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<font face=arial size=1><b>Justin Watts was fifth on the Clemson team in receptions with 16 for 175 yards.</b></font>
Justin Watts was fifth on the Clemson team in receptions with 16 for 175 yards.

CLEMSON, SC -- Clemson receiver Justin Watts was the chat guest in TigerActive Chat Thursday night. The turnout was great and Justin was able to answer over 100 questions before he left. We appreciate Justin's participation and wish him the best of luck in his senior campaign. Stay tuned for future chat guests.

Question: How well do you adjust to different defenses?

Answer: With all of the film we watch during the week with coach stockstill there are rarely any surprises in a teams defense.

Question: What differences do you see in Woody and Willie?

Answer: Both are great quarterbacks that must contribute for us to win this year. Woody can do more things running the ball, while Willie is more of a pocket passer.

Question: Justin, who do you think might be a surprise player for us to look out for this year on offense?

Answer: Kevin Youngblood

Question: Does the team feel any sense of pressure with the increased expectations from the fans and recent media prediction for Clemson to finish 2nd in the ACC?

Answer: The only pressure that we are paying attention to are the expectations that we as a team have placed on ourselves. But, it also feels better to be picked 2nd than 7th.

Question: Justin...can you comment on the younger receivers(Youngblood, Robinson, etc.) and are either of the freshman already at school and how have they looked so far in workouts?

Answer: All of the young receivers are here and working hard. They all look good!

Question: Justin could you comment on the attitude of the receivers as they enter the season and try to replace the 90+ catches that Wofford and Lawyer combined for last year.

Answer: Everyone seems to feel like they have to step up and make more contributions than they did last year.

Question: Who's the fastest WR including the freshmen?

Answer: I think that Mike Seth has the fastest 40 time, 4.3.


Answer: YES!

Question: How do you think the new rule about subs and the huddle will affect the Tigers?

Answer: Coaches have told us that nothing will change and we will still use the same fast tempo offense.

Question: Now that everyone is comfortable with the system has the offense set lofty goals for this year?

Answer: Our two goals for offense are to score on every possesion and to win games. I am sure that our individual goals are higher this year b/c we have been in the offense for 2 years.

Question: Just want to let you know how much we appreciate you being part of the Tiger family!! You have served us well!

Answer: Thanks for your support!

Question: Justin, I just wanted to thank you for the hard work you and your teamates put into Clemson football and I hope you stick around to get that 5th letter in football !

Answer: Thanks for everything, I am looking forward to my 5th year.

Question: Justin have you lined up a coaching job after graduation?

Answer: I am working hard on it Dad!

Question: Justin, what is your most memorable game so far while playing for CU?

Answer: Beating Carolina two years ago b/c I was forced to miss my first two Carolina games due to injury.

Question: Justin, have you heard from Brandon Streeter lately and what are his plans for this coming year.

Answer: I am still living with Brandon this summer and he plans to stick around Clemson next year to finish his masters.

Question: Who's the toughest cover corner on the team?

Answer: Alex Ardley is a great cover corner. He shut down some tough recievers last year.

Question: Having worked against them now for a year or so how do you feel the Mance and Johnson will do at CB?

Answer: Both will do a great job!

Question: Justin, do you plan on pursuing a coaching carreer after you graduate? I know it runs in your family.:^)

Answer: Yes, in college

Question: Justin, What are your goals for this year? Don Sprouse

Answer: I just want to help the team win as many games as possible.

Question: Justin, how will this year's receiver corp compare to the one last year?

Answer: We have more depth this year but Brian and Mal will be greatly missed!

Question: With a year in this system behind you, compare this spring practice with last.

Answer: Both were very tough but we knew what to expect the second year

Question: Justin what young players do you see that are going to be good this year or down the road?

Answer: I think Rambert will be a great back

Question: Is the offensive system that difficult to pick up?? You guys did a great job with making it look easy last year in the first few games.

Answer: When looking at it at the beginning it seemed difficult, but it got easier as we practiced

Question: Who's the hardest hitter on defense?

Answer: Keith Adams

Question: Justin - What do you think of the freshman Ronnie Thomas?

Answer: I think that he will be a very good reciever and will contribute soon!

Question: You & Rod Gardner are ex-HS QB's - whose got he better arm and will you get to use this yearl LOL???

Answer: Rod probably has the best arm on the team. I would rather catch the ball than throw it these days!

