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<font class=caption>Coach Stockstill answered over 200 questions from Tiger fans.</font>
Coach Stockstill answered over 200 questions from Tiger fans.

CLEMSON -- Clemson assistant Rick Stockstill was our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Wednesday. Coach Stockstill answered over 300 questions from Tiger fans in a chat session that lasted over 2 hours(both of which are records). Early reviews from those who attended say it was our best chat session ever. We would like to thank Coach Stockstill for his participation, and we hope to have him back on TigerNet soon. We would also like to thank the close to 1000 people who participated in the chat.


Question: Coach Stock, thanks once again for yet another great recruiting season! I don't knonw what Clemson would do without your services! In your opinion, who was your favorite signee this year/why?

Answer: Kelvin Grant -- very challenging at the end.

Question: Hey Rick, I hope we can keep you for a very long time here at Clemson.

Answer: So do I.

Question: Hi, Coach Stockstill. In what ways has the recruiting process changed over the past 5 years?

Answer: Internet, there are no more secrets because of it.

Question: Who's gonna win the big game tonight?

Answer: I hope Clemson...

Question: Which freshman, at this point, do you expect to play this year?

Answer: Any of the skill kids and linebackers have the best chance.

Question: Who is the recruit that we missed out on that you most wanted to land?

Answer: Anytime you lose one you always wanted to land him.

Question: Which of the redshirts from last year will impress the most this year?

Answer: Jamall Fudge, Keith Kelly.

Question: Rick, It seems like catching the receivers on the run would take advantage of the WR's speed. Do you forsee more routes over the middle instead of stop and go routes next yr? You do an incredible job. Thanks!!

Answer: Very good question, yes I do...and we will do more of that this year because of the type of QB that we have.

Question: Should Youngblood have a monster year this year? What is he benching now?

Answer: He is benching 395. Vert jumped 39 yesterday. Broad jumped 11'2". I hope Kevin can come back from his injury because he will be a great player for us.

Question: Have we offered any Jrs at this point? If so how many?

Answer: Yes...probably 10

Question: Tell me why I should not be very concerned with the OL both this year and in 2003?

Answer: I think you should always be concerned about the Oline because an injury can really hurt you there more than at any other pos on the field. I think we have a good group of off line coming back this year and in 2003. They just don't have any exp. yet.

Question: Other than the obvious, what is the hardest aspect of you job as recruiting coordinator?

Answer: What's the obvious??? Nothing really is that hard because I enjoy doing it.

Question: What postion do you expect Ty Zimmerman to play at Clemson?

Answer: Wide receiver.

Question: How do you see our offense changing this coming season?

Answer: Less predictable and less dependent upon the qb running the ball.

Question: Is there any one person that you feel helped you become such a successful recruiter?

Answer: Tommy West, Les Herrin, Danny Ford.

Question: It seemed like our fast paced offense was not so fast last season. Will we try to get the plays off much quicker next year?

Answer: Actually, we ran 18 total plays more in 2000 than we did in 2001 and our schedule was a lot more difficult in 2001, so our pace was as fast if not faster.

Question: who is the most underrated recruit in this years class?

Answer: Hard to say...i think they're all good players.

Question: Will we have a better Offense and throw the ball more now with woody gone.. I thought we were too one dimensional with Him although he was a great athlete. OFF line didnt know whether to pass block or run block with him back there

Answer: Yes...because of our injuries at WR, and lack of experience at that position we put the ball in our best player's hands and that was Woody.

Question: From the incoming freshmen, who are the top five candidates to see playing time this season?

Answer: three juco players, Kelvin Grant and Justin Miller.

Question: Does Chansi Stuckey have a better arm than Woody? What other positions can would he play?

Answer: No, he doesn't...he could play any position.

Question: Is Kevin Youngblood 100%?

Answer: Yes he is.

Question: Will Ronnie Thomas be in the mix this year??

Answer: He will have an opportunity, it depends on how well he does just like anybody else.

Question: Is it fair to say that Clemson has one of the best receiving corps in the nation?

Answer: I go by what they do on the field. They've got the ability to be very good, but they have to do it day in and day out.

Question: Where do you see Ronnie Thomas fitting into the rotation this Spring?

