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Charleston Post and Courier Clemson writer Andrew Miller was be our special guest in TigerActive Chat on Thursday. Miller answered question from Tiger fans for over one hour and we thank him for his participation, and we hope to have him back soon. Stay tuned for future chat guest on TigerNet.

Miller has been covering Clemson for seven season. He has been a sports writer for 21 years and has covered ACC for 15 years for three different papers.

Chat Transcript

Question: How devastating was the loss Saturday for the Tigers? Who is your 'dark horse' in the ACC?

Answer: Remember the Wake Forest loss. That wasn't too devasting. I think the Tigers will rebound. Darkhorse: Virginia.

Question: What do you think about the tigers after the first two games? Any chance at Fla st.,Vir,or Miami?

Answer: Disappointed with Charlie. I think he's forcing the ball too much. Despite fourth quarter, defense is better than I thought

Question: Hey, Adrew! Hope you can resolve a disagreement: If a sportwriter makes a statement that a reader disagrees with, does he want the reader to write or e-mail in reply? thanks!

Answer: e-mail

Question: Why does the media love Holtz so much?

Answer: I don't know. (I'm a Chicken graduate) I agree, the media seems to give him a pass he doesn't deserve. But he's the Magic Man!!

Question: What is your prediction for the score for Clemson on Saturday?

Answer: Clemson 31, Texas A&M 17

Question: How bad does the Ga Tech loss hurt Clemson?

Answer: I think they'll be OK, but they'll miss guys like Tony Elliott, who kept that team together last season. We're going to see who the leaders really are this week.

Question: Are you now, or have you ever been involved in professional wrestling?

Answer: You're thinking about Mike Mooneyham!!

Question: Do the players appear to be getting over the Ga Tech loss better than we/us (Please Edit) fans?

Answer: I think players get over things quicker than anyone, coaches, fans including!!

Question: Anything on Zimmerman?

Answer: Last I heard he was at Newberry College.

Question: Why do sportswriters take it upon themselves to make Clemson look bad by omitting pertinent facts?

Answer: Such as, give me an example. I think Clemson gets shafted by some media outlets, but that's because there are more Chicken fans

Question: Who do you think Bowden was referring to when he suggested to his coaches that they needed to play some younger guys instead of some older guys?

Answer: Guys like Barry Richardson. The kid needs to be on the field more.

Question: Andrew--think you did a good job on the tiger beat and I am really enjoying larry's work...kudos to the PC...

Answer: Larry stabbed me the back, didin't he!!!!! (Just kidding)

Question: If you were Bobby Bowden, would you bench Rix?

Answer: Against Miami, absolutely. I think he's OK against everyone else. But who would he put in. It's like Pinkins. When Newton's been in there this season, he's looked terrible.

Question: How in the world does a coot grad get to covering the tigers.....do you pull for the tigers?

Answer: Since I'm not a big Lou Holtz fan, it's easy for me. I also grew up in N.C., so I've never developed the hatred for the Tigers other chickens have!

Question: How much of an impact do you think Coleman's return will make?

Answer: I really liked what Reggie and Kyle did on Saturday. I think Yusef might have seen his final carry.

Question: Dont know if it is omitting facts but I thought the state media was dreadful in analyzing the tommy bowden lip bite last year---any comments in retrospect.?

Answer: Tommy got emotional, then denied it!! I had to spend an extra night in Clemson because of it. I'm still bitter about that.

Question: For example, the whole deal about ugly calls to Geoff Rigsby when he has gotten 100x more calls/emails in support...Also, the need for writers to post a story every semester about our secondary violations when it's not done for any other local school...

Answer: I can't speak for other papers, but we run stories on USC secondary violations every semster. We treat them the same.

Question: After two games, what do you think our record will be?

Answer: 7-4

Question: Settle the discussion here: Does your boss hate Clemson?

Answer: Hate's a strong word. (it's a coot conspiracy) Come on guys, there's no conspiracy.

Question: Is UVA that good?