Question: Justin ( # 6 ) do you feel like the team just might take The Citadel a little to light? AS a senior and a leader what if anything do you plan to do about it.

Answer: In college every game is equally important. I am sure that the seniors and the coaching staff will address this before the Citadel game.

Question: Describe the voluntary offseason workouts.

Answer: Very intense

Question: Justin- I too want to thank you for all you have done for CU FB!! We need to call you Mr. Clutch!!

Answer: Thanks so much!

Question: Justin.....In 1999, we saw Brandon have a great understanding of the offense, and Woody having the pure athletic ability. After the Spring, has Woody gotten any closer to having the "Understanding" of the offense that Bradon Had? Go Tigers.....and Good Luck Justin!!!!!!

Answer: Yes, he seems to feel a lot more comfortable now with his reads in the offense.

Question: sorry wanted to know the players new players on offense & defense who will contribute in your opinion

Answer: All freshman are not here so it is hard to say exactly.

Question: How many lettermen were at Summer school this year?

Answer: I think that all returing players are here

Question: What % of the team participated in voluntary offseason workouts?

Answer: 100%

Question: Is there any team you want to beat the most this year?

Answer: Citadel because they are the first opponent

Question: Will we see a more complicated offense this year or pretty much the same as last!

Answer: I am sure that new things will be added as practice begins

Question: You go one on one with our DB`s , who is the best cover guy?

Answer: Alex Ardley is the best man to man guy, Robert Carswell is also a great DB

Question: Talk about your recruiting experience......who recruited you? What made you come to CU?? Funny stories from rival schools??

Answer: I was recruited by Ellis Johnson who is now at Alabama. I came to Clemson b/c of the great football atmonsphere

Question: What's the diferrence in the team's attitude for this year vs. last year?

Answer: This year we seem to have more confidence and a better understanding of what the coaches are expecting of us

Question: Has the OL put on many pounds in the offseason?

Answer: Yes, they look bigger and faster this year!

Question: justin- Did you grow up a Tiger?

Answer: I supported both Clemson and South Carolina growing up

Question: What does it feel liike with 80,000+ screaming for you??

Answer: It is an unbeleivable rush that I will remember for the rest of my life

Question: Has any new plays or routes been installed since the bowl game?

Answer: Right now we are working on the same routes as last year, but I am sure new things will go in later

Question: Justin - IYO who was the best secondary the Tigers faced last year - how about this year?

Answer: Florida State b/c of their great athletes. This year I am sure we will face several great secondaries

Question: you ever reget not playing QB in college?

Answer: Yes, I miss playing QB but feel I help the team best at receiver

Question: Sorry....I'm new to this.....I did not see my question answered.....Justin, Brandon had the understanding of the offense last year...Woody had the athletic ability. After the spring, do you think Woody has a better understanding of the offense?

Answer: Yes, Woody seemed to have a better understanding of the offense after spring drills

Question: What team do you look forward to playing most?

Answer: I look forward to playing USC b/c of th instate rivalry

Question: justin- How many recruits are already on campus?

Answer: I am not sure

Question: Justin, describe the feeling of standing at the top of the hill before the game. Is it as good now as when you were a freshman?

Answer: The hill never looses its thrill. It is a feeling that I can't describe in words.

Question: Justin, has Willie S. recovered from his ankle injury?

Answer: Yes he is full speed and throwing well

Question: Justin...How is Akil Smith doing? Talk about the O line some also. Thanks

Answer: Akil is going through workouts right now and looks fine. The o line is working very hard and they will be ready for next year.

Question: Did you say Rod has the best arm on the team? Including the QB's?

Answer: I do not know about accuracy, but I believe that he can throw the ball the furthest

Question: Justin, will you be able to help us out & score some TD's in Doak Campbell this year?

Answer: I hope so

Question: Justin.....on paper, who do you think is the toghest opponent you will play other than FSU???

Answer: I have not watched film on any opposing teams, but I am sure every team in the ACC will be tough

Question: Justin, just how pumped is Termite? From what I've read he's ready to go!

Answer: I think that Keith is always ready to go

Question: Most memorable moment as Tuger FB to date???

Answer: Standing up at the top of the hill is memorable everytime


Answer: I am not sure

Question: we've heard the other receivers talk about youngblood having great potential...tell us about his game and what we might expect from him this year. thanks...

Answer: HE is a big receiver that can run well and catch the deep ball

Question: I am originally from Woodruff and saw your Dad play quarterback ...he was a great athlete and in all sports. I know he is proud of your career...did he have a lot of influence with you? Your Mom was a great basketball player and cheerleader too!

