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It is time for another version of Ask the Coach (and players), and I tried to pick questions that seemed to have several queries revolving around the same subject. It is the plan to do an end-of-season/recruiting version as well, and then do a couple of more revolving around spring practice.

For now, though, let's get to the questions:

Lee Dempsey and Ian Yeargin, both of Greenville, had this question for Dabo:

Lee Dempsey and Ian Yeargin: Ask Dabo how much of a priority it is for him to try to help James Davis go over the 112 yard mark for the record (the all-time rushing mark at Clemson). Will he try to give Davis more of a majority of touches than he usually does to help him to get to that mark, or will they still split carries with C.J. Spiller? I felt like Davis kind of got robbed in the Duke game by taking him out after the first half instead of letting him pad his stats like he let Aaron Kelly do to reach his record.

Dabo Swinney: If he can get close to the record, I would ride him like a mule so that he can set it. But he will have to break off some long runs to get in position for that. And there are other players in our offense, so we won't game plan just to get the record for James. And we have C.J., too. He has to break off some good chunks, and if that puts him in position to break the record, we will give him every opportunity to break it. That will be his birthday, too, so that would be a nice birthday present for him.

Kurt Kaltz of Edgefield sent a question into Dabo asking about the three-point stance, and how he felt it had helped the offensive line. Just in case there are readers out there who don't know, former offensive coordinator Rob Spence favored offensive lineman in a two point stance (standing, knees bent, hands not on the ground), and a lot of fans seemed to feel like not getting the line into a three point stance (one hand on the ground) was hurting the line's performance. Since Dabo took over, the line has featured the three point stance more than in previous games. However, instead of asking Dabo, I put the question to junior lineman Thomas Austin.

Thomas Austin: We have been in the three point stance a lot more lately, and I like it better than the two point stance. Towards the end of a game, you get tired, and that might keep you higher than you need to be. The three point stance keeps you lower in your stance and helps you drive more. Besides that, we have been running a little more gap stuff and that helps there as well.

Randy Bryson, Morgan Summers and JaCory Cleveland have all sent emails asking about uniform changes and combinations for next season, and I asked Dabo if he had any plans to make changes to the uniforms for next season.

Dabo Swinney: I like our uniforms just the way they are, so no, I don't foresee us making any changes to the uniforms. The kids like the purple jerseys, so we will keep those and wear them here and there. But orange is our dominant color and will be our dominant color and we take a lot of pride in that.

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