Clemson vs. Boston College: postgame notes and quotes

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Brad Brownell is now 9-0 in first-round games in his career.
Brad Brownell is now 9-0 in first-round games in his career.

Team Notes

*Today was Clemson’s first win on March 11. Clemson was 0-7 on this date in history prior to today with all seven of the previous losses coming in the ACC Tournament. Until today, March 11 was the only date between the beginning of the season (November 10) and March 19 that Clemson had never recorded a victory. .

*Brad Brownell established the Clemson record for wins in a season by a first-year Clemson coach. This was his 21st victory of the season, breaking the record of 20 set by Larry Shyatt in 1998-99.

*Brownell became the first Clemson coach to win his first ACC Tournament game since March 4, 1976 when Bill Foster won his first ACC Tournament game against Wake Forest. That game was played in Landover, MD.

*Brownell is now 16-5 in conference tournaments in his career and has never lost a first-round game. He is 9-0 in first-round games in his career.

*Clemson’s 23 point victory was its second largest victory margin in history in an ACC Tournament game. The only victory that was by a larger margin is a 34-point win (82-48) against Boston College in the 2008 ACC Tournament in Charlotte.

*Clemson is now 4-0 in history against Boston College in neutral site games.

*Clemson’s defense held Boston College to 47 points, the Eagles second fewest points in a game this year. The only time the Eagles scored less was in a 48-46 loss at North Carolina on Feb. 19. The Eagles shot just 34 percent from the field against Clemson, second lowest field goal percentage of the year by the Eagles. The only game that is lower is a .269 by the Eagles against North Carolina.

*Clemson’s victory today was its first in the ACC Tournament since a semifinal win over Duke at Charlotte in 2008. Clemson had lost three consecutive ACC Tournament games prior to today.

*Clemson made 47 percent of its three-point shots compared to 25 percent for Boston College, a 22-percent differential. Clemson won the game by 23 points.

*Clemson is now 15-1 this year when holding the opposition to 60 points or less.

*Clemson improved its scoring defense for the season to 59.9 by holding Boston College to 47 points. Clemson is on pace to become the first ACC team to allow less than 60 points per game since the 1996-97 NC State team allowed just 54.66 points per game.

*Clemson won the rebound margin 39-26. Clemson’s rebounding effort included 16 rebounds from backcourt players Demontez Stitt, Andre Young and Zavier Anderson.

*Clemson won the bench scoring 20-5 and its bench made 5-7 three-point shots.

Player Notes

*Senior guard Zavier Anderson had a career high seven points today, including a pair of three-point goals. He had made just one three-point goal in 52 previous games prior to today. The former walk-on (put on scholarship just two months ago) also had a career high five rebounds, a blocked shot and a steal. It was the eighth blocked shot of the year for Anderson, who is just 5-9.

*Senior guard Demontez Stitt had 20 points and eight rebounds to go with four assists in today’s game. The rebound total tied his career high. It was his high scoring game since he had 20 in a loss at Maryland on Jan. 22.

*It was the ninth straight game Stitt has scored at least 14 points.

*Stitt had eight points in the first half and 12 in the second. It marked the 15th time in the last 17 games that he has scored more points in the second half than the first half. The two he did not do it, he scored the same amount in each half.

AUDIO: Zavier Anderson post-game comments

AUDIO: Jerai Grant post-game comments

AUDIO: Andre Young post-game comments

Head Coach Brad Brownell

Opening Statement:
“I’m proud of the way we executed the game plan. I thought we showed great defensive discipline today. Boston College
is a hard team to guard because of the unique way they play, spreading the court with shooters you know are going to
take a bunch of 3s. But I thought we did a good job of contesting them. We had a good mix to our game offensively. We
had some good post feeds, they doubled some and we kicked out. And then I thought we got out in transition and
Demontez (Stitt) was very good finishing plays around the rim and shooting free throws. So it’s a really good win for our
team, and we’re excited about the opportunity tomorrow.”

Do you think the win today solidified Clemson’s chances of an NCAA bid?

“I don’t know. I would hope so. I think if you look at our body of work here recently, we’ve played very well. Certainly, to
beat a very good Boston College team the way we did speaks to how well we’ve been playing. I’ve heard ‘elimination
game’ for our team at least the last two games, if not more than that. I think these guys have responded every time and
played exceptionally well, and we’re riding their coattails.”

What are your impressions of coaching in your first ACC Tournament?

“It’s exciting – the pageantry, the tradition, the history. I’ve known about it and watched and having lived in North
Carolina for 12 years, you’re inundated with it. It’s great to be a part of it, especially when our team plays the way it did
today. I was very proud of them, and this was a good day and a great experience.”

On the expectations of his team this season and whether or not they have been met:

“I think you’re working so hard on your job and there’s so much to do that I don’t know if you let yourself get to the point
where you’re thinking about what could be, what might be, because you really don’t know. You haven’t been in the
league, so you don’t know personnel. I really didn’t know the personnel of some of the teams until a week before when I
was studying them. But being a part of this league is unbelievable. I have one of the better jobs in the country. Being in
this conference is a terrific dream of mine, and to coach this group of guys has been outstanding. Their buying in to what
we’re trying to do has really increased. Our staff has worked really hard to try and earn these guys’ trust and respect. I
was fortunate to take over a program that’s had some success, and I have two good senior players. I’m thankful to have
the opportunity to coach them.”

