Topic: We Too Deep! Don't worry about the D!
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We Too Deep! Don't worry about the D!

Posted: Jan 10, 2019 10:29 PM

Tigers Nation! Don't get to anxious about the departures! Remember when Kevin Dodd and Shaq Lawson left. Boulware, O'Daniel, Alexander, Jarrett, Tankersley, Anthony, Pagano, etc. Remember thinking at some point **who can we get to fly off the edge again like Vic Beasley**?

The Tigers coaching staff has recruited well and the incoming freshmen and redshirt freshmen and sophomores will do a nice job! And by nice I mean, by the end of the year I expect our defense to be nasty/salty!

I am really excited about our secondary! We have legit 6 DB's who could go start anywhere! All have good size too. At one point we had kind of got some small CB and safeties; these dudes are physical athletes who can body WR's.

Fear Not. The group of us who keep up with recruiting would not lie to you! We will be talented next season even at DT. Just young! Our staff and our OL will make those young guys grow up quickly though. Remember the same OL that handled bamers NFL bound DL; most of those guys plus a 5 star kid from Ohio(Carmen) will whip them into shape early.

Go Tigers!

Re: We Too Deep! Don't worry about the D!

Posted: Jan 10, 2019 11:06 PM

Agree, although I think the most missed one by far will be CW42. That kid has been the heart & soul of that defense for 4 years. That being said I believe our secondary will be much better & deeper, the linebackers in waiting are really good (maybe better than what we've seen at times) our interior guys are solid and will be getting some more bodies, but the experienced DE's is the biggest concern.

XT (will be unbelievable)
Justin Mascoll (has shown flashes already)
KJ Henry (still has some growing to do)
Xavier Kelly (hasn't shown his potential yet)
Logan Rudolph (plays with bad intentions, lots of upside)

Of course we have no idea of how well the freshmen DE's coming in will do
Ruke Orhorhoro
Logan Cash
Etinosa Reuben

Re: We Too Deep! Don't worry about the D!

Posted: Jan 10, 2019 11:16 PM

Once Upon a Time Brent Venables and no one that ever had to play against his defense was ever happy again. The End.

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