort like the one given during the third week of the season.

In order to end the season on a positive note the intensity level has to be improved. There is no margin for error. This team has left goals on the table each weekend and the fan base is frustrated. Expect a chorus of boos from the stands the second things look grim on Saturday. As much as everyone here loves Clemson, this fan base is tired of falling flat every season and that point will be made this weekend if N.C. State controls the game.

I’m not saying the program is headed in the wrong direction, but this season most certainly is. There are a lot of positive things we could focus on, but ultimately it comes down to wins and losses. In the midst of a disappointing season, it’s hard to keep a level head about the overall state of the program.

I’m as ardent supporter of this team as anyone, but I refuse to accept what we have seen this year, outside of the Auburn game, as being what I grew up calling Clemson football.

Season Predictions

El Swann - 4-4

Xbox - 5-3

El Swann / Actual Score

Week #1 Clemson 35-14 / Clemson 35-10

Week #2 Clemson 49-6 / Clemson 58-21

Week #3 Auburn 27-24 / Auburn 27-24

Week #4 Clemson 24-17 / Miami 30-21

Week #5 Clemson 27-14 / UNC 21-16

Week #6 Clemson 27-17 / Clemson 31-7

Week #7 Georgia Tech 28-24 / Clemson 27-13

Week #8 Clemson 38-10 / Boston College 16-10

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