Answer: as a slot receiver.

Question: Will McClinton stay at TE?

Answer: That is a coach Bowden question.

Question: Do you expect the offense to return to a true no-huddle offense?

Answer: Not much different than what you saw last year because we are doing so much more than what we did those first two years it's hard to go any faster than what we are now.

Question: If Roscoe comes back, will he be in the slot or on the outside?

Answer: He will be on the field and we'll put him where we can get him the ball.

Question: Which spots will Hamilton and Currie play at?

Answer: The same as last year, both are slot receivers.

Question: Will we beat the coots this year?

Answer: Let's wait til november...there's a lot of games before then.

Question: Not a question: thank you for everything you do for Clemson University. You are awesome!

Answer: Thank You

Question: Will McCloud start out at WR? Will he redshirt? What about Baham?

Answer: depends on how he does when he gets here. Baham is doing really well.

Question: Is Kevin 100%?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I've noticed that we haven't used much post-corner in our offense or deep routes with the inside WR, could we see more of that this fall?

Answer: Yes, and again we were more of a sprint out and play action team last year. This year we will be more drop back oriented so those routes will be used more often.

Question: Thanks so much for all you have done for Clemson! How much improvement should we expect from our young WR's this spring and fall?

Answer: I expect them to improve every day and that is my job to make sure that they do that.

Question: Will we be stretching the field a bit more this season?

Answer: We will try to, i thought we did a pretty good job last year considering we lost Kevin Youngblood and had so many injuries at the rec position.

Question: What's your take on Willie at the helm?

Answer: I think willie has prepared himself for this day...i think he is extr ready for this challenge and i think he will do a great job for us leading this offense.

Question: What do you expect from Kevin Youngblood this year? Is he ready to go?

Answer: I expect him to be the best he can be and yes, he's ready to go.

Question: What kind of different throws or routes does Willie bring to the table different than Woody?

Answer: Willie has a great release, has great pocket prescence,which enables you to throw more down the field routes.

Question: Coach Stock, what % of recruits from your experience actually check out these internet sites?

Answer: 99%

Question: Who's going to be the most dangerous opponent this season?

Answer: Georgia because we play them first.

Question: Kornblut says Clemson needs to re-think their in-state recruiting efforts. Hehe Your views?

Answer: Don't get me started...and he's never called me and suggested that to me. I don't have any views about that.

Question: By the way, you are the best!

Answer: Thank you.

Question: What kind of speed does Tye Hill bring us?

Answer: Faster than any tailback that we've had since I've been here.

Question: Will Grant avoid a redshirt, and if so, which spot will he play at?

Answer: It will depend on how well he does and we'll start him as an outside receiver, but he has a lot of talent that he could play any of the slots or outside positions.

Question: How many hand written letters did you send between September and February?

Answer: A TON

Question: Coach...what in your opinion is used against us by other schools reference Offensive Lineman?? Lack of 3 point stance?? Style??

Answer: Not any of that kind of stuff. Because most NFL teams are in a two-point stance anyway. Our style is very attractive to all skill positions and offensive linemen because they have a chance to pass block as well as run block. Backs get the opportunity to run as well as catch.

Question: Will we see more three step drop stuff from under center?

Answer: Not a whole lot more because of the type of defenses we're seeing now.

Question: Will Bobby Williamson get some time at TE this year? I thought he looked awsome catching the ball in practice. Where does that leave McClinton?

Answer: Ben Hall is really good, so Bobby has his work cut out for him. Todd is a great athlete and we have to find a place on the field for him.

Question: Coach----have we got any commitment from any juniors or at least some strong leans??thanks for your good work----

Answer: Yes...

Question: I'm not sure if this offense uses timing routes or not. Do you or will you in the future. Willie seems like a perfect fit for this!

Answer: Yes, most of our offense is timing routes and you are right -- willie is very good at this.

Question: Stock....Have you ever been to the Governor's mansion?

Answer: No sir...

Question: How much will Burton Burns help recruiting?

Answer: It will help a great deal because Burton does a great job.

Question: I think what was meant by fast paced is, in 1999 it seemed like the QB had the ball in his hands with 25 seconds to go on the playclock, this year it was almost expired some of the time. Why the big change?

