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Nat title Pred.
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Nat title Pred.

Jan 12, 2020, 5:55 PM

Hello everyone, hope Tigernet is doing well!
Haven't been online much lately, nor have I spoke much about this game. So with just 1 days remaining
I wanted to do a quick follow up to how I see the game playing out & what happens; And if you're
ok with it, I may repost this 1 more time in another spot. So lets get started and I hope not to
drag this out too long.

My 1st initial thoughts on the game was offense, offense, offense; And this was going be Venables's
toughest challenge in his career. But all I heard all year, was how over rated Lsu's defense was &
how Clemson should be able to move the football.
Then you hear how GREAT Burrow is, and many believe he's having 1 of the best college football
seasons in CFB history. But Clemson has learned to shine in the biggest moments under Dabos Swinney,
and there is no reason to believe we shouldn't in this game as well, right?
Looking back, I realized Lsu's defense while not elite is still pretty good and Clemson's offense
will need to be up to the challenge. With that said, I begin to look at Travis Entienne.
In his 7 biggest games of his career:
Bama-018 and 017
A&M- 018 & 017

Entienne has had 66 carries for 350 yds and a 5.3 ypc avg (only 1 100 yd rushing game,ND)
Which leads me to believe he will be used more again in the passing game vs Lsu. He's the X factor!
With that said, just like against Bama last year. The Clemson receivers will need a better showing
than they did against Ohio State- I suspect we'll see that.
What about the defense?
Probably not a ton of gang tackling here with the way Lsu will spread you out; So I put a premium
on guys tackling in "SPACE"--Ala-Clemson Linebackers** And yes, the secondary needs to have a good
Now, I don't see us shutting down Lsu's offense, they're going move the fb, they're going score.
But Clemson's defense needs to shine when it matters most- I am sure BV will have a great game plan.

So what will happen?
Both teams will be juiced, and the defenses could very well shine early before the offenses on both
sides settle in. But I believe Clemson's experience in these games are the difference. I battled
back and forth on what the score might be, and settled in that each side will have their moments.
Lsu WILL have Clemson fans on the edge for most of the game, but Clemson will find a way & make
the plays when it matter most.
In the end, our Tigers in the Orange & white pull off the 42 to 35 victory claiming their 3rd NT
in 4 yrs, and Dabo goes on record as 1 of the best in CFB history.
Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. Hope your 2020 is off to a great start.

Go Tigers.

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I've gone out on a limb...

Jan 12, 2020, 6:02 PM

...and predict not more than 30 for LSU. I believe 42 for our Tigers is in the middle of the ball park.

Clemson will shock the world yet again in 2020!

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Re: I've gone out on a limb...

Jan 12, 2020, 6:10 PM

Now, I do believe our def will be up to the challenge. But yet this should be aserious test.

thanks for the reply.

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Re: Nat title Pred.

Jan 12, 2020, 6:13 PM

Pretty much my thoughts exactly. Hope we're both right

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Replies: 3
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