Littlejohn Renovations To Be Completed in 2002

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CLEMSON - After years of delays, setbacks and false hopes, the proposed renovations to Littlejohn Coliseum and construction of its new annex will take place beginning in March 2002.


According to information posted Tuesday on the Clemson University athletics website, the Littlejohn project and several others now have official start and end dates, as well as the funding necessary for completion. Les Jones, Clemson's Director of Capital Improvements, said the plans were as close to being finalized as possible.

"They are correct as of today," Jones said with a laugh, noting the long series of delays which have haunted the project.

Work on the $7.3 million annex will begin in Aug. 2001, and will be completed simultaneously with the Littlejohn renovations in Dec. 2002. Those renovations will cost $14.2 million, $9 million of which has been appropriated by the State of South Carolina.

The remaining cost of Littlejohn's renovations and the full cost of constructing the annex will be funded by Tiger Pride, which generates funds through athletic revenues, donations and bonds, according to Jones.

"The bonds will be paid back by athletic revenue," Jones said. "Not one dime will required from taxpayers."

The apparent firm dates were welcomed by Clemson basketball coach Larry Shyatt, though he and other members of the athletic department had been told the project was approved some time ago.

"We can't wait to improve our product to the outside world and make it a world-class annex," Shyatt said following Tuesday's practice. "That will be an opportunity for us to compete with the absolute basketball giants of this conference in recruiting."

The annex will be the crown jewel of the project, providing both Clemson's men and women with a state-of-the-art facility. The annex will contain locker rooms, training and equipment areas, a weight room, team lounges and a practice court.

Work on Littlejohn Coliseum will include improving site lines, new seating, a new sound system, new concessions, widening the concourse, new ticket and entrance areas, a new mechanical system, and renovation of existing areas of the tunnel to accommodate press, postgame interviews and storage.

Tiger Pride Update:

PROJECT: Memorial Stadium - Phase II - South Side
SCOPE: Grading, paving, fencing
* New restrooms
* New concessions
* New concourse lighting
* New signage and graphics
STATUS: Contract awarded to Zorn Co.
CONTRACT AMT: $2,500,000
START DATE: February 2001
COMPLETION: August 2001

PROJECT: Memorial Stadium - Phase III - West End Zone, North Side
North Side: Mirror all work done on South Side
West End Zone:
* New team locker rooms, training and equipment (visitor and home)
* Officials locker area
* Elevated concourse to connect North and South sides
* New restrooms
* New concessions
* Fun Zone
* Recruiting Room
* New entrance plaza at street level
* New building at Gate 13 similar in shape and size to IPTAY/Tickets complex
A. First Floor - storage, commissary to supply concessions stands, and long-term potential to prepare food for executive suites, new Letterman's Room
B. Second Floor - restaurant and related kitchen area, novelty/souvenir area, private dining room
STATUS: Receive bids July 2001
EST. COST: $18,500,000
START DATE: November 2001
COMPLETION: August 2002

PROJECT: Littlejohn Coliseum - Renovate/Annex
SCOPE: Annex south of existing coliseum to contain locker rooms, training and equipment areas, weight room, team lounges, and practice court for men's and women's basketball teams. Renovation of existing coliseum to include improved site lines, new seating, new sound system, new concessions, new restrooms, widened concourse, new ticket and entrance areas, new mechanical system, renovation of existing areas off of tunnel to accommodate press, post-game interviews and storage.
EST. COST: Annex: $ 7,300,000
Renovation: $14,200,000
STATUS: Contractors pre-qualified:
START DATE: Annex: August 2001
Renovation: March 2002
COMPLETION: Annex: December 2002

Renovation: December 2002

1. We may be missing part of the beginning of the 2002/2003 Season.
2. Coliseum will be unavailable for events for 9-10 months (3/4/02-12/2/02).
3. Mechanical Drawings are now in CD phase.
4. CD's are in production.

Littlejohn Coliseum

PROJECT: Doug Kingsmore Stadium
SCOPE: Grading, paving, fencing, landscaping, new ticket booths, new restroom, new concessions, new press facilities, expanded dugouts, batters eye improvements, scoreboard improvements, home team locker and lounge renovations.
EST. COST: $2,000,000
STATUS: In design development
START DATE: May 2002
COMPLETION: February 2003

PROJECT: Indoor Track
SCOPE: 200-meter 6-lane track with field event areas. Facility to accommodate inclement weather workouts by football, baseball, soccer, etc.
ARCHITECT: McMillan-Smith & Partners
STATUS: Design development in process.
EST. COST: $3,000,000
START DATE: Fall 2001
COMPLETION: 8-month contract - Late Spring/Summer 2002

Indoor Track Facility

PROJECT: Athletic Heritage Center
SCOPE: New building and/or additions to Jervey and McFadden to include museum/display area, new football locker room/lounge area, team meeting room, new weight room, training room equipment area, head coach's suite.
ARCHITECT: Corley Redfoot & Zack/Freeman Major Architects
STATUS: Currently in site selection, programming and schematic design.
Programming and schematic design must be complete in order to estimate start and completion dates.

PROJECT: New lights for Memorial Stadium
SCOPE: Design and install new lighting system for Memorial Stadium. System to provide sufficient foot candle levels for televised games without supplementary lighting.
ARCHITECT: Successful vendor to provide design as part of package.
STATUS: Project to be bid by University Procurement Office in March 2001.
EST. COST: $400,000
COMPLETION: August 2001

PROJECT: Memorial Stadium/Frank Howard Field Upgrade
SCOPE: Bring existing surface up to current accepted standards for Division I football competition. Work to include:
A. Remove crown and establish flat playing surface
B. Establish sand-based growing medium to facilitate drainage
C. Install new grade specific irrigation
D. Install "SubAir" central moisture control and aeration system to ensure maximum performance of playing surface regardless of weather conditions
E. Renovation of existing field (investment) dictates replacement of existing 50+ year old storm sewer and sanitary sewer lines (that serve all of campus) and run directly underneath playing surface. Rerouting of existing lines not feasible because of elevations
STATUS: Documents being prepared to advertise
EST. COST: $1,000,000
START DATE: November 2001

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