Answer: In 1999 we were very limited in what we did offensively. It was mostly hitches, hooks and takeoffs. Then people started to get agood read on us. And we had to change to take adv of what they were doing to us. And anytime you do more offensively it's ggoing to take more time to get the ball off.

Question: How good can Derrick Hamilton be?

Answer: Really, really, really good.

Question: Did you see any better corner prospects than Justin Miller?

Answer: I think Justin Miller is very talented.

Question: Do you contribute to the weekly game plan?

Answer: Only when it's a good plan!

Question: Coach, what are your true feelings on Jeff Francouer, will he play both football and baseball, in your opinion?

Answer: I did not recruit Jeff so I don't really know what he is thinking like I did with Roscoe last year.

Question: What are the chances Francouer plays football?

Answer: I think it depends on how high he's drafted.

Question: what do you anticipate being the key positions that next years recruiting effort focuses on?

Answer: I think each position now is in good shape. Now we just need to replace positions that graduate. Will always try to sign one qb and then each position that graduates a player or two restock those.

Question: We seemed to spend a lot of time at the line of scrimmage last year waiting on calls from the coaches box that resulted in timeouts and delay of game penalties. Will the offense try to get away from that and get back to the routine of snapping the ball with 15-20 seconds left on the play clock?

Answer: Last year our average snap time was 16 sec left on the clock. Remember, we had alot of young players there. And sometimes we had to signal a play a little slower than normal to make sure they got it.

Question: Will you please stay at Clemson forever? you can marry my 21 old sister as a signing bonus :)

Answer: I will stay at Clemson as long as they'll have me. I'm married, and I love Sara and Brent and Emily because they're the best.

Question: Could you go ahead and promise us that you'll retire a Tiger?

Answer: If you promise me to give me a lifetime contract!

Question: What do you think about the proposed changes the NCAA may enact concerning the play clock?

Answer: Not real familiar with those yet.

Question: How hard is it to recruit against the Governor of S.C?

Answer: No comment:)

Question: When we place players at JUCOs, how do you decide where to place them and what's our track record for getting them back in two years? The Randy Jackson switch raises the question.

Answer: We have several jucos that we feel confident in that they will make sure they are getting the proper course work and our track record has been pretty good.

Question: should we start up our own Governor's Box in DV?

Answer: You said that...not me.

Question: Coach Stock... are you voting for Jimmy Hodges when he runs again?

Answer: I haven't registered to vote yet.

Question: What do you think of Coach Lovett so far?

Answer: I think he is doing a great job. He is very thorough and is very good with the kids.

Question: Did Will Proctor ever mention a fling with Britney Spears during the time we recruited him?

Answer: Yes, he actually knows her but did not date her. He dates her best friend, who is a movie actress, who now lives in LA.

Question: From a work ethic standpoint, whose the best player you've coached at Clemson?

Answer: Rod Gardner.

Question: Will Keith Kelly push Rambert for the starting RB position?

Answer: Bernard is very dependable, works very hard and is a good player. For Keith to beat him out will be a challenge for him, but Keith is very, very good. he has had a great off season program and is ready for the challenge.

Question: How important will removing the crown from Death Valley be?

Answer: I think it will help us. Now what we practice on will be the same as what we play on.

Question: Do you realize how popular you are with the fans?

Answer: No, I don't...I think that popularity is consistent with winning.

Question: Coach, who is the toughest defense we will face in 2002?

Answer: Georgia because we play them first.

Question: No response needed. Just wanted to tell you that everyone in the Clemson family thinks the world of you. Clemson football would be in bad shape right now if we didn't have you. Please keep up the good work and let us know if there's ever anything we can do to help.

Answer: Thank you, I truly appreciate everything you said. And I try to give Clemson 100% in everything I do.

Question: How is the offensive line looking?

Answer: I think we will be really good at the tackle position and we have got good players inside that just need to get some experience.

Question: I hope we can destroy press man like UNC played this year like Rod used to do, good luck!

Answer: So do I.

Question: Do you see C. Stuckey being a similar QB threat at Clemson as Woody was?

Answer: it will be tough to do the things that Woody did. I don't know if a qb can ever accomplish the things that he did.

Question: If you had to pick a sleeper on offense and defense for next year, who would it be?

