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My condolences go out to Dean Cox’s family and friends. It is hard to imagine what Clemson would have been without his service.

Also, I was struck with the terrible news about Northwestern Head Coach Randy Walker passing away last night. My prayers go out to his family also.

On Friday’s we publish your e-mails and answer your questions.

Hi Mickey,

Greetings from the "left" coast! I enjoy your blogs and try to read them daily. Just some thoughts about today's blog re: Depth Chart Movers...Richard Jackson was rated by Rivals as the third best punter nationally, if I remember correctly. Given last year's performance in punting by Chason and knowing how it really hurt our field position, unless Jackson performs poorly in fall camp, he'd better get more than just a look at the two-deep for this fall! True freshman or not, our punting was pitiful last year--this kid should be able to help us immediately. Your thoughts?

R. David

R. David,
Thanks for the e-mail. I will say at least there is real competition there now. Now we will see a poor performance leading to changes rather than threats. This position is like every position in that the staff will play the player that they feel gives them the best chance to win.

Mick,I am enjoying the blog, but have a couple of recruiting questions: first, whatare the chances of Julius Wilkerson becoming a Tiger, and if he does enroll,then what are his chances of avoiding a red-shirt. Second, how does the loss ofDeAndre McDaniel to grades affect our 2007 recruiting, since he will likely comein with that class? Also, I agree that you should not go into great detail about The SEC, as this isa Clemson site, and I do not care what happens in the SEC. Not that there isanything wrong with your analysis (it is very good), but I would much ratherread about Clemson than the SEC. Go Tigers!....Hugh

Thanks. I think if Wilkerson is cleared by the clearinghouse then he is set to come to Clemson. I think he could grow into a fine middle linebacker in a few years. I think there is so much depth now that he would red-shirt this season. McDaniel does not affect it because they will get him back for next season.

Hey M,
Love reading your BLOGs especially the backgroundish, behind the scenes, history lessons you give from time to time. Ever thought of writing a book on Danny Ford? Keep up the good work.
Very respectfully,


Thanks. I have not. I have thought about writing a book on recruiting stories. One time Rick Stockstill and I were talking about a book that went through a calendar year for a recruiting coordinator. A Coach ford book would be awesome and I would buy one.

Hi Mickey,

Love your radio show. I'm one of the biggest Clemson football fans there is.
But soccer is also one of my passions. If you need a soccer education, drop
me a line. As for soccer not being a "real sport," I suppose the following
WOULD qualify as real sports in your book:

* A game in which folks knock around a cute little dimpled ball with a
stick in a cow pasture - what a terrifically exciting "sport". Those guys
really break a sweat out there strolling around in the hot, hot Sun!
* A game in which a bunch of grown men wear knickers and stand
around waiting for something, ANYTHING, to happen. I don't know how an event
that lasts for 3-4 hours, but contains about 10-15 minutes of actual motion
by the participants, can qualify as anything described by the term "sport."
If fathers didn't brainwash their young sons into playing that ridiculous
excuse for a game, it would have died out long ago.

How does it feel to have games YOU like being run down, Mick? You have to
admit, they are pretty pathetic excuses for wasting time. Cheers Mick! Keep
up the good work for Clemson!



I never said soccer was not a real sport. What I said was it was a real BORING sport. Golf and baseball are better and more entertaining sports in my opinion. Look at the ratings of the PGA Tour and MLB compared to MLS. America knows a boring sport when they see one.


About recruiting................will they go after Mark Barnes or another safety now that McDaniel is not enrolling this year? Who are some of the recruits that Clemson has a good chance at landing??

PS: Dan & Cobb called their shots today for UGA, USC, Clemson 2006. When are you going to join the party?


They would like to sign Chris Culliver but I think it will be difficult. They will also get McDaniel back for next season. I think Clemson is in decent shape with Cloy, Robertson, Gilchrest, Roddy Jones, Chris Little, Antwan Glenn and Markish Jones.

Just off of the top of my head I would say Clemson and UGA 9-3 and USC 7-5.


I'm a big fan of yours... I always enjoyed your radio show during my time at Clemson (class of '03) and enjoy reading your blog now.