Answer: They've had the best recruiting class in the ACC each of the last three seasons. It's starting to show.

Question: Who wins the monumental matchup this weekend...Syvelle Newton or Wally Burnham?

Answer: I hope Newton. I never cared for Wally. He was Mr. Excuse when he was with the Chickens. Always the players fault, or Brad's fault. Never his

Question: What happened to Chansi last Saturday? Was Tech that much better covering him?

Answer: Asked that very question to TB after the game, he said the defense schemed him out of the game. I think they need to find a way to get that guy the ball more, no mater what defense is doing.

Question: Do you think we'll see something out of Clemson this weekend that we haven't seen this year (play calling, uniforms, etc)?

Answer: TB loves the purple look. I'd like to see more of Kyle and Reggie. More carries for both. They can hit the home run

Question: From your view, how many of the PI calls against Clemson were legit?

Answer: I thought the one on Tye Hill where he had the INT was not a good call. There was a lot of contact on both sides. I thought both players had a right to the ball!! Guess not.

Question: Where do you see the next three losses coming?

Answer: Miami, FSU and Virginia (all road games)

Question: Does that 7-4 include a season-ending win?

Answer: Yep. Chickens have more talent, but Tigers have their number. Holtz got totally out-coached last season!

Question: A lot has been said about our OL and putting the best on the field. Do you see Sharp being replaced after last week's game?

Answer: Unless Dustin can really step up, I think Sharp is set. TB is very loyal to older players and that's why I think we'll see Yusef in the game on Saturday.

Question: Which Clemson player would you want next to you in a foxhole? And no, Rally Cats don't count

Answer: Tony Elliott

Question: Do you think Miami will now dominate the league like FSU has?

Answer: Nope. I think they'll lose one game in the ACC this season as a matter of fact.

Question: Do you know Bart Wright ......and if you do what do you think of him as a columnist?

Answer: I like Bart. He's not going to pull any punches and I respect guys like that. He doesn't have a vendatta against anyone, so it comes from the heart.

Question: Do the Tigers have a chance in Tallahassee?

Answer: With Rix in there, anything is possible. Rix is capable of playing great (last year's Florida game) or terrible (last year's Clemson game)

Question: Were you devastated by the loss to GT?

Answer: Yeah, because it ended around midnight. my deadline was 11:45.

Question: Who gets the most totes among the RB's this Saturday? And will anybody threaten Coleman as the starter, once he's healthy?

Answer: I hope it's reggie merriweather. I thought he looked good all night, not just on long run.

Question: Was that Wally Burnham or Reggie Herring?

Answer: Burnham was at USC with Brad and he blamed everyone, but himself.

Question: What is your opinion of the Tigers and their prospects over the balance of the year?

Answer: If they can get a big play from their running game, I think they'll be OK. Charlie has to play better.

Question: Is the Reggie we're facing this weekend better than the Reggie we saw last weekend?

Answer: I know it sounds screwy, but I wasn't that impressed with Reggie Ball. I think had Lovett continued to blitz Ball, he would have been knocked out of the game.

Question: How can our defense stop the run?

Answer: I didn't think they played that poorly against the run on Saturday, PJ got his yards, but they came on about 100 carries. Remember the goal line stand???

Question: What do you think of the recruits that have verbally committed this year?

Answer: Tommy and his staff are off to a great start. Best class I've seen since the Roscoe, Airese, class. Just hope they sign.

Question: Virginia/ NO! Refuse to lose to Hoos!

Answer: Virigina one of four teams to win at least games for 14 straight years. Other teams, Michigan, Nebraska and Florida State. Tiger fans need to forget the 70s and 80s. The hoos are good!

Question: Do you expect the two fry boys to start getting more time?

Answer: They need to get Dustin in the game more.

Question: WHat positions is USC more talented at than CLemson. We hear the SC media and Lemming rave about Lou's recruiting every year but he only won with Brad's recruits? Who are these talented guys?