Answer: What are sleepers to you aren't really sleepers to me because I see them all the time. So I am expecting great things from a lot of people next year.

Question: What do you think about USC boosters running a web site and calling potential recruits?

Answer: There is a lot of things that go on during recruiting and I think if you as a coach do a good job of communicating with your recruit you can stop a lot of this kind of stuff.

Question: Rick, how many hours a week do you put into recruiting between Christmas and signing day?

Answer: You have to do something every day in recruiting. If you don't it shows. So I do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Question: Will the TE be used more this year with Willie at QB?

Answer: Not so much because of Willie at QB, but because Ben Hall is very talented.

Question: What kind of chance do you think the Tigers will have at Chapel Hill tonight?

Answer: Somebody's going to win and somebody's going to lose, so I would say 50/50.

Question: Would you become our head coach should the opportunity arise? (please say yes!)

Answer: One of my goals is to be a Division 1 head coach.

Question: There were rumors last season that opponents were picking up our signals on offense. Do you believe there's any truth to that?

Answer: I would say they could have picked up some just like we picked up theirs.

Question: How many "internet recruiting gurus" actually have inside information from school's coaches?

Answer: None that I know of.

Question: Do you forsee the coaching of the OL's to be different now that Woody is gone. It seems like the blocking scheme would be totally different with a drop back passer at QB.

Answer: We have drop-back schemes in this year just like last year. But we will probably be a lot more drop back this year than last.

Question: Coach, ...what type of recruiter is lovett is

Answer: I think he is very good.

Question: Who is our toughest competition in recruiting - USC, UGA, Fla St. or Gov. Hodges

Answer: When you coach at a school in the south, and there are so many good football programs in the South that you compete against everybody and they are all very good.

Question: Coach, who's a better recruiter, you or Gov. Hodges?

Answer: I've got my opinion and call me on the phone and I'll tell you.

Question: What do you think about coach Lovett? Have you had an opportunity to discuss D recruits for next year? I for one am really looking forward to the WR duel with Lovett and the secondary this spring.

Answer: Good guy...good coach. Yes, we have. So am I.

Question: What do the coaches do between signing day and spring practice?

Answer: Get ready for spring practice. Get involved in the offseason program and continue to recruit for 2003.

Question: Where do you think our young WR's need to improve the most?

Answer: consitency in everything that they do.

Question: Does USC have a copy of the NCAA rule book somewhere/anywhere?

Answer: You'll have to ask their compliance director.

Question: Stock, are you serious about recruits reading Internet sites? How do the comments on sites such as this really effect their decisions?

Answer: Very serious...even parents of recruits get on the sites. You never know what may influence a kid in recruiting these days.

Question: Coach Stock, thanks for another great recruiting season! What is your least favorite part, personally, about recruiting? and how much has the 'net' impacted recruiting since there are not secrets?

Answer: Thanks favorite part is the home visits and face to face contact with the kids. I love the challenges that present themselves for each kid and finding ways to get them to come to clemson when they think and everyone around them thinks they should go somewhere else. You have to be aware of the net because everyone is on it. So you have to know what to say in defense of what they read.

Question: Did you ever think you'd get to work with this much talent at WR when you started as WR coach?

Answer: yes, you always try to recruit the best players at every position.

Question: Just how much are you looking forward to the facilityy improvements and could you tell the uninformed people just how much they help recruiting? Thanks.

Answer: Very, very excited. recruits today look at what you can do for them in so many different ways than they did 10 years ago. So having great facilities is probably one of the top 2 reasons they chose a univ.

Question: Any predictions on what our record will be next year?

Answer: We will be 0-0 on August 30. After that we'll have to take it one at a time.

Question: What happened with Randy Jackson? Which of the DL we signed do you think will help us this year, specifically Adams and Jamison.

Answer: He went to SC. The older kids Gaines Adams, Vontrell Jamison.

Question: coach - great job this year! How do you mix in/handle family members opinions when recruiting a player?

Answer: I try to get everyone in the family involved in the recr process. And answer their questions personally face to face so there is nothing left unanswered.

Question: Stock, would you be in favor of an early signing period for football?

Answer: No.

