Topic: These Old Age Threads.........
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These Old Age Threads.........

Posted: Feb 16, 2019 6:47 PM

have got me to pondering. (Please note that second letter is an "O" and not an "A"). Well, no one, thus far, on this board claims to be older than I. So, during my pondering I began to wonder if there are other old geezers on internet boards across the country. Wouldn't it be nice if those other boards had a contest to determine who was the oldest poster. Just think of the wonderful prizes that could be awarded the winner. Here are a few ideas for prizes and I know some of you probably have even better suggestions.

1. A lightning bug viewing party.

2. A 2 Hour guided tour of the local sewage treatment facility.

3. A ten mile round trip on a major highway to view the road kill.

4. A trip to a huge oak tree to gather acorns or to a pine to gather cones.

5. A two-hour visit to the lobby of a large hotel to observe thsoe guests wearing new shoes.

6. A visit to the city welcomimg signs to observe the indentations caused by shooters.

7. A two hour "ride along" on a city garbage truck.

There are a host of other exciting adventuires but always remember the mental and physical condition of the winner when awarding a prize.


Re: These Old Age Threads.........

Posted: Feb 17, 2019 7:20 AM

.... well, I s’pose steak knives are totally out of the question, eh?

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