Tiger Source: Frustrated With Lack of Information Concerning Coaches?

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I sense a hint of frustration from Clemson fans and a mountain of frustration from the media that covers Clemson. I believe the target of the frustration is Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden and if my instincts are correct it deals with the news or lack of it concerning the assistant coaching situation. If that is the case please allow me to provide my solution.

The first solution is for the media. You can do one of two things. You can work harder and call every inside source and every assistant coach in the country and persuade them to tell you if they have had contact with Clemson. You could even persuade Tommy Bowden to just tell you who he wants to hire and why he fired the three assistants. Or you could just deal with the fact that sometimes you are not privileged to every aspect of a program. Just because some sources tell you everything does not mean you are entitled to all information from all sources. Sometimes some information is best kept private. Some things are not for your ears and certainly not for your keyboard and thus your readers.

This concept is hard for some of the media to handle. This entitlement to information is the real problem. Should Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield tell the press corps the military's next plan of attack? The obvious answer is no and the media should deal with it. Sometimes there is information that you should not be entitled to.

Now on the fan front. I understand as fans you want to feel as close to the program as possible. I know you give money to IPTAY. I know some of you pay for websites like TigerSource and others. However, please be patient and understand that your head coach is doing what he feels is best for your program and privacy is important in the hiring process. Let’s look at what has happened:

1. Bowden evaluated every aspect of his program from this past season.

2. When he considered every aspect including on the field performance for the entire season, recruiting, conditioning, academics, etc. He decided to not retain three assistants.

3. He is currently in the process of filling those positions. I suspect when he hires the new coaches he will inform the media and fans.

Until the new coaches are hired please let Bowden do his job and not get frustrated with the lack of information. Again, some things are best kept private.

Over the past week I have called everyone I know to get "the scoop". I have talked to around 30 sources (current assistants, former assistants, ACC/SEC assistants, high school coaches, media) and no one knows what Bowden will do. After hours of research I now understand the next step--sit back and let Bowden work.

It is my opinion that too often the media and some fans are too concerned over perception. Like Bowden said in his press conference Monday, he is ultimately responsible for the entire program. He will be judged for wins and losses. Fans and media should be more concerned about what happens on the field in the fall than what is said or not said in a press conference in December. Until then take pride in the 5-1 finish, follow this outstanding recruiting class and get into Clemson basketball.

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