Question: Coach Stock, when a player commits early, does that tend to cause their 'stock' (no pun) to drop during recruiting season?

Answer: If a kid commits in the summer or fall, people get excited about him and then they forget about him and go to the guys that are still out there. It is only natural that this happens. it's like you ate a steak dinner, now you want to know what's for desert.

Question: Coach Stock- thanks for the great job you do! What position do you see McCloud playing?

Answer: Starting out at WR. He is a good enough athlete that he could play a number of positions.

Question: Coach Stock- do you see any of the true Freshman DL playing next fall ?

Answer: No.

Question: Will the crown removal make that much of a difference in the passing game?

Answer: Probably not a huge factor. But it is difficult when you practice on a flat field and go to a crown field.

Question: What can we do to get you a lifetime contract? (call the AD, iptay?)

Answer: We just have to win games.

Question: Coach Stock... will you stop by our tailgate Saturday? We will have some shrimp for you.

Answer: Yes, but I'll be thirsty.

Question: Coach Stock- many are hyping the Simmons/Whitehurst competion. Is Charlie even close to Willie at this stage?

Answer: Charlie is going to be a good qb, but it is so difficult for a rs freshman to be successful day in and day out at that position. He needs time to develop just like Willie did.

Question: How tough will it be to replace Woody's leadership role on the team?

Answer: Woody was one of the best leaders I've ever been around, both on and off the field so it will be very tough.

Question: Coach if we didn't play Georgia first, who would have the toughest defense we'll face?

Answer: La Tech because we play them second.

Question: You have worked with several coaching have you had to adjust to the different styles?

Answer: Just do the best you can. Work hard at what you do every day and just do my job. I just give 100% in everything I do from coaching to recruiting to anything else they may want me to do.

Question: Hey Coach, would Head Coach of the Clemson Tigers, Rick Stockstill be a phrase you'd like to hear one day?

Answer: Like I said, one of my goals is to be a div 1 head coach.

Question: Wake Forest impressed me last year, from your perspective, do they have a chance to win 7-8 games?

Answer: They almost did last year, so I would say yes.

Question: Has Myrick beefed up enough to play? You know his weight now?

Answer: He's in the 250s now and probably still needs another year.

Question: Cuz, who is the worst golf foursome ever. Bo, was it those 4 big boys at the Greenville Clemson Club outing last year?

Answer: Yes, but at least they play with an eraser on their pencil.

Question: Coach Rick,do you think with this years class that this is the fastest team that we have had ,since youhave been here.

Answer: Will be hard to beat the speed of last year's class.

Question: Rick, congratulations on another great recruiting year. Is Brent playing baseball this year? What age group?

Answer: Yes, he is supposed to be in coach pitch, but wants to move up to machine pitch -- what do you think.

Question: Coach, tell those players and recruits the truth about the internet. It's just a bunch of kids of all ages wishing they could do what y'all do. In fantasy land; however, no one drops a pass or misses a tackle.

Answer: Good call.

Question: What do the players think about the purple? Will we use more of it?

Answer: The love it. I hope we'll use more of it.

Question: Boxers or Briefs?

Answer: I don't wear either...

Question: When a team places a kid in JC, who pays? Is he on the JC scholorship?

Answer: The juco puts him on scholarship.

Question: How do we contact you if we feel you should know about a recruit?

Answer: 864-656-1910

Question: why did you leave the Greenville TD Club's awards banquet early?

Answer: I went to see the HS coaches and players receive their awards. I also went to see Woody get his. That was my main objective. Once that was accomplished, I felt I better get home so Brent could get some sleep for school. Anything else, call me.

Question: Will you be planting grass soon at DV?

Answer: Not me.

Question: Coach Stock,how many can we bring in next years class.

Answer: 16-20

Question: Has the staff initiated coach Lovett yet? I'm excited about the WR vs. secondary this spring.

Answer: Not yet.

Question: Stock, do you think that other teams are getting good at stealing our signals?

Answer: They try.

Question: How's our new DC. Did you know him before he was hired?

Answer: He's good. And yes I did know him.

Question: Will McClinton see moor time at TE or do you think he will be mooved

Answer: Head coach question..

Question: Who is a better recruiter, you or Coach Corbin?