Answer: USC is as talented or more than Clemson at every position except one -- quarterback!!!!! You see the difference that position makes

Question: Will Lou ever win a game in November?

Answer: I don't see it. He's Mr. August and Mr. September when he's playing The Sisters of the Poor!

Question: So...we'll see Yusef, but A&M has a big defensive line. Is he fast enough to elude them?

Answer: No.

Question: So how do you file a report when your deadline is 11:45?

Answer: With zero quotes. It stinks. I hate it. But it's all about the TV ratings.

Question: Besides McNeal, the crowd, and any lingering effects from this past week, what might be the biggest concerns among the Clemson coaches about this week's game (or did I just cover them)

Answer: everyone keeps talking about the crowd. It can't be any worse than FSU. It's not who's in the stands, it's who's on the field.

Question: You don't think Charlies play has suffered from wrong route running, drops and throw aways because of pressure?

Answer: Charlie's been sacked once. He's made at least three or four bad throws in each game. He'd have one bad throw every two weeks last year.

Question: i thought larry williams is the beat writer now for the chas post and courier.

Answer: He is.

Question: Any idea why we stopped blitzing on Saturday? It seemed like we were in a prevent.

Answer: I think Lovett was afraid of giving up the big play, but in the end that's what he gave up.

Question: USC more talented at WR than Clemson? Say what?

Answer: Just as talented. You guys have to read the answer. Just as is equal to not greater than. I'd stack Williamson, Thomas and Whiteside up against Stuckey, Currie and Grant. That's even. It's the guy throwing them the ball that's the difference.

Question: Here we thought we would have seen headlines with CU winning with that deadline

Answer: I can't speak for everyone, but I had already written the Clemson wins story!

Question: WHich USC LB's are better than Waters, Sampson and Hill?

Answer: Leroy Hill-Ricardo Hurley. .. that's pretty even, but i'd give the edge to Leroy. But overall, there even. Waters is coming. He's gonig to be very good, but he's still making too many mistakes, over running tackles, that sort of thing.

Question: Where did you go to college?

Answer: I'm a chicken

Question: What do you think our record at season's end will be?

Answer: 7-4

Question: What does CU have to do to turn the corner?

Answer: Charlie has to be more consistent. They need someone on D-Line to step up.

Question: When will Michael Collins start getting some "touches"?

Answer: He's too slow. He's an airport guy. Looks great in the airport, but doesn't transfer to the field.

Question: What are the keys to winning at Kyle Field for the Tigers?

Answer: Scoring early, can't let crowd get into it. Need a big play from running game like last week.

Question: Leroy Hill = Ricardo Hurley.....and Syvelle Newton = Charlie Whitehurst....

Answer: What's your point?? Leroy and Charlie are better. But that's 2 out of 22 starters

Question: Hurley is as good as Hill?? C'mon Andrew. You don't really believe that do you?

Answer: Absolutely. Hurley is legit. Just because he's a chicken, doesn't mean he can't play. But as I've said, I'd give Hill the edge overall. Hurley will be playing on Sundays!

Question: QB pressure does not = sacks but a good QB throws it away instead of taking the sack..

Answer: And sometimes he get intercepted because of it. I think Charlie has had more time to throw this year than last, thus far.

Question: Hurley was great as a recruit but do you really think he could tote Hill's jockstrap to the washing machine? THe dude is as slow as molasses!

Answer: I don't what guy you're looking at. But Hurley's a complete player when he doesn't have a bad wheel.

Question: % chance that Lou returns for 2005

Answer: 25 percent. I think he's done

Question: Are you beginning to feel like an angry Gamecock in this session?

Answer: Not yet. But i'm going to cover South Florida and Troy. Talk to me in two weeks. I'm tired of "almost" beating a good team.

Question: How about Cut and Paste the Clemson wins story from last week, or are you saving it for the Maryland game?

Answer: I think the Fridge has Tommy's number. Fridge is the best coach in college football.

