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Name: Joel T-Bone Shaw
City, State: Greenville, SC
Occupation: Sports & Men's Ministry "Spread The WORD"
School: USC
Major: (1983)
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I really am Joel Shaw, a lifelong Gamecock and diehard football fan. I enjoy talking football with most Clemson folks and I think you will find me to be pretty reasonable while sometimes sarcastic. I can make as much fun of my chickins as the best tater but it is usually good spirited.
My son graduated from Clemson last year and had a wonderful college experience there. He is surrounded by four Gamecocks, including his twin sister.
I know most of the CU coaching staff and I'm very involved in the Greenville Touchdown Club, especially the annual awards banquet. I call into the WCCP radio shows as a Garnet drop in a sea of orange just to offer another point of view.
I value the role sports, WHEN DONE PROPERLY, can play in life. The difference that high school coaches can make in the lives of our young people is tremendous!
The main thing you need to know about me is this:
FAITH, Family, friends :-D

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