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KB thoughts (long)

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 9:46 PM

I hope if KB is wrestling with a transfer decision, he will reach out to guys like Albert Huggins, Tavaris Barnes, DeShawn Williams, Adam Humphries, Martavis Bryant, etc... Think of all the guys that had superstars in front of them on the CU depth chart that they just couldn’t unseat, or who started for one year or less and yet did/currently/will get paid by the NFL to play professional football. These guys busted their tails for every day of eligibility they had, and never quit, even when most never got to start even in their Sr year. Scouts recognize talent and he already has plenty of film out there. I’m not saying he is a commodity for any NFL scouts at the moment, but what I am saying is that he will have just as good, if not better of a chance to make the league by staying at Clemson and finishing his Sr. Year as he would transferring and starting elsewhere. A good example of the opposite side of this coin would be Scott Pagano. Transferring can also LOWER your chances of getting a look in the league!

Besides, he will have every opportunity to outperform Trevor and WIN the job back. Just because he isn’t first to step on the field doesn’t mean he can’t seize his opportunities when they come and PROVE his way back to the top. Furthermore, even if he didn’t improve or outperform TL, he is one snap from being the starter at all times due to injury.

Most of all- he is INVESTED and BONDED with his brothers on this team. They are in this together and committed to one another. People can say transferring mid season over whether you are starter vs second string is a “business decision” all day, but that’s like saying leaving your spouse if you get hit on by someone with a higher salary is ok because business is business... Also, People can continue to talk about what Clemson owes KB, but his education, degree, Room, board, etc. has been fully funded. He will walk away with his degree, housing, meals, medical treatment, sports training, awesome athletic exposure, and most importantly, constant mentoring and life lessons from men like Jeff Davis and Dabo Swinney over the last 3.5 years... does anyone else think he owes CLEMSON the remainder of this fourth year? Is a scholarship a two way promise? Remember the buzz about schools offering “four year” scholarships, not one? Well he signed the four, got the degree (and all other benefits), and for that matter, just committed again during camp and in preparation for this season.

I started this post by saying I had mixed feelings about all this for KB, but the more I have typed, the more I have realized I don’t really have mixed feelings at all. My feelings are a consistent theme that KB should honor his commitment to this team for his last 3-4 months, and realize that he can only control how he plays, and he has to focus on maximizing that- not starting over TL. If he improves enough to be an NFL QB, and TL is still better, he will just be an NFL QB for whatever team doesn’t have TL. Either way, show up for practice tomorrow and get focused- you’re one play away from being the guy we are relying on to beat Syracuse.

Nice Post. I really hope he stays. I think Dabo

Posted: Sep 25, 2018 10:02 PM

did the right thing by naming Lawrence the starter this week. The main reason is that Lawrence earned the start this week. Also, it is better for Bryant to know before he plays the fifth game and blows his redshirt and opportunity to play somewhere else. It was a call Dabo needed to make.

I don't think Kelly Bryant is selfish at all if he leaves. The NCAA finally made a decision that gives the players some leverage and it is what it is. Since this is the new rule, you can't blame players for taking a look at transferring. Kelly Bryant has given a great deal to Clemson. As Dabo says, he has done everything that has been asked of him and he has gotten better and better. After all, the only thing he did in his first season as a starter, in an attempt to fill Watson's shoes, was go 12-2 and lead us to a #1 seed in the playoffs. I really hope Bryant stays. We don't win the Texas AM game without him. I think if he stays, he will get to play at least 30 to 40 percent of the snaps and no doubt show off his skills on a big stage. As the backup QB, he would probably still play as many snaps as most of our receivers and running backs.

Having worked for 30 years, however, I understand someone not wanting to give up their big dreams while they are young. If he feels he has a better shot at an NFL career by playing elsewhere, he will probably go and maybe he should. I will always be grateful to Kelly Bryant for his awesome play as our QB, yet I do feel like naming Lawrence the starter for the next game was the right call by our staff. Every analyst I have seen comment on it has agreed also. I am a little surprised this same scenario has not happened with Hurts at Bama or the Georgia rookie. It did happen with their other five star Eason at the end of last year.

I really hope Bryant stays, but I can see why he might. I just wish we had someone in addition to Chase Brice to back up Lawrence.

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