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TigerNet contributor Roy Martin held a chat on Friday. Below is the transcript.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:20:26 AM Question: Roy--you show up in september and cut out after the bowl game. What do you do the rest of the year? Answer: Good morning. I have a regular job like most. I'm not a journalist. I'm involved in sales.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:21:51 AM Question: So tell us all about Jad Dean's supposed attitude problems..... if you even attempt to answer this. Answer: Dean was slow on his times whether he admits it or not. To act like he had no clue about it was wrong.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:22:55 AM Question: How many points does La Tech score tomorrow? Will we be able to at least slow down Champion? Answer: Don't really know. I haven't had a chance to see them play this year. I think CU will give up a some yardage but keep them from scoring too many points.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:24:42 AM Question: Roy--your forecast for the rest of the season? Answer: I think GT will be a very tough game. They always seem to play CU close and Tenuta is good. It depends on which Reggie Ball shows up. At VT on Thursday night is always tough. Probably not the answer anyone wants to hear but I think CU probably loses one of those. If not, hope you have your Jacksonville tix.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:25:46 AM Question: Ah, so not answering a question as you see fit equals "an attitude problem".... thanks for clarifying. Answer: Dean was wrong and he knew it. Kickers are taught to suck it up and move on. Don't place the blame on others.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:26:44 AM Question: Chris Chancellor doesn't seem like the prototypically CB VK likes for his scheme, but I love the kid's heart. He's got three more years at Clemson, but it's possible we might recruit over him (Gilcrist, Culliver, etc). What do you see in his future? Answer: Chancellor is small but he's a fighter, much like Coleman. I'm sure the staff may sign more talented guys but Chancellor should be in the mix as long as he plays as hard as he has thus far.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:27:08 AM Question: Is Korn now considering SC after the Auburn game last night? Answer: I doubt it.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:27:44 AM Question: How hard would it be for us to install some basic man packages on defense? Don't get me wrong.....I like our current scheme. But it seems like some man coverage mixed in with our regular package would help against a team like Boston College. Thoughts? Answer: I would be shocked if Koenning doesn't have some man schemes installed. He is just a guy that prefers zone. To each his own.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:27:58 AM Question: Are you pro or anti-woo hoo? Answer: The woo-hoo is bad.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:28:12 AM Question: So you tink we can beat NC state if we beat GT and VT Answer: I think Clemson will beat NC State.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:29:10 AM Question: In your opinion, will we continue to recruit an Alex Pearson type FB/H-Back, or will we use our TE's in that position? Answer: I think they like Pearson's blocking ability. I would assume they will try to keep at least one guy like him on the roster.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:29:28 AM Question: What did you think of the sideline reporter for the BYU-TCU game on Versus last night? Answer: Didn't see that game.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:29:50 AM Question: So what level of football is the highest you played and coached? Where else did you gain your skills for football analysis? Answer: College. I wasn't good enough to go any higher.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:30:33 AM Question: Do Cullen Harper and Tribble Reese both get to play tomorrow? Answer: I would say Harper certainly does. Not sure about Reese but I think it would be beneficial for him to get some decent action.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:31:56 AM Question: Do you think that Va Tech is the same team, as the three years previous? What have you heard about their recent off the field issues? Do you think their players will react well to fining $100 per personal foul penalty (Va Tech) Answer: I think VT is down just a little because of a new QB and a few other first timers. Still, they are a good team that plays fundamentally sound football. I'm sure the fines will help but some personal fouls are simply a result of playing hard.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:32:05 AM Question: Erin Andrews or Suzy Kolber? Answer: No question - Erin.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:32:55 AM Question: How is the progress of Phase II of the WEZcoming??? Answer: Not sure. I don't keep up with that stuff very much. I think they are still trying to raise the funds before starting. Nice surprise last week from the '81 team.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:34:09 AM Question: How is the progress of our second team on both sides of the ball coming particular, Jamarcus Grant and Thomas Austin on the OL and Etta Tawo and Antwon Murchinson on the DL Answer: The youngers guys are getting much more time on the defensive side, especially in key situations. The staff is really high on Austin. Grant appears to have a lot of development ahead of him.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:34:47 AM Question: Is it possible that the two best teams in the conference, may be Clemson and Georgia Tech? Answer: It's possible. I think tomorrow's GT/VT matchup will tell a lot.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:35:18 AM Question: Your take on the BC Hamlin INT reversal? Answer: I didn't see the indisputable evidence. It was an INT in my eyes.