Topic: Count me in as a fair-weather splinter
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Replies: 4  

Count me in as a fair-weather splinter

Sep 27, 2021, 12:40 AM

I've pulled hard for this team and spent money attending and supporting Clemson and Clemson football for 42 years.

I appreciate Dabo Swinney's commitment and results over the past 10 years, and I also note his defensiveness and his decision to divide the alumni and fan base when he has not spent a day on campus when he has not been paid to be at Clemson. I believe Dabo has reversed his position on "liking Clemson fans having "best is the standard" expectations.

As for Coach Elliott, he can be brilliant in Coach Swinney's book. That is up to Coach Swinney. My take is a brilliant coach adjusts the Offense for the skill players on the field and builds these players' skill sets.

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I bet

Sep 27, 2021, 12:58 AM

This gets ear-marked and thrown in your face hopefully very soon. I’m looking forward to it.

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Well thank you and OK

Sep 27, 2021, 1:02 AM

I write the truth.

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Re: Well thank you and OK

Sep 27, 2021, 6:55 AM

Same here, fan, alumni and supporter since the Tommy West days when we were 3-8. Dabo deserves as well as his high paid offensive coaching staff a lot of criticism for this poor performance thus far. Best is the Standard and right now they are not meeting the standard on the offensive side of the ball period.

It starts with coaching and ends with coaching. If kids cannot execute then teach them, use other personnel and what you have in your arsenal. Doing the same thing week after week is not cutting it. Coaches need to look in the mirror at yourselves.

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Re: Count me in as a fair-weather splinter

Sep 27, 2021, 8:01 AM

If you have been a 42 year fan, I do not believe that you are one of the "fair weather fans" that Dabo was referring to.

My step-son and his father were Clemson fans prior to the 6 year winning streak that South Carolina had while my step-son was a teenager. At some point during the streak, both of them decided to switch fandom to enjoy the limited success that Spurrier provided at that time. At one point during one of my angry rants toward the end of maybe loss #5, my step-son asked why I didn't just enjoy the good season that the state school was having since they were much closer to our home anyway. I had to explain to him that as a true fan (and alumnus) I would never even consider such a thing. I was going to pull for my Tigers every game, every year.

There are fair weather fans out there. The ones upset on these message boards that have been following the Tigers for 42 years are not one of those. I'm pretty sure Dabo knows the difference.

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Replies: 4  
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