Answer: I have heard a lot about my dad's athletic ability, but my mom says I got my genes from her

Question: IYO- Who is the best all-around athlete at WR and on the entire team?

Answer: Rob Gardner is an exceptional athlete

Question: What is your take on all of the bulletin board material coming from GT & Spurrier?

Answer: I do not pay attention to what others say about our team, but I am sure it will be brought up later

Question: Justin, Have you visited TigerNet before? Do many of the players read TigerBoard? Thanks for doing this chat!

Answer: Yes, I think that most players visit the site

Question: you think they will finish the improvements to the hill in time for the first game?........CuTiger

Answer: I surely hope so!

Question: Justin.....What is your TRUE 40 time? Every recruit I want to hear it from the horses' mouth

Answer: Fast enough to run 10 yards and turn around and catch the ball!

Question: Justin, How's Termite doing and is he ready for another great season?

Answer: Yes

Question: Who is the toughest CU DB to block????

Answer: Robert Carswell b/c of his size and speed

Question: Justin, What do you think of Derrick Hamilton?

Answer: I have not met him yet, but I have heard great things about him

Question: What is the difference in preparing for a game in college vs high school?

Answer: In college a lot more preparation goes into a game b/c of practice time and film work. I also prepared hard in HS b/c my dad was right there with me.

Question: In the Peach Bowl vs. MSU.....was the loss a reflection of MSU's defense.....or lack of execution on our side of the ball?

Answer: I don't think we executed like we would have liked to but we were playing one of the best defenses in the nation

Question: What are your plans after graduation in December?

Answer: Hope to find a college coaching job

Question: Justin, How intense has TB been so far this year?

Answer: He is always very intense and demanding, in a good way

Question: How many games do you think we will win this season?

Answer: I can't say over the internet

Question: What areas do you think need improvement for CU to have a great season?

Answer: In order to win like we want to, we must improve on offense,defense and in the kicking game

Question: justin, IYO, do you think that the team has the potential to win 9 or 10 games this year?

Answer: We are working hard to win as many games as possible, I think we have more potential this year than we have since I have been here

Question: justin- IYO will we see a QB battle between WD & WS this fall or is WD already penciled in?

Answer: I think we will see a battle at every position. This will help the depth of our team

Question: Justin, you are so similar to Brandon and have been hurt a lot. The Tiger fans all over America love you the way you play the game and the way you represent Clemson University. Thaks a lot and I am pulling for you to make the TD catch.

Answer: Thanks for your encouragement

Question: Do the coaches prepare differently for road games from home games?

Answer: Everything is the same except for traveling plans

Question: Do you see the tigers gradually get better every year under this coaching staff?

Answer: I think the program is on the rise

Question: Justin, I know Clemson football conditions year round. What is the most demanding period during the year?

Answer: Summer workouts are the most intense

Question: What's your major & expected graduation date?

Answer: Sports Management and I will graduate in December

Question: Justin, do you feel woody's arm (accuracy) has improved since last year?

Answer: He seems to be more confident in his passing abilities

Question: What are your thoughts on wearing the orange jerseys at home?

Answer: I am glad we are wearing orange

Question: Justin, do you ever regret not getting to play baseball?

Answer: Yes, I miss baseball but football is my true love

Question: In your opinion, who is sthe most intense coach on staff?

Answer: Coach Rod.

Question: Justin....did you say MOST players visit Tigernet? You guys must laugh your A$$ off when you see 200 lb 40 year olds yack about Clemson come on, be honest! Do the fans make you laugh??????

Answer: We appreciate all of the fans that do support us. Thanks!


Answer: Coach Rod. is the most intense at practice. And at our workouts Coach Batson and Coach Sisk are always intense

Question: do you and the rest of the guys look at the preseason hype surround clemson in the magazines? mentioning us as a darkhorse national championship contender a stretch?..

Answer: I look at what people are writing about us but I do not pay much attention to it

Question: "Justin, out of the teams you have played against this year, who was THE player that did the most to help his team out, turn up the game and just increase the other teams overall preformance....excluding Vick from VA Tech. Thanks

Answer: Joe Hamilton at GT was a great player

Question: What teams do you anticipate having trouble moving the ball against? We struggled against some of the better Ds last year ... will this improve do you think?