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:36:24 AM Question: In your opinion, what will it take for us to break some big returns on special teams? Some have suggested that the blocking isn't great at this time, others have suggested that the returners are spending too much time going east-west instead of north-south. Answer: It's a little of both. Spiller and Ford seem a little timid but they aren't getting as much help as they need. If you remember, Justin Miller had a number of returns in which no one laid a hand on him.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:37:02 AM Question: What's your assessment so far of Demerick Chanclellor...would he be doing any better behind the OL starters?? Answer: Definitely think he can be a productive back behind our first line. He's faster/quicker than I thought and has surprising power.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:37:37 AM Question: After watching the Bama-Ark game and the usc game last night, I was wondering if they call holding on OL in the SEC anymore? Answer: Holding is rarely called anywhere these days. Boston College does an excellent job of doing it without being flagged.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:38:18 AM Question: We haven't seen Ron Cherry referee a TV game ...since our game with Boston you think he was quietly suspended? Answer: No. I think Cherry called a pretty good game. He missed the block in the back but the INT call was not his.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:38:48 AM Question: What is your prediction for the Duke/UVA game? Answer: I'd rather ram a hot poker in my eye.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:38:56 AM Question: Is the ACC still gathering evidence on the Miami-LSU brawl before they issue punishments? Answer:

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:40:01 AM Question: This is the same VT team that struggled for a large portion of the UNC game right?? They are still good and it is still in their place but we have a very good chance to go up there and get the win...agree?? Answer: VT struggled offensively but their defense made some things happen at times. I do think Clemson can win. It all depends how they handle the short week and the atmosphere.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:41:13 AM Question: ACC officials:incompetent, biased, or incompetent and biased? Answer: I think all officials should be tied to the NCAA rather than a conference and it would help if they were full time. The NCAA can afford it.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:41:51 AM Question: Do you think the INT overturn call was Swoffy's way of repaying BC for going to Boise? You know he was at the game... Answer: I seriously doubt it. It would be one hell of a coverup for him to actually do that.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:42:52 AM Question: What's your take on Corey Lambert, is he getting significant PT and how is he progressing?? Answer: Hasn't gotten much playing time. I think he's one of those guys that is very gifted athletically but needs to mature.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:44:09 AM Question: Some people seem to think that Spence's "playbook" is not that deep or varied...true or false??? Answer: I think it is varied. It doesn't take a 100 page playbook to be deep. He uses a ton of formations.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:44:46 AM Question: That crew at BC missed the holding on Antonio Clay when his jersey was almost ripped off...that was pretty bad...his crew is known to miss a bunch of cals on both sides Answer: Definitely agree that Clemson has been on the bad end of a number of missed holding calls this year.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:47:33 AM Question: Any chance anything is done to Miami or is it just not going to happen (re the brawl in the Peach Bowl) Answer: Nothing will come of it. Too much time has passed. I have been told it was pretty bad in the tunnel. I think a couple of guys had to be taken to the hospital. The fact that it was in the tunnel and much of what happened was hidden probably saved them.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:48:35 AM Question: The ACC does really stand for the Anti Clemson Conference...true or false?? Answer: I can see why some folks would say that but I find it hard to believe. Clemson is very different from most everyone with the possible exception being VT.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:49:00 AM Question: would you rank wake in the top 25 if they are unbeaten next week? Answer: No. I think they have had a pretty easy schedule so far.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:50:17 AM Question: No Roy, what saved Miami is that they were not Clemson. Swofford has had a vendetta against Clemson since he became AD at UNC. Answer: Maybe so, but he would have to have a LOT of folks in his corner in order to keep the coverup ongoing. All it would take is for one person to get ticked at him to reveal his wrongdoings if what you believe is true.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:51:21 AM Question: What happened to Auburn's defense last night or are they just overrated??? Answer: I was surprised Muschamp didn't alter his game plan. He dropped 7 and 8 most of the night and gave Newton the chance to run. It seemed they were pretty successful when he blitzed.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:52:51 AM Question: So if the brawl is not caught on film you get a free pass? Answer: Not saying that is completely true. I do think it hurt Clemson a lot that it was broadcast for everyone to see. There was no denying what happened. Unless Swofford was in the tunnel at the Miami game, the only thing he really has to go on is what he was told, which could've easily been altered.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:53:27 AM Question: who's worse, UNC or UVA ? Answer: Both are bad. I guess it would depend on how good of a chess player Bunting is.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:54:01 AM Question: Do you know that no talent arse clown Ken Tishins and what do you think of him? Answer: Don't know him. Like I said, I'm not a journalist.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:55:42 AM Question: Best uniforms in college football? Other than Clemson if that is your first choice. Answer: Definitely not anything Oregon wears. I like some of the simple ones: Michigan, Colorado St., and Penn St. are a few. I actually like GT's throwbacks a few weeks ago.