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Username: rsmith43  tmail Member Since: 2015-12-01
Email: russell43@gmail.com
Phone: 864-221-3945
Date Posted:12-14-2018 10:04 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Father Wanting To Suprise Son (15) With Christmas Present To Cotton Bowl. Looking For Two Lower Level Tickets At/Near Face Value. Please Email Or Text If You Can Help. Thank You
Username: pjm7249  tmail Member Since: 2008-07-31
Email: pmolin@bellsouth.net
Date Posted:12-14-2018 1:54 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : 2 CLUB SIDELINE MEZZANINE TICKETS IN SECTIONS 208-212. If you have any extras tickets please email me. Lifelong Clemson fans and have to go to the game. Please email me with section, row, and seat numbers.
Username: baphil  tmail Member Since: 2001-09-05
Email: Baphil0304@gmail.com
Date Posted:12-14-2018 12:30 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for 4 upper deck tickets. No higher than row 12. Will pay $150 per ticket. Thanks and Go Tigers!
Username: HenryD  tmail Member Since: 2013-09-06
Email: henrydrury758@gmail.com
Phone: 18649074848
Date Posted:12-14-2018 10:15 AM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Go Tigers... I am looking for 4 Tickets to the Cotton Bowl.... on a budget so trying to get the best deal possible. Please text me if you are interested. Thanks
Username: mpurvis1020  tmail Member Since: 2008-10-13
Email: mpurvis1020@gmail.com
Date Posted:12-13-2018 8:48 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : I need a AT&T Stadium parking pass for the Cotton Bowl Preferably a IPTAY one that someone isn’t using. E-mail me with an offer. Thank you
Username: ghigh  tmail Member Since: 2009-09-14
Email: high5@chesnet.net
Phone: 864-909-0811
Date Posted:12-13-2018 7:21 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for 3 or 4 lower level tickets at close to face value. I’m not a reseller. If I get 4, my daughter-in-law gets to go! Thanks, Ghigh
Username: TigerB4Him  tmail Member Since: 2005-05-17
Email: cbrandon_bartlett@yahoo.com
Date Posted:12-13-2018 2:03 PM
Location: [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Looking for 2 tickets to the cotton bowl under $200 a piece. Email me with what you have available. Had 2 tickets but had someone backout on selling them to me. Thanks!
Username: gray3782  tmail Member Since: 2002-09-17
Email: elbethelbaptistpastor@gmail.com
Phone: 4784944658
Date Posted:12-13-2018 11:18 AM
Location:US [Map]
Ad Text:WANTED : Need 4-6 Tickets for Cotton Bowl, please text me at 4784944658 with what you have and price.

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