Topic: Some random thoughts from the BC game
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Some random thoughts from the BC game

Posted: Sep 24, 2017 11:43 AM

KB has played well, but it's a little premature to discuss how KB may be even better than DW4 - maybe downright ridiculous. :)

Our defense is going to keep us in most games, barring turnovers by our offense.

Our belief, after the Louisville game, that we will be blowing out opponents by the 2nd or 3rd quarters and watch the 3rd team players play in the fourth quarter is also a little premature. This might happen if our defense creates turnovers. Otherwise, be prepared to hold your breadth until the 4th quarter (as you did against BC).

The Louisville defense is bad; what our offense did against Auburn and BC is a much better reflection of their capabilities.

Bring down the expectations on offense.

Our coaches on offense need to come with better plans; KB needs to be given some easier throws and better protections. He also needs to study DW4 film to get better in the pocket, avoid sacks, or being hit on the arm every 5th throw (or so).

We will not be breezing into the playoffs; it may even take a little luck.

Let's not read the press releases; our coaches have a much better feel for where we are than the media (Dabo's post conference comments are right on the mark - we have some strengths but have a long way to go; all opponents will be tough - don't expect blowouts).

TNT are going to be ridiculously good by next year.

Happy Sunday everyone - go Deshaun!!!!

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