Answer: Who is coach Corbin? No, he's really good. He's the best.

Question: Coach---do we still have the stolen defensive files coach scott got from the grad assisstant? Were they helppful or were they about as useful as using Gov Hodges as a recruiter??

Answer: When did we ever have them? Didn't know we did.

Question: Coach, have you ran into any illegal recruiting this year more than in the past?

Answer: No.

Question: Coach, just wanted to say thanks for chatting and keep up the great work!

Answer: Thanks

Question: Would you come back to Tigernet periodically (after spring game, before athens, etc.). You are great!

Answer: I'll come anytime Tommy Cumpton wants me.

Question: Do you think Clemson fans do enough for the University?

Answer: Yes. They are very good and very supportive.

Question: What in your opinion is the measuring stick of success ?(national championsip, top 10 ranking, etc.)

Answer: Consistency year in and year out. You are not going to win every game because it is very even out there now but I think if you put a good product on the field and do the best you can people will support you.

Question: Rick, If you really want a challenge, maybe you'll try Chatting with us during the season next yr? Really though, Thanks for the awesome job you do.

Answer: I'll chat anytime that I have time.

Question: I bet you didn't know that Clemson fans think that you're the man. So I'm here to tell you that YOU ARE THE MAN. I hope you retire a Clemson Tiger.

Answer: so do I

Question: Coach, how did the mat drills go? Any players stand out from a conditioning standpoint? Which players are emerging as leaders for the offense and defense?

Answer: they went well and I'm glad they are over so we can get started with spring. Jackie Robinson, Nick Eason, Bryant McNeil, John Leake, keith kelly, B Rambert, Derrick Brantley, Gary Byrd and Willie Simmons.

Question: Who was the player you recruited who was least recruited and turned out to be a great player for CU

Answer: Rod Gardner and Brian Dawkins.

Question: my wife grew-up in georgetown,ky. and i recently saw a old paper she had from many years ago. in this paper was a article about a rick stockstill playing quarterback in the eighth grade. would that be you? she said joel stockstill was the coach for georgetown for many years until the county city combined schools. correct?

Answer: She is exactly right...I was there through the summer of '75 and then moved to Florida.

Question: What's your favorite alltime TV show-Magnum, P.I. or Dukes of Hazzard?

Answer: Sanford and Son

Question: How big are Bennett and Whipple now? Will Brisker or Groover play this year?

Answer: Getting bigger. Brisker and Groover probably won't play.

Question: How much work goes into making sure the food that you provide recruits is extremely high quality? If the answer is not much, you should make sure you do!

Answer: A very high priority. Todd from ARA does a great job!

Question: Coach, What type of QB is perfect for this offensive system?

Answer: Willie Simmons and Charlie Whitehurst types.

Question: Who is the best pure athlete you have ever coached? Best football player?

Answer: Best athlete -- Derrick Hamilton. Best football player -- Rod Gardner.

Question: Will you speak at any Spring Meetings this year?

Answer: Those are all designed for the head coaches.

Question: Would you ever like to be a Head Coach?

Answer: yes.

Question: Who takes overbeing the "intense one" now that Reggie has moved on?

Answer: I don't think just being intense on the outside means a whole lot. I think you have to have a love and a strong compassion to be a successful coach and there are a lot of good coaches who seem to be laid back that are a lot more intense than what meets the eye.

Question: What does the coaching staff think about the (stupid) woohoo thing?

Answer: I'm usually in the lockerroom.

Question: Should we call you if we spot Louser with a prospect at the governor's mansion?

Answer: Who is that???

Question: Coach, Derrick Hamilton is fun to watch run after the catch. Is he our most elusive wideout?

Answer: yes.

Question: Rick, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work you do for Clemson. I hope you will be around for a long time!

Answer: thank you and so do I.

Question: Thanks for giving such straight candid answers- you are the "anti-Lou " !

Answer: Thank you and you're exactly right.

Question: Do you look for us to remove the 1-AA teams from our schedule all together?

Answer: have to ask the AD.

Question: Coach Stock for President!

Answer: And you for VP, just bring the cigars!

Question: How are so many kids now 300 lbs in HS. Big boys worked out hard 20 years ago and were at least 40 lbs lighter.