On thoughts regarding the team’s NCAA status after a win today:

“In terms of the NCAA, I don’t know, but I would think we made a pretty good showing today. We beat another very good
team, and we beat them well. Now, we’re going to try and take on one of the top teams in the country, and give them a
good game and see if we can’t find a way to win.”

On earning players’ trust during his first season:

“I think consistent contact with them is key. Talking about basketball, certainly, but getting to know them as people.
Getting to spend time with them and let them know that I care about them and want them to graduate. I’m here for
them. I think it’s been a work in progress, but through the course of the year it’s really helped.”

On the difficulties of defending Boston College:

“They don’t play with a traditional low-post player. They have five three-point shooters on the court, and then try and
draw help so they can kick it behind you or kick it ahead so you can’t rotate or close out. Most teams don’t have five
three-point shooters; you’re lucky to have three

Senior Guard Demontez Stitt:

(Boston College junior) Reggie Jackson said that you and he have texted one another a lot during the season. Did you do
that prior to this game?

“I texted him yesterday congratulating him on the win (over Wake Forest in the semifinals). Me and Reggie have been
pretty cool for about a year now, and I know the type of player he is. Today, we just tried to pressure him as much as we
could and deny him the ball, and just make everything tough for him.”

On the differences between this year’s team and those from his previous three years:

“I would say our style of play is different because we have a new coaching staff. I think our personnel has gotten better.
We have more of a defensive game and more action in the half court than we have in the past.”

On the team’s performance today…

“I think guys did a good job of spacing the floor, and we shared the ball. Our defense did a good job of limiting their
(Boston College’s) points in the paint. We pushed the ball in transition and did well.”

On the significance of earning a post-season win:

“It’s a great win for us and for the program. We wanted to come in and play hard, especially at the beginning of the game,
and they had zero points for a while. As a team, we’re playing well, and guys are playing confident, especially on defense.”

On the team’s cohesiveness and chemistry right now:

“I think this is one of the better teams that we’ve had. Guys are really close, on and off the court. I think that’s maybe one
of the biggest things we were missing in the past. Guys weren’t as tight as they are now off the court, so guys trust each
other a lot more on the court. We all trust the new coaching staff and what we’re trying to do this year.”

Senior Forward Jerai Grant

On his eye injury suffered last weekend:

“It’s just a scratch. It’s not exactly what the technical term is, but it should heal up pretty fast. I’ll just keep taking eye

Boston College Quotes

Head Coach Steve Donahue

“I thought obviously that was not one of our better efforts. We were disappointed in our cardio fitness early in the game. I
just thought we weren’t getting our legs back. We had a couple of open shots early and didn’t make them. I think Clemson
sensed that we were out of synch early and I thought that was the key to the game. We just couldn’t get ourselves going
and we started making a run and playing hard. It just wasn’t our day and I give Clemson a whole lot of credit.”

Want to take the opportunity to make your pitch on getting into the NCAA tournament for your team?

“You know obviously I feel we should be in. We are so emotionally tied to this team. I don’t know if it does any good
anyway. I think people know what we have accomplished. I think we have done everything in terms of trying to schedule
outside, the things they talk - about winning road games, beating some high caliber teams, things like that. I just don’t
want to be one of those coaches who sits up here and politics for his team. I want people to respect us and what we did. If
that is good enough, great. If it is not then we are gonna wait.”

On the defensive job Clemson did against you?

“I thought the last time we played them, I thought they did a great job of getting into you. A lot of teams try to do that
but their energy wanes. Everybody has tried to do that against us and we fought through. Today we just didn’t. We didn’t
do a good job and I think they do as good of job as anybody of extending the defense yet staying aggressive. We have a lot
of teams that do it and all of a sudden you go by them and are getting wide open shots. It just doesn’t happen against
Clemson. They do a great job of extending the defense and they stay very physical.”

Senior Forward Joe Trapani

How do you feel about the way the game turned out?

“As you might think, it’s obviously not good, especially with me being a fifth-year senior and this is my last ACC
Tournament. I wanted to go out at least fighting and the score shows how we played. We did not play a great game, not
the game we’re used to playing. We’ve been on this four-game winning streak, we’re playing good and everything is
clicking, all the guys are upbeat and we got away from what got us there - coming up and being the aggressor right away,
getting into teams and making them uncomfortable. Obviously, Clemson was very comfortable today. They were hitting
shots. You’ve got to give them credit, but also we did not play the game we really like to play.”

Is there a difference playing in the afternoon that could account for lethargic play?

“I don’t think so. We played at 2 yesterday, we played against Wake at noon. I can’t see that being a factor. You can’t
make excuses like that. You’ve got to come out ready to play. They were ready to play. They played at 2 today.”

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