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poster child

Posted: Oct 11, 2018 11:53 PM

Why does the media make Clemson the poster child? If there is a question this year about a team slipping up and not making the playoffs on these sport talk shows, it's Clemson every #### time, loss to Syracuse/ Pitt, NC state missing the field goal.

They hardly ever bring up Alabama losing to Ole Miss, Ohio Sate losing to Iowa St( that actually got brought up by Pollack, I'm sure he got a pay decrease for that)

It's like ground hog day every year. Pump up the Big 10, pump up Notre Dame, Alabama is invincible(halfway through the season) They are a great team, but at the same this time every year we hear the same rhetoric.

When Penn St. struggles against APP st. it was passed over almost like it didn't happen. ( If Clemson has a close game they come out bashing us)

Notre Dame beats Wake Forest by 29 points and VA Tech by 22 points and now they are the second coming in offense with their new starting QB ( VA tech loss to Old Dominion by 14 points) Clemson beats Wake Forest by a record setting 60 point margin and you have to dig to find any coverage of that.

I could give more examples and more detail. I'm not naive, I know it's all about appealing to the biggest market fan bases ESPN$$$$. But it gets old. It would be good to so some coverage without a agenda. Coupled with that, you have a lazy media who just looks at a score and watches a couple of highlights, they haven't actually watched the game, they base their opinions based on what the mainstream media promotes

Winning solves all problems, they have to talk about us due to our continued success, 3 yrs straight in the cfp, and beating Alabama in the Natty. But, the producers would love if Clemson just went away. It took way too long to shake the "Clemsoning" rhetoric. If we keep knocking down that door, the media will eventually have to relent and start giving us the kitchen passes they give to the Blue bloods

I think we have gotten a lot of good publicity

Posted: Oct 12, 2018 12:05 AM

Over the last 3 years. It's early in the season and the talking heads are taking the opportunity to hype some other teams (and TV markets)

I think most tiger fans realize that we play much different football during our championship phase. We always start off kind of clunky running super vanilla schemes and rotating players. We should have lost the game at a&m.

As TL gets better and better they will start talking about our matchup with bamas thin defense in the CFP. We just need to keep playing like we did vs wake and we will get the respect.

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