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Username: Tigerguy484  tmail Member Since: 2015-09-06
Email: tigerguy484@gmail.com
Date Posted:08-21-2018 8:44 AM
Location:A [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Clemson @ FSU game in Tallahassee. Heisman Level donor ordered tickets as soon as away game tickets went on sale at IPTAY. However, our daughter and son-in-law cannot go now due to a conflict. Will not know location until 2-3 weeks before the game. $250 for each ticket. Only selling as a pair at this time. PayPal preferred and buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping. Please email tigerguy484@gmail.com if interested.
Username: Bleedorange1022  tmail Member Since: 2016-09-12
Email: dbrown@whatismoxie.com
Phone: 8643820827
Date Posted:08-20-2018 11:22 PM
Location:A [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 4 tickets available for the Clemson v FSU game in Tall. 20 YARD LINE! Section 12, row 32. asking $350 each. call or text me. They will go fast.
Username: PendletonTiger  tmail Member Since: 2004-09-20
Email: clemsontigerfan72@yahoo.com
Phone: 8646172519
Date Posted:08-16-2018 10:48 PM
Location:V [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : For Sale - 2 tickets to FSU game in Tallahassee. Won't know seat location until tickets are received 2-3 weeks before game. $195 each. Only selling as a pair at this time. Text 864.617.2519 or email clemsontigerfan72@yahoo.com.
Username: jmwillingham23  tmail Member Since: 2015-09-06
Email: jmwillingham23@gmail.com
Phone: 8036220574
Date Posted:08-14-2018 11:55 AM
Location:A [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : Clemson @ FSU Eight GREAT seats ordered through IPTAY as a Hesiman donor. Thought we could get childcare to go, but now can’t make the trip. Will not know location until closer to game. Sell as pairs. $200 for each ticket. PayPal preferred. Please email jmwillingham23@gmail.com or text (803) 622-0574 if interested. Sale of 1 pair pending, 6 still available!!
Username: Craiggalloway  tmail Member Since: 2014-09-15
Email: Craig_galloway@att.netdonor logo
Date Posted:07-19-2018 6:00 PM
Location:B [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 8 tickets for fla st game askin 225 each, wornt no section but they are going to be coming from Iptay, email if interested.
Username: smitty1959  tmail Member Since: 2012-02-15
Email: dereksmith1959@msn.comdonor logo
Date Posted:05-02-2018 6:23 PM
Location:A [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 2 to 4 tickets vs Fl State. $250 per ticket. Won't know seat location until tickets are mailed out around 2 weeks before the game.
Username: Fulmer95  tmail Member Since: 2017-01-26
Email: clemson95@hotmail.com
Date Posted:02-23-2018 7:51 PM
Location:UD [Map]
Ad Text:FOR SALE : 1 ticket section UD Row J Date May 7, 2018, asking $15

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