Question: What's your opinion of the West End Zone project?

Answer: It should help in recruiting. Remember, Clemson is recruiting against georgia, auburn, Tennesse, USC, FSU, Florida. They've all got better facilites than Tigs.

Question: Hurley WONT be playing on Sundays, I will remind you of this come next draft day

Answer: You can buy me lunch.

Question: If Lou is done, who is the next head coach in Cola? Surely not Skip.

Answer: No, not skip. Lou blew that having back-to-back 5-7 seasons. Maybe the Da Ball Coach, but I hear he likes Lake Hartwell better

Question: coots have better facilities? yeah, you are legit.

Answer: I'm not talking about just the stadium dummy!!!! Hey people, facilites are more than the stadium. USC facilities smoke Clemson's. The truth hurts. Talk a tour of both and if you can honestly tell me that Clemson has better facilites, I want what you're smokin' !!!!!

Question: I believe you are basing you hurley comments on potential, To me he has not done it on the field yet.

Answer: When he's been healthy he's put up numbers.

Question: do you stand by your statement that TDP and Tommy dont like each other?

Answer: Not anymore. I think the new contract shows that. They're married to each other now. TB showed me a lot last season those last four games.

Question: You are the first person I have heard say USC has better facilities than we do. What is better, the cockroach in Olympia or the ride on a bus to the practice fields down by the farmers market.? Does the smell of rotting produce and fruit flys makethe players meaner?

Answer: You need to get off your tractor and get out more!!!

Question: What specific facilities at USC smoke CU's facilities?

Answer: Here's one example, ... locker rooms at Death Valley, same ones used when they won National title!!! You could fit four of Tommy's offices in Lou's office. No museum. Film room at USC way better, etc. You guys honestly should take a tour. They are not even close.

Question: What is your favorite USC-CU moment and game?

Answer: Probably the Rod Gardner "push". Clemson was the better team that season and deserved to win that game. And lou still talks about it.

Question: Ummm, when is the last time you were in Jervey?

Answer: Saturday. when was the last time you were at USC?

Question: USC's baseball stadium is better? Their Practice Fields are Better? Their Soccer Field is Better?

Answer: I thought we were talking football.

Question: Wrong. The locker rooms were redone this year. Wooden lockers and everything. You should check them out.

Answer: That's the LOCKERS!!! Not the LOCKER ROOM!!! It's still the same. Lockers do not a locker room make.

Question: Last year Hurley had 15 tackles with one for a loss Leroy Hill had 145 with 27 for a loss. HOw can you say anything other than that Hill is a star and Hurley is almost an unproven entity?

Answer: We'll see who's playing on Sundays and who's not. I know that's not the only judge of talent, but it's a good one. Leroy's a great player. I've said he's better than Ricardo. But Hurley is good.

Question: The entire LOCKER ROOM was RENOVATED including the addition of a PLAYERS LOUNGE.

Answer: It's still the same Locker Room. You can dress it up as much as you like, it's still the same one people. USC has redone their twice and not just given them better lockers.

Question: OK - Football - Compare Practice fields and Weightrooms?

Answer: USC has had an indoor practice facility since 1980. Clemson has an indoor track facility that they let them use. I have not been in Clemson weight room in a year. They were about even last time I saw both.

Question: Andrew, will the Tigers surprise anyone this year? Did the GT game take them off the radar of Miami and FSU at all?

Answer: I think Clemson will be fine. Get Charlie to back his form from last year, and they'll have a chance to beat anyone on their schedule.

Question: do you think coleman plays saturday?

Answer: He'll play some

Question: What do you think about Reggie Merriweather, do you think he has potential to be pretty good?

Answer: Yes, I think Reggie has to get the ball more. The last two seasons, all we've heard about was Reggie breaking long runs in practice. That's something they've lacked since TB took over. He's needs to touch the ball 12-15 times a game. OK Guys, I enjoyed it. Hopefully Crump will have me back on again sometime.

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Clemson DE to redshirt
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