Answer: It is amazing to me. It seems everybody is bigger and stronger every year.

Question: coach--what is your brother jeff doing these days---

Answer: Jeff is in Florida and comes to Clemson about three times a year with his kids and takes everything that has Clemson on it out of my closet. He is a great brother and is doing very well.

Question: Do you think our current depth and talent at WR was a percieved negative this year in recruiting WRs

Answer: They tried but it didn't work.

Question: Would it be a rules violation to hire Destiny's child to perform at the big recruit dinner?

Answer: I would vote for Heidi Klum.

Question: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions today, Coach. Go Tigers!

Answer: You're welcome.

Question: Who do you see stepping up into the leadership roles on offense and defense?

Answer: Willie Simmons, Nick Eason.

Question: Your thoughts on the incoming RBs? (Coleman, Merriweather)

Answer: Both are very talented.

Question: Do you still keep in touch with Rod Gardner? How interested is he in the success of Clemson Football?

Answer: We talk at least twice a week. He is very interested in clemson.

Question: Will Lovett go on the road and recruit?

Answer: Yes.

Question: coach---do you ever speak at touchdown type clubs?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does Currie have good quickness to go along with his great speed?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Good job in convincing Grant that it is better to catch balls than to block for 240lb tailback running the T-formation. Was this hard to do?

Answer: Not near as hard as they tried to make it...they tried hard.

Question: Coach, Is this the best receiver corp that we have had ?

Answer: If they stay health and continue to work like I know they will.

Question: Do you know how big Cory Groover is, 235 lbs or 275 lbs?

Answer: probably closer to 250

Question: If you could be guaranteed one win next year, who would it be against?

Answer: You know that answer before you asked it.

Question: Coach Stock, I thought you were great before. I think you are beyond great now!

Answer: Just tell my wife that.

Question: Do you anticipate helping Coach Lovett on coaching d?

Answer: He has a good staff and does not need my 2 cents.

Question: Coach, it looked at times as though Woody had a great deal more success passing downfield when he rolled out of the pocket and could see past the line, will we see more of that from Willie as well due to his height or does he have better field vision?

Answer: Willie has great vision and is a better pure pocket passer than woody. Woody was a better sprint out passer than Willie.

Question: How will Coach Lovett help recruiting?

Answer: He has an area that he is responsible for and he'll do a great job.

Question: Coach , why do you think we have never ended up playing in one ofthe pre-season Kickoff classic games, are we interested?

Answer: We are seems for whatever reason it has not worked out.

Question: Are you satisfied with the Offensive line recruiting?

Answer: yes.

Question: Why is Clemson the best university on earth?

Answer: because of people like you.

Question: coach do you see anybody giving willie a challenge at the qb position, if any who?

Answer: charlie whitehurst but probably not this year.

Question: What are your recruiting techniques?

Answer: Hard work and consistent effort every day.

Question: Coach, we were called for personal fouls is every game last year, personal fouls seem to hit us during very critical times that would end offensive drives or sustain opponent drives. How does the staff address personal fouls?

Answer: does not like them.

Question: Who would you say is the best "athlete" on the team?

Answer: Derrick Hamilton.

Question: Coach, it seemed that we didn't attack the middle of the field last year and that defenses have gotten used to the fast pace of the offense. Was that because Woody wasn't comfortable throwing over the middle or was he having trouble picking secondary receivers out?

Answer: The main reason was we felt more comfortable with Woody throwing the ball from outside the pocket and running the football himself.

Question: What kind of secondary coverage is the most problematic?

Answer: When they cover you so good you can't get open.

Question: coach how does tye hill fit in the mix this year?

Answer: He will have a chance this spring so he will be heavily involved.

Question: Hi Rick! Thanks for all you do for Clemson. My question is, does the staff have an idea of how many it wants at each position? If so, how many scholarship OL's do we want on the roster at any point in time? Thanks!

Answer: Yes...16-18 offensive linemen.

Question: Who do you see as the starting 4 wide receivers in August?

Answer: Youngblood, Crosby, Hamilton, Currie, Robinson, see we're going five.

Question: Rick, how do you see our interior line shaping up and is willie ready for starting QB role, thanks GO TIGERS!