I recently read your posting about Bob Bradley. There's a lady who works in the office here from time to time who was Bob's sister in law; she's married to Bob's brother, Bill. After reading the stories, I printed out a copy and sent it her way. I know she enjoyed reading through it, and she mentioned to me that she was going to pass it along to Bill for him to check out. She was certain he would enjoy it as well.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks. Stay in touch.

Hey Mickey, I don't know if you have seen, but ESPN.com is doing it greatest college football players ever to wear a certain jersey #. So far they have gone through player #s 1-80 and Clemson has 3 in the mix. They have Terry Kinard as the best player to ever wear #43. They have Banks McFadden and William Perry tied as the 2 best players to ever wear #66. It's pretty crazy that they have a tie for a #, but even more crazy that the tie is split between the same team. JohnJohn, I saw that. Maybe we will do one for just Clemson one day.

Dear Mickey,

Thanks for your Blog on Bob Bradley - he was indeed a great and wonderful man in many, many ways. As you may know, I was his next door neighbor for nearly 35 years - from April 1966 until his death in 2000 - and as you anticipated in your article, I never considered moving. He and Louise were both great neighbors to Fran and me and she still is.

By the way, even though I am not one to call in to your show, I do enjoy very much hearing you and reading what you have to say on Tigernet. Keep up the great work.

Thanks again, Go Tigers!


Thanks for the e-mail. It means a lot coming from another great Clemson man.


Wanted to relate my Fred Hoover/Rick Stockstill story. When my youngest son was about 11 or 12 he went to the Clemson football camp.
On the day before camp broke my youngest son was running down the field on a kickoff and twisted his ankle and it swollen up like crazy. Well Doc Hoover and I take him to the school infirmary and we were sitting there. I was thinking well he has taken us here, he will leave now. No, no Doc Hoover sat there with us the entire time and you would have thought my son was some sort of blue chip athlete. The next day, my son on crutches,
Doc Hoover was checking him out. Will never forget his interest.

Same camp, same son, I son was quarterback and when the camp broke up into their respective post ions with the various coaches. My son, Frazier went with the quarterbacks and Rick had much older boys with him and some were college prospects, yet Rick worked with Frazier as if he was going to be Clemson's number 1 quarterback the next season..

Hate to report on the negative, but one short story. One summer my oldest son was at the Clemson football camp. In the afternoon session it was brutally hot and I was about the only parent there watching the workout. Coach Ken Hatfield must have walked within a few feet of me and did not even acknowledge my presence. I think that if my son was some blue chipper, he would have take time to at least speak. Oh well.


Neither of your stories surprises me. I have a great Fred Hoover story I will write about soon. Stock is another one that truly cares about players. I was proud to receive my Rick Stockstill Football Camp T-shirt this week. Thanks again.

Do you know how many seats are in the new end zone and what the difference is from the old set up. I know that the overall stadium capacity is lower then before because they are counting 2,000 less people on the hill, but I haven’t been able to find any where how many seat were add in the west end zone.

Chris in Charlotte

I have not seen an official figure yet but will check with the SID department. As soon as I hear I will get back to you. Thanks.

First, I would like the SEC in depth. I live in Charlotte and don't get the radio show. It's summer and I'm starved for football. By the way, I love the blog and plan to make several stops at Mr. Knickerbockers this fall.
With regard to the impact freshmen, I agree with that group. Spiller has gotten all the press in the world and Ford supposedly can run down the flash. The Tigers need depth at both bandit and DE and Cumbie and Sapp seem ideally suited to provide it. I'm in hopes that Chason will step up and, bolstered by more consistent protection, will perform to his potential. I'd like to see Jackson red-shirt. I wonder, though, if we're going to see somebody come through at corner. Ray Ray McElrathbey, supposedly, has been outstanding on the scout team, and both Maxwell and Butler appear to have all star potential. Couple that with a serious lack of experience for everyone except for Gilliam, and I think there may be an opening for somebody.
Again, thanks for the blog. You provide a nice break during the day and a welcome Clemson fix.

Thanks. I really think Ray Ray will be a big contributor in some fashion. The freshmen we mentioned were not on the post-spring two-deep but could be there by mid-season.

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