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:55:54 AM Question: would the close loss to the #2 team warrent any top 25 votes (other than Spurriers) ? Answer: I'm sure he'll get a few.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:56:00 AM Question: What do you do? Answer: Sales.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:56:34 AM Question: How do you think our approach will be for Wake....we do have a game tomorrow night but do you see us being really fired up or what?? Answer: Will be tough to be real fired up tomorrow night. I think the guys won't have any problem getting up for Wake.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:57:03 AM Question: Why does Scott Rhymer get paid to post here? Answer: You'd have to ask the admin. Many would ask why I am given this forum.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:58:01 AM Question: I don't think Swofford does anything intentionally to make us lose games however, when he has the opportunity to put the screws to us, he does it....agree?? Answer: I don't think Swofford goes out of his way to help Clemson. I have always thought the commissioner should be someone that did not graduate from one of the member schools.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:58:27 AM Question: why were you given this forum Answer: I think Crump needed to waste some bandwidth.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:58:58 AM Question: What are your thoughts on the new hires to the staff, Rumph and Napier so far both on and off the field? Answer: I think both are great hires. Young recruiters are a must these days. Napier is going to be big time one day.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 11:59:56 AM Question: Our fight with USC was just that, a lot of pushing and shoving, mostly by them against one went to the hospital and it didn't spill into the stands....nothing like the Miami thing where people went to the hospital and were knocked unconscious...agree? Answer: Agree in terms of injuries but it looks awful when you have a guy who is shown kicking someone on the ground then taking a helmet from the opposing team and passing it into the stands.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:01:07 PM Question: Any chance we see white helmets...ever? Answer: I think there is always the chance but Bowden probably better win a championship first. The Clemson helmet is one of the most recognizable out there. He will catch a lot of hell if he makes such a major change.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:01:47 PM Question: Thanks for taking the time to answer our's appreciated Answer: Anytime.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:02:39 PM Question: What do you think of people that drink Captain Morgan and ginger ale? Answer: A severe lack of testosterone.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:04:06 PM Question: If we beat Tech, do we end the train wreck, the disaster at Wake, the season at stake Answer: I think Clemson should definitely beat Wake but that doesn't mean it will happen. Wake is a thorn in Clemson's side for whatever reason.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:05:05 PM Question: think anyone approachs Spence for a HC job after the season? Answer: I doubt it. I don't think Spence wants the responsibilities of being a head coach. I think he is very happy with Bowden, his staff, and most everything that is Clemson.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:05:28 PM Question: Tell us what a real man's drink is then... Answer: Bourbon and water or scotch and water. Easy on the water.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:07:22 PM Question: While on the subject of uniforms.....all purple, but not the helmets??? Answer: Was thinking tomorrow might be the day but not so sure now because of TV. I think TDP wants some orange if Clemson is on TV because of the Solid Orange campaign. Thought you would see them this year but they may not happen.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:08:33 PM Question: Have you been in the WEZ at anytime to see not only the new lockerrom and such but upstairs? Answer: I have not had the chance since it was completed.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:09:33 PM Question: Maybe we can change our names to the Fighting Barneys when we don the all-Purple..... Answer: I firmly believe kids play good if they feel they look good. I think the guys would like the all purple look and I personally would like to see them.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:10:57 PM Question: What do you think we need to do to beat Wake and then GT and VT...what do we need to improve on most?? Answer: I think the specials teams have improved a lot the last few weeks but still have a lot left to accomplish. The offense has been good at hitting big plays and the defense has been good at limiting them. That must continue.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:12:14 PM Question: roy, I gotta run, but thanks to crump for having you. Nice to get a straight talker. Answer: I appreciate it.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:13:28 PM Question: Still think Barry Ricahrdson comes back next year? Thoughts on the 2007 OL Answer: I think Richardson would have a tough decision if today were the day to decide. The NFL likes him because of his size and footwork but he has a lot of work to do. He seems to get lazy at times and his run blocking is not where it should be.

Roy Martin -- . . . . 12:17:31 PM Question: What time do you arrive for 7pm games? Answer: It all depends on what I have going on that week. Looks like there are no more questions. I appreciate the participation and everyone given me the time for this.

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Pollack on Clemson-NC State: "This should be an awesome showdown"
Pollack on Clemson-NC State: "This should be an awesome showdown"
ESPN analysts disagree on Lawrence effect on Clemson CFP chances
ESPN analysts disagree on Lawrence effect on Clemson CFP chances
WATCH: CBS Sports preview of Clemson-NC State
WATCH: CBS Sports preview of Clemson-NC State
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