Answer: Our line will be fine by August 31. and willie is doing great.

Question: How do you remember the names of all the players you used to coach? Even their nicknames?

Answer: Because I get very close to the kids I coach both on and off the field and take a genuine interest in them and try to get to know everything about them and their family.

Question: Coach, I saw where you mentioned Keith Kelley as an one of the emerging leaders in an earlier answer, is he excited and ready to go?

Answer: He is excited and he is definitely ready.

Question: What can we do to get more former student athletes to support the Clemson Fund and IPTAY?

Answer: That's a question for George Bennett, but I think if we can get them more involved while they are students they are more apt to support IPTAY when they graduate.

Question: Are any of the incoming recruits planning on participating in track and did Airese Curry run track this year?

Answer: Not that I know of.

Question: Let the chickens have Hodges, perhaps Proctor could convince Britney Spears to recruit for the Tigers

Answer: She already does.

Question: Coach, my 10 year old followed recruiting with me this year, and he told me that he will commit to Clemson. Can we drop by your office and get the handshake on that one?;-)

Answer: You should be ashamed of yourself for making your 10 year old get interested in the recruiting process.

Question: Do you see any freshman stepping up on either side of the ball?

Answer: Kelvin grant and the jucos

Question: Hi Rick! Do you visit TigerNet much? Do the coaches know about what's posted here?

Answer: I get on it some, but I have a hard time understanding all this stuff so I just get on it when I need a good laugh.

Question: Orange or purple?

Answer: Purple.

Question: How do you rank last year in terms of injuries? (seen worse?, etc)

Answer: Never been around a team with so many injuries to key people.

Question: Coach Stock, if the HC job at UCF ever opened up, would you be interested?

Answer: I would love to be a div 1 hc and they are div 1.

Question: Will we able to fill the holes left in our offensive by graduation, and please expand on this question if you will ?

Answer: Yes, but we will miss them greatly. They were great players and great leaders. We have good players behind them. Now they have an opp to step up and accept the challenge.

Question: Did wearing the all white uniforms bring back good memories?

Answer: I like the all white uniform.

Question: Will we see Purple jersey's this year?

Answer: Ask Alphonzo Smith. I saw him talking to the Nike guy about jerseys, helmets and shoes.

Question: What are the top 3 reasons recruits choose Clemson?

Answer: 1 - get a great eduction. 2 - great tradition. 3 - phenomenal fans.

Question: Coach Stock... discuss the Randy Jackson situation and also Kelvin Grant... those were two surprises to fans.... how about to you?

Answer: Kelvin grant was a surprise to you but not to me.

Question: Do we have a kicking coach that teaches technique? A la Butch Harmon teaching Tiger Woods.

Answer: Jack Hines.

Question: Why did Joe Don leave the team?

Answer: He can graduate and wants to pursue a pro baseball future.

Question: How upset was the University about Hodges involvement with USC recruits???

Answer: didn't know he was involved.

Question: Who are some of the hardest guys to recruit against?

Answer: Dan Brooks, Les Herrin, and Woody Mccorvey.

Question: Any chance McClinton gets moved to the defensive side of the ball?

Answer: That's a hc question.

Question: Is Ben Hall the next Bennie Cunningham?

Answer: Ben is very talented if he continues to work he has a very bright future ahead of him.

Question: does anybody have a more pathetic main rival than we do?

Answer: Last time I checked Florida State was pretty good.

Question: Would that include Mickey Plyler???

Answer: What are you talking about?

Question: Will our Hurry Up offense actually hurry this year, or are we going to be slow to the line again?

Answer: Not much change from last year. I've already answered this question so you may want to refer to my previous answers. I'm not being a smart alec, just letting you know where to find the answer.

Question: I've been to two kicking clinics (Auburn and GT). Will Tommy hire me on a consultant basis?

Answer: Ask him.

Question: What do you think of the job our GAs did in recruiting?

Answer: the best I've ever seen...for them not to go on the road is incredible that they could sign somebody. Robby brown will be the next great coach.

Question: Does Matt Schell's effort to score another TD on a pass last year against La Tech worry you? Seems like they thought we were rubbing it in their faces somewhat.

Answer: Matt made a poor decision, but they can find more reasons than that play to be motivated ag

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