Topic: Interesting Cuse to Scar comparison:
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Interesting Cuse to Scar comparison:

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 8:58 PM

Keep hearing the Coot’s and even some commentators talk about the loss to Cuse and how it plays into the game Saturday but found these comparisons of both teams to hopefully show that there is big difference between the two, and it might shock you a little bit. So enjoy :)

Cuse has two receivers that make it up to 2k between them. Also, they have the #6 receiver in the country, as well as the #43. What is Scar’s highest WR? #93.

Cuse’s offense ranks 24th even without the starting QB for the past two games. Scar? 104.

Just some interesting things to ponder. Also keep in mind Cuse has a 4-7 record while Scar is 8-3.

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The stupidity of some of these so-called ANALysts

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:01 PM

boogles the mind.

Maybe, Bama should watch out for Auburn...or Georgia for Tech...and so on.

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Re: Interesting Cuse to Scar comparison:

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:02 PM

We matchup much better with SCar. In my opinion. The up tempo killed us.

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Re: Interesting Cuse to Scar comparison:

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:04 PM

And even if the Coot’s try to go up tempo, I’d believe Venables has worked on getting play calls in quicker in that situation. Normally lightning won’t strike twice with this coaching staff.

Re: Interesting Cuse to Scar comparison:

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:14 PM

I’d pressure Bentley early and often.

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Re: Interesting Cuse to Scar comparison:

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:16 PM

We will most likely pressure Jake every down that our D is on the field!!!

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Re: Interesting Cuse to Scar comparison:

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:18 PM

I don't believe they execute on a high enough level to run an up tempo offense..

USuC is going to try to go lightning fast.***

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:56 PM

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There's something in these hills.

plus Dungey played like a man possessed.

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:15 PM

He was blistering us that night.

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Fun thread on FGF:

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:34 PM


Wow! That’s great! +1 TU to you sir***

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 10:01 PM

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Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:36 PM

and we probably still would've walked out with the W with a healthy Kelly Bryant in spite of ourselves. Any one who can't see that either has not seen a lot of college football or they have not learned much from what they seen. Stop it. Just stop. The coot game will not be like the Cuse game guaranteed.


Cuse could be 8-3, if they played in the SEC East!***

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:38 PM

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Gigantic difference between the two

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 9:53 PM

Cuse had a QB in Dungey who's streaky and can make all the throws ( hurt the last 2 games ). They have a receiver who'll go in the 1st two rounds and they have a coach who's probably top 5 top 10 offensive playcaller in the country. Coots have Bentley, Edwards and Muschamp....nuff said.

Re: Interesting Cuse to Scar comparison:

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 10:07 PM

Bet those same morons thought the same last year with the Pitt loss....ask them how that went.

Re: Interesting Cuse to Scar comparison:

Posted: Nov 23, 2017 11:12 PM

I also read today that the ACC has higher ranked defenses than the SEC. So there's that too...

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There is no comparison when Dungey is in especially. He's a

Posted: Nov 24, 2017 2:57 AM

solid QB through and through and always does his part to keep Cuse in the game. Their defense is not very good but as we all know everything that could go wrong for us on offense did. With Dungey and all their receivers healthy I'd take Syracuse pulling away over the coots without him they'd most likely beat them by a couple of scores. He was still gimpy the following week and did everything in his power to beat Miami too but they fell just short. Unless our star players start dropping like flies and we turn the ball over an obscene amount of times this one will not be close in the 3rd quarter.

I truly believe the coots are putting all the pressure on themselves and will press early especially. Jake Bentley is notorious for losing his composure, pressing and throwing passes he has no business throwing. Hit him early and often and at the very least get pressure and he will start to panic. The only difference this year is if he's getting his #### mauled he won't be able to come out because they're so incredibly thin at QB.

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Replies: 16  


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