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Posted: Jun 15, 2014, 1:25 PM

Pardon in advance for any incorrect dates or other info. At age 72 my memory gets fuzzy at times.

In 1906 Dad was born to a farm family near Fort Motte, SC. His parents were able to pay tuition and expenses for an older brother to attend Clemson College. Dad enrolled in 1924 as a result of a grand old widowed aunt paying his way. Dad loved Clemson. It did not matter to him who coached or played. He was never critical.

When Dad was at Clemson Furman was probably as great or greater a rival than USC. One of the delights of the Clemson students was to attend the games in Greenville, run up to the rear of the trolley cars and detach the arm that connects above to the power line. You'd probably wind up in jail for doing such today.

One of Dad's not so fond memories was the infamous "food fight" that took place during his time at Clemson. It seems that some form of beans were served at every evening meal. The upper classmen informed the student body that there would be a walkout to protest if beans were served that night. Sure enough beans were on the menu, and everyone rose to walkout when the platters arrived at table side. Unfortunately, some chairs and tables were upended by several hundred student bouncing up on cue, food was spilled and some overzealous cadets began tossing beans at each other. Bottom line, over 100 cadets were dismissed permanently and many others were reduced in rank. Dad was busted from sergeant to private and would most likely have been dismissed if not for the administration's great respect for Dad's older brother who held high rank.

Another of his memorable stories was when the medical team required urin- specimens periodically. Several students would be sent to the restroom at the same time to fill their dixie cups. Some could not produce on demand so Dad kindly filled their cups for them. I can't imagine how that affected statistics.

Rest in peace, Dad. I loved you unconditionally as you loved your family and Clemson College.

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Thanks for your post. Clemson's history is replete with

Posted: Jun 16, 2014, 6:00 AM

tales of cadets' exploits over the years...some serious, some whimsical, most usually funny.

The "beans" tale you related is one of them. Our younger folks would enjoy reading some of our history, for they'd learn that even in our all-military days, Clemson students sometimes didn't hesitate to protest...regardless of the consequences.

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ThX, cool story never heard! I remember the tea having salt

Posted: Jun 16, 2014, 8:18 AM

peter in it (at least we said it did) so that we young male students would be tempered in our sexual aggression towards our female dates! LOL.

Also, remember the first couple of days of having to stand & sing our high school alma mater songs at the dining table we were assigned to for the entire semester..while the upper classmen ate all the meat/potatoes/veggies.

That's all...GoTiGERS!

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