Answer: I think we have to improve our offense and not worry about what defense we are playing

Question: Coach Herring has not lost any of his intensity, has he?

Answer: I hear him but do not get to see him much

Question: Justin: How much does it effect the outcome of a game when you are playing on the road? For instance, how much of a disadvanage, if any, does playing in Talahaseee compare to playing in Clemson?

Answer: I think that playing at home is a great advantage b/c of our fans and our loud stadium

Question: Did you have a fav regular season game last year?

Answer: Florida State was a great atmosphere to play in

Question: Justin- As another poster stated a TD catch will be fine but please keep making those clutch 3rd down catches! Gonna name you "move da chains" man!

Answer: Thanks!

Question: How do you like Brad Scott being a Tiger? Is he a good coach in your opinion?

Answer: Yes, he is a very important part of our staff and a great person as well

Question: Is being a CU football player a good babe attractor? JRW

Answer: Is playing at South Florence?

Question: TV timeouts would seem to affect the pace of play - good or bad for this offense???

Answer: I like the pace when we do not play on TV because of our offense

Question: Does the team still go to Anderson the night before a home game?

Answer: Yes

Question: Are you going to housesit for TB when he is away??LOL

Answer: I would like to bc I heard he has a beautiful home, but I do not know if he trust me that much

Question: How big of a factor do you think the DV crowd is?

Answer: They definitely help win games for us

Question: Justin, do you have as many one-liners as your Dad?

Answer: Yes, he taught me all that I know

Question: Has Stock coached you all 5 years? You have been under a lot of offensive coaches and this should make you a great offensive coach.

Answer: Stock has coached me all five years and has been a awesome coach. He has done a lot for me as a player and as a person

Question: who is coach sisk?

Answer: He is the strength coach that works w/the receivers

Question: What about night games?? Can we win at night?

Answer: We have to

Question: Do the defensive backs from FSU tire any that you can tell late in the game?

Answer: They roll so many players that it is hard to tell if they get tired

Question: Congrats on being a good student.

Answer: Thanks

Question: Do you get to see your brother play any?

Answer: Maybe once a year. I miss seeing him play I think he is a good player

Question: what do you think of the pictures on this site and do you and other teammates look at there after the games?

Answer: Yes, I think it is a great idea

Question: Do you run routes to open spots in the field or do you run a predetermined route?

Answer: Both

Question: When do 2-a-days begin?

Answer: August 11th

Question: is there any difference between the way wd and ws deliver the ball to th receivers

Answer: Both throw a very, very good ball. Thanks for writing in all of the questions. I had a great time on the Tigernet chat. Hope to see everyone wearing their orange when we come down the hill in September. Thanks for your support. Go tigers!

Justin Watts Media Guide Bio:

In 1999: Outstanding student-athlete who was honored as one of Clemson's scholars at Peach Bowl Awards luncheon in Atlanta...BB&T Student/Athlete of the Week during the fall by the Clemson Sports Network...starting wide receiver in 1999, he started nine of the 12 games, one of four receivers to start nine games...averaged 54 plays per game...missed starting the Wake Forest and Duke games, but he played 100 snaps combined in those games...outstanding possession receiver for the Tigers...fifth on the Clemson team in receptions with 16 for 175 yards...had biggest play of the season against Virginia when he made leaping catch for 35-yard gain on a Clemson scoring drive...had career high four catches against Virginia Tech...caught at least one pass in nine of the 12 contests...had five games with at least two catches...had 13 career receptions entering 1999, he had 16 catches in 1999...solid blocker in Clemson's four wideout scheme...son of the coach at South Florence High in Florence, SC...has a chance to become just second player in Clemson history to earn five letters...member of Clemson's LIFELINE organization...made ACC Academic Honor roll in 1998-99

In 1998: Had 4-44 receiving for the year, he started the South Carolina game

In 1997: Played in three games before suffering a knee injury that shelved him for the season...had 3-56 receiving against Florida State, his career high in yardage as a Tiger..evne though he lettered, still received injury red-shirt year....In 1996: Played in 10 games and caught four passes before suffering a knee injury...had 2-30 receiving in first game of the season against Furman

In High School: A High school All-American...committed to Clemson in November of 1995, one of first commitments to the Clemson program...completed 132-238 for 1746 as a senior...accounted for 7979 yards and 74 touchdowns in his high school career...majoring in PRTM at Clemson...born 10-1-77.

Justin Watts, WR 12-9 16 175 10.9 1.3 14.6 0 1 35

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