Topic: If an undefeated ND and UCF don't make the playoff
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If an undefeated ND and UCF don't make the playoff

Posted: Oct 11, 2018 9:36 PM

Does this shake up the conference realignment drama again?

3 undefeated teams (Bama, Clemson, Ohio St) look to be heavily favored in their remaining games. UGA's only loss would be to Bama, with wins over @LSU, Florida, @Kentucky, and Auburn (far outweigh the wins of Notre Dame - Michigan, Stanford, @VT). WVU is still undefeated and Texas or Oklahoma aren't out of it yet.

UCF is undefeated and has the longest winning streak in the FBS (last loss in 2016). Cincy and USF are both ranked and undefeated, and UCF plays both to end the year. UCF may actually have a say in the playoff this year (they also murdered Pitt, but canx their game against UNC due to the hurricane).

This might be a fun offseason, and the ACC could be in the thick of it. Imagine a 16-team conference.


I don't think more than 2 teams go undefeated. How rare

Posted: Oct 11, 2018 9:40 PM

would it be to have 3 unbeaten .......

who is MOST likely to be undefeated ???


Bama - but could lose to UGA

UGA will lose to someone BEFORE the sec champ game

N Dame - likely lose to Syracuse or USC ..... or someone .....

who else?


I just don't think there are more than 2, maybe 3 undefeated. I just HOPE CLEMSON is undefeated. It's EXTREMELY hard to go 14-0 before the Natty.

NO one has been 15-0 yet EVER ......


Re: If an undefeated ND and UCF don't make the playoff

Posted: Oct 11, 2018 9:43 PM

UCF essentially plays no one and really have no business thinking about a playoff spot. They might be an occasional P5 team but that really doesn't mean much. There are many P5 teams weaker than those in their conference.

Re: If an undefeated ND and UCF don't make the playoff

Posted: Oct 12, 2018 7:14 AM

So far for UCF....

at U Conn
SC State
at Florida Atlantic

Seriously, how many power 5 teams would be undefeated with THAT schedule? 80%?

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An Undefeated ND makes the playoff...

Posted: Oct 11, 2018 9:46 PM

...to boost TV ratings before they get crushed in the first round.

It's very rare for that many teams to go unbeaten...

Posted: Oct 12, 2018 3:54 AM

I think Clemson and 1 other will go unbeaten outside of UCF... However, as great as Bama has looked, their D isn't the kind of Bama D you expect. LSU, Miss St or AU could surprise them prior to the SECCG.

Same could be said for UGA and games with LSU, UF, UK, AU and even GT (pawl johnson sucks but it's a rivalry game). I think the AU ranking is far fetched but UGA plays 4 ranked games in a row... that's tough. I don't care who you are but luckily 2 are home and 1 neutral.

To me, Ohio State seems like the more likely option to go undefeated with us.. They have Mich ST at home and Michigan in the big house left.. Wisconsin won't be an easy out in the B1GCG but there schedule seems favorable, like ours.

The coastal looks weak and UM should be ranked hopefully in the top 10 when we play them, assuming they don't lose again. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they tripped up to VT or someone else along the way so we could play VT. Hopefully they win out and come in with only 2 losses and ranked in the top 20. Our toughest game left is at FSU and they look like garbage... but make no mistake, they will be ready and it will be a dogfight like most years... That will be their super bowl.

As far as conferences go, and it won't happen anytime soon, the ACC should pick up Cincy and ND or UCF and ND. But that's only IF the ACC can't convince WV to leave the BIG12. WV makes the most sense from a geographical standpoint and competitive standpoint. The FL schools won't like the UCF addition which is why I think the ACC should get Cincy instead and then go to a North/South type of alignment. Cincy is having a good year and that's not the only reason I say we get them... They have a decent sized stadium and just renovated it/increased capacity a few years back, it would increase the ACC recruiting footprint (we like to recruit the greater Cincy area - see Bockhorst and Carmen and a few others we missed on), they are generally pretty good overall but have had a few bad seasons of late and they are a good basketball school. Win win. Good basketball school and competitive football team. Again, this is only if WV won't leave the BIG12. And if ND can't commit to being a full member, drop them from the ACC 5 game schedule and pick up Cincy and WV both.

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Re: If an undefeated ND and UCF don't make the playoff

Posted: Oct 12, 2018 5:18 AM

16 team conference isn't going to happen. TV contracts aren't getting bigger. Adding another team doesn't increase revenue and makes everyone else reduce their $ to pay the new guy.

A 16 team conference pretty much means you aren't a cohesive conference. You are a division that plays 2 out of division games a year (make that 1 game a year if you go to 16 teams). Clemson now plays Louisville, Syracuse, and BC every year: The old Big East. Whatever happened to playing UVA, UNC, and Duke (regularly) as part of the ACC? We play so infrequently, we might as well not be in the same conference.

Re: If an undefeated ND and UCF don't make the playoff

Posted: Oct 12, 2018 6:12 AM

Uga is losing to LSU this weekend. Don’t worry about them.

I would be very surprised if we have 2 undefeated teams

Posted: Oct 12, 2018 6:33 AM

not including UCF.

These scenarios of teams running the table are just fantasy, IMO. And that includes Clemson.

The idea that Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, and ND are all going undefeated is so far beyond possible....less than 1% chance.

This conversation is deja vu every year at this time. We run all of these possibilities of what will happen IF these teams run the table...and then it does not happen. Every single year.

Schools are half way through the year. The 2nd half is always the time when crazy things happen.

And it will again this year.

Let's just hope Clemson ain't part of that drama!

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Re: If an undefeated ND and UCF don't make the playoff

Posted: Oct 12, 2018 7:24 AM

Why not just expand the playoffs to 6 or 8 when contact renewal time comes?

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Replies: 9  


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