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Name: Ben Sower
City, State: Clemson , SC
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Occupation: Writer
Affiliation: Alumnus/Alumna
School: Clemson University
Major: Industrial Management BS
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Hobbies: hiking fishing reading writing
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I am a Clemson native, arriving from the hospital at birth to my home on Maple. From there, we moved to Pressley and then Oak, allowing me to walk to games as a kid. I remember painting a tiger paw on Strom Thurmond's cheek in 1978. Back then, I would make nearly $10 a game painting paws for 25 cents each.

I have been to the Peach Bowl numerous times, the Citrus Bowl, the Gator Bowl, and was at the Orange Bowl to see us take down Nebraska and bring home the National Championship. I have not made the trip to Omaha yet, and I've only been to one ACC basketball tournament.

My father was friends with Ford, and I remember him visiting my father at my father's business often. I am blessed to be acquainted with numerous former and current players and staff, but we generally don't talk shop.

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